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The training edition of the War of Emperium system is a more restricted version of WoE for Transcendent Classes and below. WoE TE recreates all 5 of the Valkyrie and Luina realm castles called Gloria and Kafragarten. The entrance of WoE TE castle realms are located in Valkyrie (prt_gld 120, 153) and Luina (alde_gld 225, 188)

WoE TE is a scheduled server-activated event enabled during certain periods of time.

Important Note: There may be frequent changes regarding skills and mechanics, depending on player feedback.


By participating in WoE TE you agree to the PvP Rules.


  • Castle Region 1 (Prontera): Saturdays 16:00 Server Time

Community and Guidelines


Join our PvP Discord server to gain the latest informations, upcoming changes, and on-going discussions regarding anything in PvP.

Player Guides

Guides that are made by the community.


The rules of battle are generally the same as the original War of Emperium. All damage formulas and ally statuses are the same. Players must be a Transcendent class or Expanded class. Third class, Expanded Super Novice, Kagerou and Oboro players cannot participate in WoE TE. In addition to the disabled skills of War of Emperium, the following are disabled or have no effect in WoE TE. Disabled buffs/debuffs are also stripped from the player when entering castles.


  • Alliances will be disabled
  • Characters per Master Account among all Castle Maps will be limited to 1
  • Characters per Guild among all Castle Maps will be limited to 24


300245.png All MVP Cards.


  • Glorious equipment and weapons
  • WoE equipment
  • Bellum weapons
  • WoE and WoE2 God Items
  • All Advanced Shadow Gear (Blue colored)
  • All Paradise Gear (Including Shadow Gear)
  • All Trait Shadow Gear
  • All Pets


  • All Third class, Kagerou and Oboro supportive buff/debuff skills are disabled in WoE TE castles.
  • The following skills below are also disabled.
Disabled Skills
426.png Leap
Max Level: 5
Skill Form: Active
Type: Supportive
Target: Caster
Cast Time: (Lv6+)None
After Cast Delay: None
Cool Down: None
Description: Leaps to a targeted cell
within the skill's range. So long as the
targeted cell is accessable, the caster
can leap over walls and obstacles.
cannot be used in areas where
Fly Wings
are disabled, except for WoE maps.

Cast Time & Skill Range per Level
[Lv 1]: 5 sec, 2 cells
[Lv 2]: 4 sec, 4 cells
[Lv 3]: 3 sec, 6 cells
[Lv 4]: 2 sec, 8 cells
[Lv 5]: 1 sec, 10 cells
526.png Throw Zeny
Max Level: 10
Requirement: Throwing Mastery 10,
Throw Huuma Shuriken 5

Skill Form: Active
Type: Special Physical Ranged
Target: 1 Character
Cast Time: None
After Cast Delay: 5s
Cool Down: None
Description: Throws coins at a target to
inflict an amount of
Defense piercing
damage equal to the amount of
spent in the attack. This skill has 5 sec
After Cast Delay, and it's damage is
reduced against
Boss monsters and in
PvP area.

[Lv 1]: 500~1,000 zeny
[Lv 2]: 1,000~2,000 zeny
[Lv 3]: 1,500~3,000 zeny
[Lv 4]: 2,000~4,000 zeny
[Lv 5]: 2,500~5,000 zeny
[Lv 6]: 3,000~6,000 zeny
[Lv 7]: 3,500~7,000 zeny
[Lv 8]: 4,000~8,000 zeny
[Lv 9]: 4,500~9,000 zeny
[Lv 10]: 5,000~10,000 zeny
529.png Shadow Leap
Max Level: 5
Requirement: Flip Tatami 1
Skill Form: Active
Type: Supportive
Target: Ground
Cast Time: None
After Cast Delay: 1s
Cool Down: None
Description: Shadow Leap can only be
performed when the caster is in
status, which can be enabled by the
Haze Slasher skill. This skill instantly
moves the caster to a targeted cell,
ignoring obstacles in the caster's way.

