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Before starting any quest, do the New World Quest!

Main Quest

In your personal room in the castle, you'll find both Nihil M. Heine and the body double for Spica waiting for you. Speak to Nihil (prt_cas_q 21, 39).

  • The real Spica is off investigating something and will appear after a short moment.

Once Spica Nerius appears, talk to her (prt_cas_q 23, 36) to find out that Crux found the maid who gave a Royal family member drugs in their muka juice. The maid revealed it was one of the chamberlains that planned it. Crux's investigation also found that the chamberlain was from the Republic of Schwartzvald. Crux continued to chase after the traitor chamberlain and followed him to Lighthalzen.

Although Crux is capable, he is still just one person. Nihil M. Heine is worried and requests that you go help Crux investigate because of your "freedom" of not being royalty. Skia will also go to Lighthalzen to help with the investigation. The pair will meet you in Lighthalzen airport.

Find Crux (lhz_airport 189, 39) in the right side of the airport. Skia guesses the fugitive chamberlain will make an appearance in Lighthalzen versus Einbroch due to Einbroch's industrial pollution problem. They know his name is Bruno. You may remember having met Bruno at the top of the east stairs at the Banquet. Your investigation group splits up as Crux will check southern Lighthalzen, Skia will check the commerce areas, and you are to check the north and northeast. The rendezvous point is near the central department store.

Walk to the northern rear corner of the northern-most house (lighthalzen 184, 292) in town. You'll see a Man and a Scientist. The Man tries to intimidate the Scientist for more money because he's no longer able to live in Rune Midgard or the Republic of Schwartzvald. The two agree to meet in the slums next to avoid prying eyes. After the Man leaves, the Scientist mutters to someone else that the Man is to be killed as demanding too much money is just as bad as demanding too little.

OPTIONAL: Go to the rendezvous point outside the department store (lighthalzen 202, 167). You'll find Skia there and tell her what you overheard. She tells you to go on ahead into the slums while she tells Crux and they will catch up to you.

The Man is in the slums (lighthalzen 309, 263) and you call out "Bruno" and he is surprised. Suddenly, a Heart Hunter appears near the Man and surprises him. At this point, the Man realizes the Scientist has swindled him as he's not getting the money. Crux and Skia show up and recognize the Heart Hunter is the same type of mercenary that was caught and interrogated before. Crux is eager to capture this new guy and have a heart to heart interrogation. The Heart Hunter realizes there isn't much he can do now that Crux, Skia, and you are there, so he performs a suicide bombing. Skia tells Bruno that it's best to cooperate because those Heart Hunters will be chasing him for the rest of his life and that at least Rune Midgard won't kill him if he cooperates. Crux takes Bruno back to the palace.

Return to your room in the castle and you will see both Nihil M. Heine and Spica Nerius waiting for you. Speak to Nihil. Crux has been interrogating Bruno and got an easy confession. There is apparently an "enterprise" behind the source of the problems. Bruno was given to the Schwartz government as part of the deal to get permission to investigate a facility in the Republic of Schwartzvald. You get to choose between two options. Both will result in the same dialogue.

  • Skia was sent on a task by Spica which is why she isn't in the room despite telling you in Lighthalzen that she was also returning to the palace. Besides this, it seems the an important object of the Nerius family has been taken to a suspicious facility in Schwartzvald and they need the Schwartzvald government's permission to investigate. It seems that the Schwartzvald government was already aware of some of the problems already. Due to Crux being so busy with the investigations, more hands are needed. Your job is to escort Spica which frees up Crux to move around.

Travel to the Juno airport this time and meet Crux (y_airport 168, 41). He and Skia wanted to have a meeting in Yuno but Spica felt her royalty would draw a crowd and instead now wants to meet in the Lighthalzen hotel. He will warp you to the Lighthalzen airport by saying I will count on you.

The last room in the Hotel is where you will find Spica Nerius. She introduces you to the Schwartz government representative.

Speak to Philopontess (lhz_in02 239, 148) who goes by "Tess".

  • Let us hear it.: Tess says the Secret Wing was not destroyed completely, but the Nerius family will help support them. The goal is to disable the Enterprise. The Rebellion will come to your aid by using their forces to inspect the facility. But the help has to be through you, and not the royal family.

There's an Unusual person (einbroch 239, 269) at the Einbroch train platform. He speaks in secret code you were never told about. He then admits he is Lazy, the person you were looking for. He then says the meeting was supposed to be Einbech.

