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  • Baselevel 130 normal mode, 180 hard mode
  • Startingpoint (ba_maison 239, 47)
  • Quests Water Garden, step 6
  • 1 day cooldown

The Water Garden instance is part of the Episode 17.2, check out the Sage's Legacy for more information.


To take the daily instance quest, talk to Sayhu at (ba_maison 239, 47).

There are three daily quests available:

  • Silva Papilla Hunt (Easy mode)
  • Grand Papilla Hunt (Hard mode)
  • Whereabouts of the Gardenener (either)


To start the instance, talk to Harad at (ba_maison 239, 47) standing next to Sayhu.

The whole instance (both Easy and Hard mode) is all about clearing all monsters inside.
However you might need to be a bit cautious about few dangerous mechanics, which can kill an unprepared adventurer.

The Water Garden instance is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Leaf bombing
    In the first section you will be repeatedly teleported on top of one of the huge leaves.
    Few seconds after that an unkillable Papilla spawns on the same spot and starts casting a Comet-like spell.
    Your goal is to walk away from the leaf to avoid getting hit by the Comet.
    After killing all other monsters in the section a warp to the next section will appear on the right.
  2. Chess
    The second section looks like a 6x6 Chessboard. There are 3 unkillable Papillas repeatedly spawned on top of 3 squares.
    Once spawned, after 5 seconds they cast a dangerous Earth Drive on squares towards specific directions from their spawn locations.
    After casting Earth Drive, they disappear and respawn in another 20 seconds. This process is repeated until all monsters are killed.
    Red Papillas act like a Rook chesspiece - they cast Earth Drive horizontally and vertically only.
    Blue Papillas act like a Bishop chesspiece - they cast Earth Drive diagonally.
    To avoid getting hit by Earth Drive simply stand in a square, which cannot be hit by any of the Papillas (like in Chess).
    Once you kill all the monsters, you can proceed to the next section.
  3. Stroll
    The third section is just a garden corridor spawning groups of monsters every couple of cells.
    Kill them all and talk to the Gardener at the end of the corridor.
  4. Maze
    The fourth section is a maze. There are few Gardener NPCs spread over the maze - talk to them to finish the daily quest. (as of 09-Jan-2021 this daily quest doesn't seem to work)
    Kill all monsters in the maze and proceed to the next section using the warp on the top left.
  5. Boss Temple
    The fifth and the final section is where you face the final boss.
    The boss fight cycles in 2 parts:
    • MVP spawns 1 Ruba Papilla and 1 Cae Papilla
    • Drag the Ruba Papilla to the red energy and Cae Papilla to the blue energy.
    • If you fail pulling the Papillas you are teleported to one of the sides on the map losing all HP but 1. You have to quickly heal up or move away from that spot, because shortly after a poisonous cloud with an unkillable monster will start hitting you and eventually kill you if you don't move. Simply go back to the boss and continue fighting it.
    Once you kill the MVP, talk to the Gardener to finish the instance.
    NOTE: If you need to farm Ruba or Cae Papillas, you can just wait for the boss to respawn them infinitely.

Talk to Sayhu to get your daily quest rewards.

Enemies (Easy Mode)

Monster HP Level Size / Race / Element
Verporta (20665)
239,037 136 Medium/ Beast/ Poison 2
Papila (20669)
240,713 138 Medium/ Insect/ Dark 2
Papila Ruba (20671)
240,372 139 Medium/ Insect/ Fire 2
Papila Cae (20674)
237,484 137 Medium/ Insect/ Water 2
Aries (20677)
360,702 140 Medium/ Demi-Human/ Water 2
Broken Gardener Beta (20631)
234,017 135 Medium/ Formless/ Fire 2
Silva Papilia (20667)


7,400,000 145 Large/ Plant/ Dark 2

Enemies (Hard Mode)

Monster HP Level Size / Race / Element
Verporte (20666)
2,390,934 186 Medium/ Beast/ Poison 2
Senior Papila (20670)
2,409,593 188 Medium/ Insect/ Dark 2
Senior Papila Ruba (20672)
3,656,403 190 Medium/ Insect/ Fire 2
Senior Papila Cae (20675)
2,405,191 190 Medium/ Insect/ Water 2
Senior Aries (20678)
3,656,403 190 Medium/ Demi-Human/ Fire 2
Senior Broken Gardener (20632)
2,379,158 185 Medium/ Formless/ Fire 2
Gran Papilia (20668)


74,690,000 195 Large/ Plant/ Dark 2


Information about the cards can be found here: Water Garden Cards.