[Lv 1]: Leap 6 cells
[Lv 2]: Leap 7 cells
[Lv 3]: Leap 8 cells
[Lv 4]: Leap 9 cells
[Lv 5]: Leap 10 cells
359.png Berserk
Max Level: 1
Requirement: Lord Knight Over Job Level 50
Skill Form: Active
Type: Supportive
Target: Self
Cast Time: None
After Cast Delay: None
Cool Down: None
Dispellable: Dispell, Clearance, Banishing
Description: Enhance your physical ability to the
limits for 300 seconds by using your rage.
Upon casting
Berserk, restore your HP to 100%,
and reduce your
SP to 0%.
Effects of
Berserk while it is active:
[1]: Increase your MaxHP by 200%,
[2]: Increase Normal attack damage by 200%,
[3]: Increased Movement Speed,
[4]: Increase ASPD by 30%,
[5]: Ignore flinching effect when taking damage,
[6]: Increase Scaling ASPD by 15,
[7]: Can not use items,
[8]: Chat is disabled,
[9]: Can not change equipment.
[10]: Can not cast skills (except autocasts),
[11]: Can not be healed by most sources,
[12]: Disable natural HP/SP regeneration,
[13]: Lose 5% MaxHP every 10 seconds,
[14]: Reduce Flee by 50%,
[15]: Reduce DEF/MDEF to 0.
396.png Marionette Control
Max Level: 1
Requirement: Musical Lesson 5,
Requirement: Dancing Lesson 5,
Improve Concentration 10

Skill Form: Active
Type: Supportive
Target: 1 Character
Cast Time: None
After Cast Delay: None
Cool Down: None
Description: Targeted party member
receives a bonus to all
Stats equal to
half of the
Stats of the caster.
However, each of the target's
cannot exceed 99. This skill is
canceled if this party member is more
than 7 cells away from the caster.
150.png Back Slide
Requirement: Finish Quest
Skill Form: Active
Type: Supportive
Target: Caster
Description: Quickly move 5 cells
backwards to position yourself safely away
from threats.
87.png Ice Wall
Max Level: 10
Requirement: Stone Curse 1, Frost Diver 1
Skill Form: Active
Type: Supportive
Target: Ground
Cast Time: None
After Cast Delay: None
Cool Down: None
Description: Creates a frozen wall
of ice in 1x5 cells that will block enemies,
but it can be destroyed using attacks.
HP of the Ice Wall depends
on skill level and when placed, it's
HP is
reduced by 50 per second. It will disappear
when it's
HP reaches zero.
[Lv 1]: Ice Wall HP: 400
[Lv 2]: Ice Wall HP: 600
[Lv 3]: Ice Wall HP: 800
[Lv 4]: Ice Wall HP: 1000
[Lv 5]: Ice Wall HP: 1200
[Lv 6]: Ice Wall HP: 1400
[Lv 7]: Ice Wall HP: 1600
[Lv 8]: Ice Wall HP: 1800
[Lv 9]: Ice Wall HP: 2000
[Lv 10]: Ice Wall HP: 2200

Rental Gear System

Special Rental Equipments are provided for 24-hours period that can only be used in WoE:TE. Common traits are extra damage/resistance against other player and frozen resistance.

Weapons 1319.png TE WoE Axe (1319) , 1591.png TE WoE Book (1591) , 18118.png TE WoE Bow (18118) , 1834.png TE WoE Fist (1834) , 13185.png TE WoE Gatling Gun (13185) , 1932.png TE WoE Guitar (1932) ,

13187.png TE WoE Grenade Launcher (13187) , 13317.png TE WoE Huuma Shuriken (13317) , 1299.png TE WoE Katar (1299) , 13083.png TE WoE Knife (13083) , 1437.png TE WoE Pike (1437) ,

13117.png TE WoE Gun (13117) , 1495.png TE WoE Lance (1495) , 16025.png TE WoE Mace (16025) , 13184.png TE WoE Rifle (13184) , 1987.png TE WoE Rope (1987) , 13186.png TE WoE Shotgun (13186) ,

1667.png TE WoE Staff (1667) , 13439.png TE WoE Sword (13439) , 1399.png TE WoE Two-Handed Axe (1399) , 2019.png TE WoE Two-Handed Staff (2019) , 21006.png TE WoE Two-Handed Sword (21006)