After a LONG talk, Lazy (einbroch 270, 268) will auto-generate a /navi for you to a little east of the train platform to get a "free ride." To avoid being tracked, Lazy wants to take you through a tunnel instead of the train.

Click on the Very small hole to be transported to Einbech.

Talk to Lazy (einbech 46, 208) on the Einbech train platform. After he's done blabbering about retirement, he will mark on your map where you need to go along with a /navi.

Lazy (einbech 76, 131) is standing next to a pile of sand that is covering a Collapsed person. So Lazy has the power from the gods that apparently even an Arch Bishop couldn't save an exhausted Rebel by healing.

After finding Lazy (einbech 217, 82), you drop the Rebel man you carried on the ground. Lazy says someone already sensed his arrival, and he tells you to just leave the Gonie at the entrance.

Once inside, speak to Lazy (rebel_in 21, 45) and he aggravates the Shopkeepers enough to want to kick us out. Lazy then tells them about Gonie who is on the ground outside. The shopkeeper brings Gonie inside and then calls for Lucky. Lazy starts yelling for the shopkeeper who had gone inside, on threat to be kicked out. Eventually they let you come inside.

Inside is a place for novices and senior citizens. You will find Lazy (rebel_in 86, 61) next to the couch. He reveals to the others that he is a Secret Wings agent. Lucky reveals that his actual name is "Rookie" and that "Lucky" is a nickname. A lot of bickering over and about tea happens. Lazy tells the elder Rebels what the President wants. They don't want to help as they feel they will be betrayed again. The elder leaves and Lazy tries to convince Lucky/Rookie that he has a voice of power to try and convince the elders.

Go up the stairs to the left and talk to Elena Volkova (rebel_in 70, 78). She doesn't want to let you pass and wants to fight you.

Fight Elena:

  • If you are a Priest (maybe Acolyte?) class, you can skip this section as Elena has enough honor to not fight "clerics".
  • Once defeated, receive 10 Schwartz's Honor Token.
  • Access to Fighting Elena repeatable quest

Walk up the walkway and speak to Rebellion leader (rebel_in 122, 71). He will try to have the Young Rebellions escort you downstairs until you mention Gonie. Talk about cooperation and he laughs at the suggestion.

Go south from the Rebellion leader and talk to Rebellion guard at the entrance to the door portal. They won't let you in despite Rookie having sent you. Keep asking Rebellion Guard leader until Larcis hears your voice and keep shouting. You then get let inside.

Walk forward inside and Dien (rebel_in 164, 88) will start talking to you. The conversation turns to Gonie. Then you ask about cooperation and Ridsh becomes livid while Dien calmly hears you out. Ridsh wouldn't care if Schwartz collapses.

Dien chooses to help convince the others to cooperate.

Hand Special Force commander (rebel_in 210, 89) a letter Dien wrote. Though surprised and not a fan of what she wrote, they will agree as it might be Dien's last wish.

Go back to Rebellion leader Rupert (rebel_in 122, 71) in the corner of the hallway and deliver Dien's letter to him.

Talk to Rebellion Guard leader who appeared next to him. (Required step? I think so, some of my quest logs disappeared)

Turn around and speak to Rebellion leader Rupert again. He starts making a ruckus and wants to go see Dien, but she appears next to him.

Listen to Dien as she says she will agree to help the Secret Wings. Two against one (Ernst and Dien), and Rupert still will not stand for letting go of all they've endured in order to help.

Rebellion leader Rupert will try and get Dien escorted back to her room until she grabs him by the beard. Speaking truth about how they will get nowhere if they hold onto vengeance, Rupert finally agrees to help. BUT ONLY A LITTLE!

  • Receive 10 Schwartz's Honor Token.
  • Access to Preparing for the Party repeatable quest

Return downstairs to Lazy and inform them that the Rebellion will help. Then listen to Rookie's story about his childhood; he was small and his family thought he was useless so he left and met Gonie and became a Rebel. The seniors appear and do what seniors do best, complain. Rookie points out that none of the younger members know what happened in their day because they refuse to talk about it (or change). Then you bust out the truth tea and tell them that Rupert and the other ladies upstairs already agreed to help.

  • Lazy decides to stay and then you receive EXP and 10 Schwartz's Honor Token.
  • Access to Giving Charity to Charity repeatable quest.
  • Access to Tea Time Snacks repeatable quest.
  • Access to Tracking Down Missing Guns for Master repeatable quest.
  • Access to Twinkle Twinkle Shooting Star repeatable quest.
  • Access to Ericsson Adler repeatable quest.
  • Access to Pamphlet Promotion repeatable quest.
  • Access to Side Quests.

