15.1 and 15.2 Phantasmagorika

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Before starting any quest, do the New World Quest!
You can buy Episode Skip Tickets to skip those. You can buy them for zeny at Temporal Tina inside and outside of our Main office.

(prontera 140, 174) (main_office 94, 59)

Skip Tickets
Episode Ticket Zeny Costs
1000284.png Episode 14 Clear Ticket (1000284) 1,000,000
1000286.png Episode 15 Clear Ticket (1000286) 1,000,000
1000282.png Episode 16 Clear Ticket (1000282) 1,000,000
1000285.png Episode 17.1 Clear Ticket (1000285) 3,000,000
1000287.png Episode 17.2 Clear Ticket (1000287) 6,000,000
For the following tickets you need to quest once, those tickets are only for your other chars (master account wide)!
1000288.png Episode 18 Clear Ticket (1000288) 12,000,000
1000988.png Episode 19 Clear Ticket (1000988) 18,000,000
1001214.png Episode 20 Clear Ticket (1001214) 24,000,000

Phantasmagorika Questline

This guide consists of 2 episode, 15.1 (Phantasmagorika) which ends at step 21, and 15.2 (Lost Memories) which starts at step 22.


Main Quest

  1. Start of Episode 15.1. Upon entering the Eden Group, you will be prompted by Lime Evenor to join the excavation group in Juperos. Progress through the dialogue and move on.
  2. In Eden 2nd Floor on the leftmost room, speak to Commander Arquien, Nile (moc_para01 133, 170), the founder of Eden Group.

  3. Proceed to the room to the right and speak to Lime Evenor (moc_para01 174, 165).

    • She'll introduce you to Archeologist Aureth (moc_para01 172, 164) and suggest you move to the excavation site.
  4. Speak to Guide Elisha (yuno_fild07 216, 157) in Juno field.
    • Ask her about the registration and then ask for directions. She'll direct you to Rekenber Headquarters in Lighthalzen.
  5. Proceed to the Rekenber Headquarters in Lighthalzen and speak to Leitner (lhz_in01 75, 205) behind the counter on the first floor west of the main desk.
    • He will register you and allow you to use the elevator to the Verus Findspot.
  6. Return to Guide Elisha and say your name.
    • She will attempt to send you to the Verus Findspot, but the elevator appears to be out of order.
    • Proceed to the Verus Findspot by walking through Juperos 1 as described below.
    • Attention: If you do not have them already or wish to purchase them off vend from other players, it is advised that you collect 30 Used Iron Plates in Juperos now as you will need them later.
  7. Proceed to Juperos Ruins 1 (juperos_01 244, 87) and go to the excavation site to the southeast of the map .
    • From there, proceed to the bottom of the new map to enter Juperos Eastern Ruins.
    • The Rekenber Guard at the entrance (juperos_01 15, 151) will mark the tunnel's location.

    • You now have access to Passage Cleaning.
    • Proceed through the Verus Outer Tunnel to arrive at Verus.

    • Upon arrival to Verus, talk to Receptionist Nara. When asked type the name of the excavation team: Atnad (verus04 182, 168)
  8. In Verus, speak to Guide Scarlet (verus04 119, 220).
    • You will find that Deu, Alf, Mark, Tamarin, and Magi are on the elevator when it begins to collapse.
    • She will request for you to bring her 30 Used Iron Plates to help support the elevator.
  9. Return to her with the items and repair the elevator.
    • The gang will arrive on the ground safely and thank you for your efforts.
    • The elevator is now available for use to bring you to and from the surface (Juno Field 7).
    Last Room Instance Quest can be further quested here.
  10. Talk to Nara and insert "Atnad".

  11. Speak with Archaeologist Aures (verus04 141, 193).

  12. Talk to Ian Atnad (verus04 144, 193).
    • He will ask that you gather 20 Power Control Devices to prove yourself.
    • Note: The Power Control Devices will be randomly added to your inventory when you kill the robot monsters around Verus.
    • If you return with more than 20 in your inventory, he will take them all, but since these are character bound to begin with it doesn't matter.