Shield 2178.png TE WoE Buckler (2178) , 2180.png TE WoE Magic Guard (2180) , 2179.png TE WoE Shield (2179)
Headgear 18733.png TE WoE Bone Helm (18733) , 18732.png TE WoE Cap (18732) , 18734.png TE WoE Magic Eyes (18734)
Armor 15062.png TE WoE Coat (15062) , 15064.png TE WoE Mink Coat (15064) , 15063.png TE WoE Chain Mail (15063)
Garment 20703.png TE WoE Manteau (20703) , 20704.png TE WoE Magic Manteau (20704) , 20702.png TE WoE Muffler (20702)
Shoes 2497.png TE WoE Boots (2497) , 2498.png TE WoE Magic Sandals (2498) , 2496.png TE WoE Shoes (2496)
Accessory 2946.png TE Defiance Ring (2946) , 2944.png TE Ring of Protection (2944) , 2945.png TE Rage Ring (2945)


GvG Reduction

Type %
Melee 20%
Ranged 20%
Physical Skills 60%
Ranged Skills 60%
Misc Skills (Fixed Dmg) 60%


  • Size, Race, Class, Long Range Resists are capped at 90%.


  • Plant protocoll 700 HP

Adjusted Skills

Assassin Cross

  • 379.png Soul Destroyer will deal -60% damage


  • 271.png Asura Strike will deal +100% damage


  • 382.png Sharp Shooting will deal -50% damage


  • 367.png Pressure will deal -60% damage

TE Potions, Quests

TE Potions

  • There are some cheap Potions available for WoE TE: 11557.png TE White Potion (11557) 11558.png TE White Slim Potion (11558)
  • You can buy them at TE Potion merchant in either:
    • warp to Gloria 3 and walk left or (te_prt_gld 114, 153)
    • warp to Kafragarten 4 and walk a bit downwards or (te_alde_gld 215, 184)


  • There are 3 types of quests that can only be accepted once during each WoE TE:
    • Destory Emperium X times
    • Kill Baby Boblin/Poring X times
    • Collect X Amount of 6592.png Small Wooden Box (6592) (Gloria) or 7056.png Kafra Employee Paystub (7056) (Kafragarten)
    • (You can find the npc next to the TE Potion vendor of the corresponding map)
  • As a reward for these quests you will get some TE Potions
  • Those can be exchanged into various WoE related items you can find the machine in Gloria next to the potion dealer. (te_prt_gld 114, 153)


Participation Reward

Participating in WoE TE will grant players the following rewards:

More 50083.png TE Treasure Box (50083) will be rewarded depending on:

  • Any emp break during WoE gives +1 50083.png TE Treasure Box (50083) to all participants (only works once)
  • Castle Holding Streak (castle owner is the same as last week at the end of WoE regardless if the emperium breaks or not)
  • Castle Defense Streak (emperium of the castle holder didn t break at the end of WoE)

There is still a requirement to get this participation rewards, e.g. actively taking part on the WoE and not being AFK.

WoE Exclusive Costume

By trading 6615.png Siege Guild Coin (6615) at (bat_room 165, 144), players can choose one of the costumes below:

480337.png Costume Rifle (480337) 480361.png Costume Twin Blades of Evil Spirit (480361) 480360.png Costume Large Shuriken (480360) 480318.png Costume Divine Phoenix (480318)
480316.png Costume Labrys Axe (480316) 480315.png Costume Skia's Sword Milky (480315) 90023.png Costume Relic Alchemist (90023) 90025.png Costume Relic Assassin (90025)
90027.png Costume Relic Bard (90027) 90029.png Costume Relic Blacksmith (90029) 90031.png Costume Relic Crusader (90031) 90033.png Costume Relic Dancer (90033)
90035.png Costume Relic Gunslinger (90035) 90037.png Costume Relic Hunter (90037) 90039.png Costume Relic Knight (90039) 90041.png Costume Relic Monk (90041)
90043.png Costume Relic Ninja (90043) 90045.png Costume Relic Priest (90045) 90048.png Costume Relic Rogue (90048) 90050.png Costume Relic Sage (90050)
90052.png Costume Relic Soul Linker (90052) 90054.png Costume Relic Star Gladiator (90054) 90057.png Costume Relic Super Novice (90057) 90059.png Costume Relic Wizard (90059)
90056.png Costume Relic Summoner (90056)

Despite being named "WoE Exclusive Costume", these costumes are actually tradeable but the only way to obtain 6615.png Siege Guild Coin (6615) is by actively participating in WoE.