Heart Hunter War Base

Rebellion Squadder (rebel_in 65, 46) tells you that Tess is here. You can say Yes to be transported to the Einbech train platform, or you can walk there.

Once in Einbroch, go to the hotel (ein_in01 198, 224). Go to second floor in the room just north of the stairs (ein_in01 273, 276). Tess will invite you in.

Talk to Nihil in the Einbroch hotel room. Apparently wanting to actually do something, he came himself. Skia also managed to leave the banquet. Now begins the plan of attack on the facility. There's no escape route but they suspect a teleport gate.

Travel one map north of Einbroch city to the operation spot and speak to Julian (ein_fild04 281, 337).

Monster taming will interfere with the next portion of the quest. So don't do it. (Though I'm not sure which items you would use to tame...)

Talk to Julian to reserve the instance, and then Striker Unit Commander to enter. Heart Hunter War Base 1 Instance

This is not recommended for characters who are not damage dealers (such as Arch Bishops without Adoramus or Judex).

Walk near Julian at the head of the commandment to begin the instance.

Heart Hunter Guards will spawn. They know Fury (?), Increase Agi, and Bowling Bash, Endure (on chase?), and possibly more...

There's a pile of gunpowder at the north end (1@swat 58, 89). It drops Antique Gunpowder on the ground and sets off an alarm, causing more enemies to spawn.

Give it to Julian on the east side and it will destroy all the monster as well as create an opening.

Continue walking East and speak to Julian again by walking up to him. He will need some time to set up the next explosion.

Walking up north, you will find a Suspicious instrument (1@swat 147, 119). Push the button because you don't follow the rules, the rules follow you!

More Heart Hunter Guards will spawn. Some Upgraded Heart Hunters as well. Defeat all of them to proceed. The regular Heart Hunter guards count for half a kill, and the Upgraded Heart Hunter's count for a full kill. You need 15 kill points to continue.

Walk to Julian after you have cleared the hunters who hate button pushers, and then continue East.

Julian ran out of gunpowder and needs you to find more. Walk back to the previous defense wall you blew up and you will find a Pile of gunpowder ( (@swat 165, 56)being guarded by Heart Hunter guards.

Give Julian the gun powder and proceed east. Walk up to Julian and an announcement says they have taken over the Heart Hunter communication room.

Ebel spawns now. You can not go past the area with the vents; you will get teleported back.

Julian paralyzes Ebel after the fight and tells the guards to capture her for research.

Receive 10 Schwartz's Honor Tokens and be warped back to Einbroch Field 04.

Main Quest continued

After exiting from the instance, speak to Rookie and say you're counting on him. Since you haven't found Terra Gloria yet, Rookie warps you to Heart Hunter War base.

Enter the portal next to Rookie to enter Werner Laboratory

Rebellion squadder will take you back out if you desire.

Yuslan will ask you to help him defeat Chimeras; 10 Material Chimera and 10 Human Chimera.

Werner Laboratory Central Room Instance

Speak to Rookie (slabw01 236, 91) to start the instance. (Supposedly you need to talk to him again to get actual quest where you fight the MVP. I was rushing through this part, and I was getting attacked by the Chimeras on the map)

Rookie wants to go to the Central Room

Click on the device to enter the instance.

Listen to Eisen Werner, then walk all the way up and talk to them again.

To both sides, there's a Security Device at the north end of the rooms. There will be a word in brackets. Choose the appropriate colored version in the dialog choice.

Choose Red = 1st Option
Way Back Home Loneliness Contradiction Rose Sea
Joy Twilight Glow Girl
Choose Blue = 2nd Option
Purity Eternity Dawn Dream

Return to the center and enter the portal.

Eisen Werner is standing on the opposite end, to the north. This evil villain is revealing their plan because they expect you to die in this laboratory. There's also Security Device on both ends of the room.

Once you've unlocked the Security Devices, enter the portal that Eisen was standing in front of.

Speak to Eisen Werner and they explain that the Heart of Ymir was unutilized so that's why they took it. A portal opens at the door he's standing next to.

Go through that door portal and speak to 'Eisen Werner again. The Heart of Ymir's energy goes into the magic circle on the ground and goes into experiment subjects, some of which have died.

You are then warped back to Heart Hunter War Base.

