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Item Rewards can be claimed 15 times per quest per day.
Afterwards you will receive EXP only.
Note 1: It doesn't matter if main or slave accounts are being used here.
Note 2: Item collection quests are limited to 1 time per character per day.

Board Quests

There are some Board Quests in the Main Office, which rewards you with some forgotten Heirlooms, some extra loot and experience. They reset at Midnight (server time).
You will find the board on the right side of our Main Office, left of the stairs leading to the basement.

  • Be careful, these board quests are more difficult, they are in high level dungeons:
    • Illusion Dungeons (Moonlight, Frozen, Vampire, Teddy Bear, Luanda, Underwater, Labyrinth, Abyss, Twins)
    • Magma Dungeon 3
    • Abyss Glastheim
    • Einbech Dungeon 3
    • Odin's Past
    • Abyss Lake 4
    • Niflheim Dungeon Lvl 1 & 2
    • Rudus Dungeon 4
    • Amicitia Lvl 1 & 2

Instance Board Quests

We added Instance Reward Board Quests. For some instances you get instance coins. The more difficult / longer the instance lasts, the more coins you get.
You can redeem these at the NPC Doil for specific instance loot such as Varmeal tickets.
You will find the board on the right side of our Main office, left from our other Quest Board.

Basic Shop Advanced Shop
Item cost 50009.png Instance Coin (50009) Item cost 50009.png Instance Coin (50009)
7642.png Bloody Coin (7642) 1x 1000367.png Minneas (1000367) 2x
25723.png Cor Core (25723) 1x 100619.png Modified Thanatos Refine Hammer (100619) 250x
25669.png Unknown Parts (25669) 1x 1000405.png Amethyst Fragment (1000405) 1x
25668.png Broken Weapon (25668) 2x 1000316.png Geffen Arena Coin (1000316) 2x
25786.png Somatology Research Document (25786) 1x 1000317.png Geffen Arena Certificate (1000317) 5x
25787.png Somatology Experimental Fragment (25787) 1x 1000366.png Geffen Arena Championship (1000366) 10x
23992.png Experimental Weapon Box (23992) 50x 1000363.png Ymir Fragment (1000363) 1x
23806.png Ancient Hero's Weapon Box (23806) 50x 1000501.png Holy Oil of Purification (1000501) 5x
100753.png Patent Ancient Hero's Cube (100753) 150x 1000502.png Holy Water of Purification (1000502) 5x
100821.png Modified Hero's Refine Hammer (100821) 250x 1000503.png Sabbatical Handkerchief (1000503) 5x
100706.png Ancient Hero's Will (100706) 5x 100655.png Cleansing Blueprint Bundle (100655) 5x
22171.png Ancient Hero Boots [1] (22171) 150x
6671.png Geffen Magic Tournament Coin (6671) 1x
6672.png Gray Shard (6672) 1x
6919.png Token of Honor (6919) 1x
6962.png Old Fuel (6962) 1x
6961.png Huge Metal Scrap (6961) 1x
6750.png Broken Engine (6750) 1x
6752.png Charleston Component (6752) 1x
6827.png Complete Machine Part (6827) 1x
25155.png Schwarzwald Token of Honor (25155) 1x
6423.png Seagod's Anger (6423) 2x
6803.png Fragment of Gigantes (6803) 2x
6905.png Shattered Magic Stone (6905) 1x
25739.png Curse Eroded Crystal (25739) 1x
25740.png Curse Eroded Gemstone (25740) 2x
100100.png Temporal Manteau Box (100100) 125x
23766.png Temporal Armor Box (23766) 125x
100533.png [1] (100533) 125x
6608.png Coagulated Spell (6608) 1x
6755.png Contaminated Magic (6755) 1x
6607.png Temporal Crystal (6607) 2x
7925.png Powerful Dimensional Essence (7925) 250x
25864.png Sealed Temporal Circlet (25864) 2x
6684.png Token Of Hero (6684) 2x
6719.png Tooth of Jitterbug (6719) 2x
1000103.png Varmeal Ticket (1000103) 1x
6469.png Will of Warrior (6469) 1x
6470.png Blood Thirst (6470) 1x
6471.png Ghost Chill (6471) 2x
25767.png Angel's Dream (25767) 1x
23986.png Odin Relics (23986) 10x
23985.png Dragon Treasure (23985) 10x
25814.png Dynite (25814) 1x
17569.png Sky Fortress Ticket Box (1 Hours) (17569) 15x
25731.png Zelunium (25731) 1x
25729.png Shadowdecon (25729) 1x
1000874.png Enchant Ticket (1000874) 20x
1000263.png Fragment of Good Will (1000263) 2x
1000257.png Piece of Sin (1000257) 2x
28483.png Royal Guardian Ring [1] (28483) 50x
25235.png Crafted Stone (25235) 1x
25274.png Racing Audit Ticket (25274) 2x
1000104.png Magical Soapstone (1000104) 2x
25375.png Powerful Soul Essence (25375) 250x
22567.png Expedition Prize Box (22567) 8x