Illusion Dungeons

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Entrance and farming quest

  • We disabled the entrance quest for all Illusion dungeons.
  • We added Illusion-Kill-Quests for every Illusion dungeon in our Main Office at the Daily Board. Reward: 15 25271.png Illusion Stone (25271) and 1 50001.png Forgotten Heirloom (50001)
  • Every Illusion monster has a low chance of granting one of the following items:

Illusion Stone, Illusion Dungeon Random Refine Cube or random Illusion Equipment specific to that dungeon. Level 4 Weapons are pre-enchanted. Check individual dungeons for more information.


Illusion Normal Monsters and MVP can drop Level 4 Weapons pre-enchanted with 4 line options.

  • All Illusion Gears can be enchanted here.

Level 100+ Level 120+ Level 130+ Level 150+ Level 160+ Level 170+ Level 180+
Illusion of Moonlight
Illusion of Frozen
Illusion of Vampire
Illusion of Abyss
Illusion of Luanda
Illusion of Labyrinth
Illusion of Underwater Level 2
Illusion of Teddy Bear
Illusion of Twins
Illusion of Underwater Level 1