Main Quest continued again

Talk to Rookie (que_swat 150, 58) and he will want to go back to the hotel. He will warp you back to Einbroch Field 04.

Return to the Einbroch Hotel and talk to Philopontess. You will return the Blessing Star to Nihil and then they want to promptly return to Prontera Castle.

Skia Nerius is inside your room in the castle.

  • Do you feel it all the time?: She says when she asked to use the Scroll of Movement in the above step at the hotel
  • Love: Spica appears
  • When is it most serious?

Kronecker enters and they talk about family matters. You receive 10 Honor Token (not Schwartz) and 2.5 mil Base and Job EXP (VIP) Spica says Philopontess is waiting at Werner Laboratory for you. Go to Werner Laboratory and talk to Philopontess (que_swat 145, 57). He will reward you with 10 Schwartz's Honor Token and 2x 12610.png Mysterious Egg (12610) + 2x 12871.png Mysterious Egg II (12871)

  • Access to People in the Lab repeatable quest.
  • Access to Heart Hunter War Base 2 repeatable quest.
  • Access to Cutie Chimera C(K)illing repeatable quest.

This is the end of Episode 16.2: Terra Gloria main quest.

Side Quests

Returning the Relics

  1. Once using the Small Leather Bag, you receive 6 character-bound items. Below are the locations to turn those items in:
  2. Old Rings - Knight Windsor in the Prontera pub in the inner ring to the south-east (prt_in 177, 26). He knew something was wrong when he found Seyren's Pecopeco.
  3. Locket Pendant - Knight Windsor (from above) is upset that his children ended up dead. With no wife or children anymore, he will probably drown his sorrows at the pub he's in.
  4. Wood Rosary - Sister Margaret at St. Capitolina Abbey (prt_monk 93, 254), the home of the monks. Margaret recalls how Margaretha Sorin was such a tomboy when she was younger. Speaking to her again will give you a chance to be warped directly to Prontera.
  5. Portable Sewing Box - Hunter Sherine is inside the house to the right of the North Kafra in Payon (payon 187, 233) at the end of the hallway. Cecil asked her sister how to sew so she could put a button on her clothing and appear more feminine.
  6. Decorated Archer's Thimble - Blacksmith Cleaver is downstairs of the Juno weapon shop (yuno_in01 163, 31) and wonders what happened to Howard. It was a gift that he had trouble making. Howard has an older brother that Cleaver will give the thimble to.
  7. Assassin's Mark Dagger - Go to the Morroc Bar (morocc 45, 107) Guile Marovitz is in the Morroc pub (que_job01 89, 91). Eremes always hated failed missions and was usually pretty lucky; except this time.

Rachel's Repair Work

  • Rachel Smith has had it with people lying they "lost" their weapons when they only merely broke. The weapons have a high defect rate. She requests you to bring Rachel's Revolver to the Blacksmith Guild for them to inspect it.
  • Travel to Einbroch's Blacksmith Guild and speak to Blacksmith Jack who scrutinizes her work. He concludes that it's the impurity of materials that she is using that is causing the issue.
  • Return to Rachel Smith inside the Rebellion base where she says she suspected it might be the materials causing the issue. Grant her favor and say you will come back daily with better materials.

Receive 7 Schwartz's Honor Token. You can now do the daily quest from Rachel Smith.

Enable Teleportation in Schwartz!

Speak to Arinoa Yurhik next to the fireplace (rebel_in 82, 68). Some man appears nearby asking if you were the one making a fuss in Clana Nemieri.

Arivero Yuhrik (rebel_in 78, 66) is self-proclaimed "hot" guy and is seemingly just an obnoxious "bro". There's unspoken communication between the two siblings and then Vero says he wants you to go to four places and destroy things.

You get four options After choosing one, he will disappear.

After waiting (some amount of time), return to Arinoa Yurhik (potentially 4am server time; could depend on previous step's choice in dialog options.

Arivero Yuhrik appears saying the preparation is complete. Schwaltzvalt bans teleportation in the cities due to potential magic overuse. Arivero believes the Schwaltzvalt government installed equipment to protect secret Rekenber research, citing the timeline of events and the disappearance of people in the Slums.

He explains how "H" in a guard suit was patrolling and found an abnormal device and that there was very strong wind that day and H saw something but it quickly vanished.

Guard Clothes: H makes his daughter clean and iron his clothes; because apparently, he can't do it for himself...

