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Our Main Office is in Prontera, a massive building divided in three distinct floors, where lots of convenience NPCs reside.


On the basement you will find dummies for testing your damage output, Shadow Gear NPCs, Healer, Cardremover, Tool Dealer, Reseter and a Storage Box.

Training Dummies

Here you have 3 different dummies to choose from: Small Lvl 50, Medium Lvl 100 and Large Lvl 150.

You also can talk to Training Instructor to warp to other specific types of dummies.

All Dummies will display a DPS value (this is measured in 5s intervals). Note: Prontera / Main Office dummies may take hp% damage and falsify numbers. Training Zone dummies are immune to this.

Shadow Gear NPCs

Here you can buy Shadow Gear with Shadows, trade or upgrade them. More informations here.

Monster Arena

Here you can spawn your 604.png Dead Branch (604) and 12103.png Bloody Branch (12103) . For more informations click here.

Build Manager

Here you can save and change your builds.

Main Floor

On the Main Floor (First Floor and Entrance ) you will find the necessary NPCs.


Seller for class-specific items: Thief, Knight, Archer, Gunslinger, Ninja, Merchant, Magician, Doram Class.

Necessary NPCs

Wise Old Woman (Card Remover), Job Master, Reseter Edga, Universal Rental NPC, Platinum Skill NPC, Coin to Cash Cow, Muh Coin Shop.

Other usefull NPCs

Healer, Tool Dealer, Instance Cooldown, Setting, Channels, Kafra and Storage Box.



He recycle some Weapons and Equipment to their currency.
For example:
Adulter Weapons into Amethysts.

Card Exchanger Sakura

Our lovely Sakura will exchange your cards into coins.

You can change your coins for albums:

Quests: Main Office Board and Instance Board

At these boards you can accept and return quests.
For more informations, click here.

Pet Shop

Love Pets, our food seller for our lovely pets and homunculus.

  • if you have an active pet, you will get a "Food for my Pet" option which will open a shop with only Incubator and food for your pet
  • if you have a homunculus, you will get a "Food for my Homunculus" option which will open a shop with only food for your homunculus

see also Our Pets!

Our Café

Visit our café which is made for you and your friends.

Second Floor

On the Second Floor you will find the Copy Cat, Stylist Room, Fashion Room, Clan Room.

Stylist and Costume Specialist Sandra

Sandra can convert normal equipment to costumes for 1m zeny and 10x 50000.png Muh Coin (50000) .
Be careful our Stylist Dr. Style is CRAZY!

Copy Cat

Copy Cat is for the classes Rogue, Stalker, Shadow Chaser to copy skills instead of searching for players.

Fashion Room

Fashion Room to enchant Costumes, buy or destroy costumes for fashion points. More informations here.

Clan Room

Here you can join additionial to your guild to a clan.

Other NPCs

In our Main Office are some NPCs which have special quests, if you have some time, talk to them, maybe you are interested in some creepy adventures.