Godlike Crafting Guide


  • In order to build either 2181.png Hervor (2181) or 2020.png Jormungandr (2020) you need to conquer either Gloria 1 or Kafragarten 1. ( Gloria/Kafragarten 2-5 don't have the NPC!)
  • The Castle needs a commercial invest of at least 30. (The Invest will drop by 20 points once the quest is started)
  • Only Players can enter the Castle with Lvl 99 or below and 2nd job class or below.
  • All of the respective Materials are needed in order to start the Quest:
2181.png Hervor (2181) 2020.png Jormungandr (2020)
6595.png Velund's Hammer (6595) x2 6603.png Skin of Hraesvelg (6603) x4
6596.png Velund's Anvil (6596) x1 6599.png Spirit of Hugin (6599) x1
6594.png Magic Bronze Bullion (6594) x4 6598.png Jormungandr's Rib (6598) x1
6597.png Velund's Bracelet (6597) x3 6601.png Chisel of Giant (6601) x4
6602.png Secret of Rune (6602) x1 6600.png Spirit of Munin (6600) x1
6605.png Muspellium (6605) x1 6605.png Muspellium (6605) x1
6604.png Essence of Rune (6604) x1 6604.png Essence of Rune (6604) x1
2115.png Valkyrie Shield [1] (2115) x1 1473.png Wizardry Staff (1473) x1

Important Note: The Blacksmiths will take any Valk Shield/Staff in your Inventory, so be sure you have only 1 with you when you want to craft it!

6605.png Muspellium (6605) 6604.png Essence of Rune (6604)
984.png Oridecon (984) x50 12736.png Mystic Rough Runestone (12736) x100
985.png Elunium (985) x50 12735.png Ancient Rough Runestone (12735) x200
  • They are in the Emperium Room of Kafragarten 1 / Gloria 1
  • (te_prtcas01 204, 204)

  • (te_aldecas1 226, 34)

  • The God Item Parts can be found inside the Treasure Boxes in the following Castles:
Castle Number Name Entrance Dungeon Entrance Entrance Object Godly Drop
Gloria 1 Gaebolg (131, 65) (96, 200) Podium 6595.png Velund's Hammer (6595)
Gloria 2 Richard (240, 126) (83, 72) Statue 6596.png Velund's Anvil (6596)
Gloria 3 Wigner (153, 139) (5, 70) Statue 6594.png Magic Bronze Bullion (6594)
Gloria 4 Heine (109, 240) (56, 281) Bull's Head 6597.png Velund's Bracelet (6597)
Gloria 5 Nerious (210, 240) (213, 94) Weapon Shelf 6602.png Secret of Rune (6602)
Kafragarten 1 Glaris (49, 81) (212, 179) Statue 6603.png Skin of Hraesvelg (6603)
Kafragarten 2 Defolty (95, 251) (194, 139) Statue 6599.png Spirit of Hugin (6599)
Kafragarten 3 Sorin (142, 83) (199, 177) Statue 6598.png Jormungandr's Rib (6598)
Kafragarten 4 Bennit (241, 242) (75, 64) Book 6601.png Chisel of Giant (6601)
Kafragarten 5 Leilah (261, 90) (23, 207) Fountain 6600.png Spirit of Munin (6600)

Castle Invasion

  • Once all the Materials have been gathered the Guild Leader must speak with Blacksmith Kai in Gloria 1 if you want to make a 2181.png Hervor (2181) or with Blacksmith Cano in Kafragarten 1 if you want to make a 2020.png Jormungandr (2020)
  • (Note only the Guild that owns the castle can initiate the Raid and build the God Item. Other Guilds can enter the castle and help but they can't craft the God Item even if they have the Materials)
  • An announce will appear that the castle will be stormed in 10 min.
  • After the 10 min have passed all Players will be kicked out of the Castle and the Monsters will spawn within.
  • In order to complete the Raid the Guild must defeat all of the Waifu Minibosses within 1 hour. (starting after the Monsters spawned.)

  • In each Level of the Castle will spawn Multiple MVP's, Special "Guardian" Monsters, and Normal Monsters. (The MVP's have Green aura effect!)
  • (The MVP's are optional and don't need to be defeated in order to progress but they are very anoying.)
  • In order to spawn the Waifu MiniBoss all of their "Guardian" Monsters must be defeated.