Club: Standard unexpected situation preparedness

The way H patrolled: H follows the manual and follows the same course every day Freight train: A coal train stopped at night, it doesn't operate often because of monsters in the mine

A strong Wind: Mountainous areas can sometimes cause strong winds

The turned-off torch: It was strange that it was the first time a torch turned off

Repeating a few times (I think about the torch). Vero's theory is that fire is the strongest right before being turned off. He wants you to bring some fire items to the train to test his theory.

Walk near the end of the freight train (einbech 212, 212) and Arivero Yurhik will appear.

  • Things that are known to work here:
  • Flame Heart
  • ?

The Teleport Prohibition equipment is unscathed so Vero suggests bringing Water based items.

  • Things that are known to work here:
  • Mystic Frozen

After using the water items, the equipment is destroyed. Return to the Rebellion Base and speak to Arinoa Yurhik to make her younger brother Vero appear.

Arivero Yurhik tells us an agent found another teleport prohibition equipment (Water) in a Lighthalzen mansion. Tell him that Rough Wind is the element stone that is strong against water.

In Lighthalzen (lighthalzen 135, 233), Arivero Yurhik requires 1 Mystic Frozen and 3 Rough Wind to reveal and destroy the equipment.

Return to the base and talk to Arinoa Yurhik to get Arivero Yurhik to appear. You start to wonder if his elder sister is actually pleased, and he says she's just shy. Then the device that prevents the prohibition equipment from disappearing broke. He needs a Star Crumb to fix it.

  • Just laugh it off
  • Ask him: He gets defensive and you just laugh it off anyway.

Travel to Juno (yuno 204, 226) with 4 Great Natures and 1 Rough Wind and give them to Arivero Yurhik. Rekenber and the government seemed to have caught on. He tells you of the last location in Einbroch and runs away as if being chased.

In the south-east of Einbroch (einbroch 262, 42) is a panicked Arivero Yurhik. He asks you to destroy this one, and as soon as you do, Vero teleports away suspiciously. Inside the base, talk to Arinoa Yurhik and Rebellion leader appears and is confused because there is no large mission that he knows about. You explain the mission but the Rebellion leader doesn't know of any Arivero Yurhik... He tells you that Arinoa's younger brother died in an accident a while ago. Receive 10 Schwartz's Honor Token, Base EXP and Job EXP and a lot of unanswered questions.

If you talk to Arinoa again, you have the chance to say hello and a text-input box appears. If this is a continuation of a quest, we are not sure.

Helping Elena

Choose the second option I am not busy today, I stopped by. when talking to Elena Volkova and she tells you that USU means "Under Seal Unit", kinda like the Suicide Squad; they did bad things, but are given a leash to explore on(?). Elena tells you about these two underage orphans who might be kicked out and requests you to solve their problem.

Go downstairs and talk to Jana Levedeva (rebel_in 109, 54).

Return to Elena Volkova upstairs and Tell her about Lebedev twins.

She tells you to ask Milo and Mason about them:

Speaking to Milo Rivers at the opposite staircase and he tells you they excelled in shooting. Allegedly Jana threw a grenade into a civilian zone. After being moved to the USU unit, they began to disobey the seniors.

Mason Bender at the base entrance thinks nothing positive of the two. Ilya apparently shot Mason with a stray bullet.

  • Ask them directly:
  • Beat around the bush:

After no luck, return to Elena Volkova upstairs. She sends you to go ask their previous leader.

Downstairs by the fireplace, Ericsson Adler and he gives you Delicious Handmade Cookie to eat and chat with them over.

Walk over to Jana Levedava and Give them the cookie. Tell them that Commander Adler, yourself, and Elena are worried about the two of them. Jana starts breaking down because she wasn't in shape, and Ilya tells you she didn't throw the grenade on purpose. They became scared after they were transferred and begun to act out and get even more scared. They give you permission to tell Elena their feelings.

Tell Elena Volkova that the twins felt they were a burden. Elena mistakenly had treated them as adults, which didn't help.

Return to Jana Levedava and bring them to Elena, saying that you will defend the twins.

Talk to Elena Volkova and say I have brought Lebedev sisters I thought it was male/female twins. Elena yells at them for having run away. Then she apologies to the two. She then tells them that she will not put them in real combat missions so they can make friends or train. After all of this, receive 10 Schwartz's Honor Token, Base EXP and Job EXP.

You now have access to Cookie Delivery (Name not final) daily quest.

Daily Quests

You can find the Daily Quest here.

Schwartz's Honor Token Exchange and Enchantment

You can find them here.

Imperial Set and Enchantment

You can find them here.