  13. After collecting handing them over to Archaeologist Atnad.
  14. Speak to Archaeologist Aureth and he will ask that you speak with Machinist Lloyd in Verus Center Square.
  15. Machinist Lloyd (verus03 103, 177) will ask you to collect condensed energy from the nearby machine remnants.
    • With 10 Empty Bottles in your inventory, collect 10 Enriched Energy from nearby Machine Remnants and deliver them to Lloyd.

    • Machine Remnant Coordinates:
    (verus03 127, 145) · (verus03 127, 145) · (verus03 104, 181) · (verus03 204, 202) · (verus03 219, 199)
    (verus03 260, 194) · (verus03 198, 181) · (verus03 207, 115) · (verus03 54, 78) · (verus03 24, 74)
    (verus03 41, 121) · (verus03 62, 120) · (verus03 44, 195) · (verus03 124, 61) · (verus03 168, 229)
  16. Deliver the 10 Enriched Energy back to Machinist Lloyd.
  17. Return to Archaeologist Aureth and he will give you a Excavation Report that he compiled and ask that you deliver it to Commander Louis.
  18. Speak with Commander Louis (verus04 179, 165), report the excavation results to him.

    • You now have access to New Power Source.
  19. Speak with Ian Atnad again and he orders you to bring him some delicious delicacies.
    • You will need to consult with other members of the excavation team to find out what he wants.
  20. Find Luke Lapez (verus03 107, 177) in Verus Center Square and he offers to cook some food if you bring him some ingredients.
    • Bring him 2 Meat, 1 Mora Mandarin, and 1 Banana.
    • Return to him with the ingredients and he creates a Bifrost for you.

  21. Deliver the Bifrost to Ian Atnad and ask him about the last exploration.
    • He asks that you give him some time to collect his thoughts.
    • You now have access to Core Collection.
  22. End of Episode 15.1. Speak to Ian Atnad again and select "Converse".
    • He will explain the last exploration was nothing special, and that the excavation site was Juperos.
  23. Start of Episode 15.2. Talk to Ian Atnad and he will ask that you check the research facilities for anything out of the ordinary.
    • You now have access to Verus 01: Lab-OPTATIO.
    • You now have access to Verus 02: R&D-WISH.
    • You now have access to Under Bunker.
    • You now have access to Central Laboratory Instance.
  24. Go to R&D-WISH, one map north of Verus Center Square (verus03 169, 256).
  25. Just north left of the entrance is a pile of Strewn Paper (verus02 61, 29).
    • Check it adequately and you'll obtain a Memory Record.

  26. Return to Ian Atnad and he'll ask you to fetch the Record Player from Commander Arquien, Nile.
  27. Go back to Eden 2nd Floor and enter the top left room. Speak to Commander Arquien, Nile (moc_para01 133, 170).
    • Ask her for the Record Player.

  28. Speak to her again and she'll inform you that she needs 5 more Memory Record for it to work.
  29. After collecting the Memory Records, speak to Commander Arquien (verus04 172, 149) in Verus.
    • She'll ask you to play it yourself, so click the Record Player to the left of her to hear the recording.

  30. Speak to her again and she'll direct you back to Ian Atnad.
  31. Speak to Ian Atnad and you'll discover he is a descendant of Verus.
    • Tell him about the content of the Memory Record
    • He asks you to obtain some Memory Records from the laboratory in the map North-West of Verus Center Square.
  32. Proceed to Lab-OPTATIO (verus03 55, 251), northwest of Verus Center Square.
  33. Speak to Verity (verus01 123, 181).
    • She will warp you to the Under Bunker.

  34. When you arrive, search the area for strange glowing objects that look like the Strewn Paper you collected the Memory Records from.
    • They will yield a Laboratory Memory Record, collect 5 of them.
  35. After collecting 5 Laboratory Memory Record return to Commander Arquien in Verus.
  36. She will tell you to listen to the recording again.
  37. After it plays, speak to Commander Arquien again, who once again directs you to Ian Atnad.
  38. End of Episode 15.2. Talk to Ian Atnad and Report About the Memory of Record.

Verus Daily Quests

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