  • The Normal Monsters will respawn roughly every 5min.
  • You can use Guild skills and Flag warp during the Raid to warp directly to Area3, but you have to complete Area 1, 2 and 3 before you can enter the Emperium Room. (The Flag warp might be crowded)
  • Below is a list of the Monsters:
  • Area 1:
Guardians Normal Monsters MVP's Waifu
Imp (1837)
Bloody Knight (1268)
Dark Lord (1272)
Aira (2443)
Kasa (1833)
Khalitzburg (1132)
Knight of Windstorm (1251)
Kuluna (2444)
Salamander (1831)
Abysmal Knight (1219)
Garm (1252)
Gajomart (1309)
Raydric (1163)
High Orc (1213)
Blazer (1367)
Despero of Thanatos (1705)
Odium of Thanatos (1704)
Dolor of Thanatos (1707)
Marionette (1143)
Plasma (1693)
Flame Skull (1869)
  • Area 2:
Guardians Normal Monsters MVP's Waifu
Naga (1993)
Bloody Knight (1268)
Dark Lord (1272)
Mallina (2445)
Ferus (1717)
Khalitzburg (1132)
Ezella (2446)
Hillsrion (1989)
Abysmal Knight (1219)
Lune (2447)
Plasma (1695)
Raydric (1163)
Tendrillion (1991)
Assaulter (1315)
Gazeti (1778)
Ice Titan (1777)
Aqua Elemental (2016)
Rhyncho (2020)
Phylla (2021)
Dimik (1671)
Kavac (1656)
Gemini-S58 (1681)
Breeze (1692)
  • Area 3:
Guardians Normal Monsters MVP's Waifu
Shelter (1701)
Bloody Knight (1268)
Morin (2448)
Nightmare Terror (1379)
Khalitzburg (1132)
Nasarin (2449)
Mysteltainn (1203)
Abysmal Knight (1219)
Ogretooth (1204)
Raydric (1163)
Executioner (1205)
Kiel (1733)
Centipede (1987)
Ungoliant (1618)
Dark Pinguicula (2015)
  • Emperium Room:
Guardians Normal Monsters MVP's Waifu
Bloody Knight (1268)
Dark Lord (1272)
Aira (2443)
Khalitzburg (1132)
Knight of Windstorm (1251)
Kuluna (2444)
Abysmal Knight (1219)
Garm (1252)
Mallina (2445)
Raydric (1163)
Ezella (2446)
Lune (2447)
Morin (2448)
Nasarin (2449)
  • Once all 7 Waifu are defeated a portal to the Emperium Room will Open.
  • All 7 Waifu are spawned within the Emperium Room again. Once these 7 are defeated the Raid is over and all other Monsters will die.
  • The Guild Leader can now talk to the blacksmith (while holding the required items) and craft the God Item.


  • It is recommended to do this quest with at least 6+ ppl. (It can be done Solo but it may be hard to do so.)
  • Using an 4253.png Alice Card (4253) Shield significantly bolsters your defense against MVP's and Waifu Monsters.
  • Also having a 4105.png Marc Card (4105) and a corresponding 2347.png Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1] (2347) will help against Garm and Stormy Knight, and a 4099.png Pasana Card (4099) against Dark Lord.( Land protector will help as well. )
  • If you can't kill the MVP try running quickly past them and completly ignore them as much as possible.
  • If your party Members can't join up try using Emergency Call to instantly call all guild members to you.
  • Or use the "Flag of Assault" to put down a flag so others can warp to the flag multiple times with "Charge shout Beating".( As long as the guild Leader doesn't leave the castle or die, the flag will stay for several minutes.)


The top ranked player in War of Emperium TE is now displayed in Neustadt (neustadt 182, 141) next to the top ranked player for Battlegrounds.

The NPCs in Neustadt will wear the same costumes and styles as the players.

You gain ranking by completing WoE objectives. More information on this, including the web leaderboard, will come at a later date. In the Main Office Basement, you can open your personal training room with the NPC Gatekeeper.
(main_office:105 188, )

In the training room you can test different builds against different monster settings.
You also have the opportunity to prepare for WoE and make various settings.