Valentine's Event

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Love, love and mooooreeee Loveeeee for all!
Every 4 hours an NPC called Amanda (hugel 175, 105) appears, she offers you various small quests, you have to find out which item she wants and hope you bring the right amount!
Amanda spawns at those times and stays for a half hour:
01:05 am/pm server time
05:05 am/pm server time
09:05 am/pm server time

After each completed quest, you will receive a new one!
There are 12 quests in total and after each one you will receive a costume.
That's right, 12 quests, 12 costumes, we wish you a lot of fun!
Solve the quests together with your partner, friends or guild, then it's much more fun!


Amanda's Event

15877.png Costume Sakura Hairpin (15877) 31532.png Costume Neev Barrette (31532) 420015.png Costume Camellia Demon Ribbon (420015) 60572.png Costume Bonnet Fairy (yellow) (60572)
31445.png Costume Feather Fedora (31445) 400450.png Costume Lion Crown (400450) 420212.png Costume Protect Cloth (red) (420212) 410133.png Costume Cookie & Biju (410133)
400496.png Costume White Fox Ears (400496) 420211.png Costume Sleeping Sheep (red) (420211) 480244.png Costume Crown Cinnamoroll Bag (480244) 90106.png Costume Divine Wing (90106)

Victoria's Crafting

Of course, there are also a few costumes to craft, which you can make at NPC Victoria (hugel 171, 102):

Costume Materials
90114.png Costume Firefly Wing (white) (90114) 150x 25655.png Event Coin (25655) 1x 27309.png Mutant Heart Hunter Sanare Card (27309) 1x 13138.png Dark Rose [2] (13138) 250x 7561.png Glacial Heart (7561) 100x 1059.png Fabric (1059)
90115.png Costume Firefly Wing (black) (90115) 150x 25655.png Event Coin (25655) 1x 27306.png Heart Hunter Bellare Card (27306) 1x 1376.png Heart Breaker [1] (1376) 250x 953.png Stone Heart (953) 100x 1059.png Fabric (1059)
90116.png Costume Firefly Wing (blue) (90116) 150x 25655.png Event Coin (25655) 1x 27307.png Mutant Heart Hunter Bellare Card (27307) 1x 2746.png Cold Heart (2746) 250x 950.png Heart of Mermaid (950) 100x 1059.png Fabric (1059)
90117.png Costume Firefly Wing (yellow) (90117) 150x 25655.png Event Coin (25655) 1x 27308.png Heart Hunter Sanare Card (27308) 1x 2977.png Wounded Heart [1] (2977) 250x 929.png Immortal Heart (929) 100x 1059.png Fabric (1059)
19645.png Costume Phoenix Crown (19645) 1x 5085.png Pair of Small Ribbons (5085) 1x +7 13412.png Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (B) [3] (13412) 1x +7 13413.png Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (R) [3] (13413) 100x 710.png Illusion Flower (710) 50x 704.png Aloe (704)
31052.png Costume Alchemist Mask (31052) 5x 5005.png Gas Mask (5005) 300x 6215.png Tear Gas (6215) 300x 7322.png Toxic Gas (7322) 5x 5096.png Assassin Mask (5096) 3x 27178.png Gaster Card (27178)
19660.png Costume Coppola (19660) 3x 5111.png Galapago Cap (5111) 1x 1239.png Poison Knife (1239) 250x 960.png Nipper (960) 250x 6264.png Melon (6264) 15x 722.png Pearl (722)
20277.png Costume Balloon Hat (20277) 1x 19143.png Poring Balloon (19143) 1x 19146.png Marin Balloon (19146) 1x 19147.png Drops Balloon (19147) 300x 938.png Sticky Mucus (938) 1x 5103.png Sunflower Hairpin (5103)
31143.png Costume Krathong Crown (31143) 1x 660.png Forbidden Red Candle (660) 5x 2253.png Sunflower (2253) 5x 2207.png Fancy Flower (2207) 200x 1022.png Nine Tails (1022) 3x 7035.png Matchstick (7035)
31331.png Costume Chung e Shinyon Cap (31331) 5x 5042.png Bao Bao (5042) 250x 553.png Bao (553) 150x 6256.png Ice Piece (6256) 5x 982.png White Dyestuffs (982) 10x 995.png Mystic Frozen (995)
19812.png Costume Large Hibiscus (19812) 300x 712.png Flower (712) 150x 6041.png Strong Vine (6041) 150x 990.png Red Blood (990) 5x 19247.png Illusion Fancy Flower [1] (19247) 150x 7063.png Soft Feather (7063)
31426.png Costume Gentle Marlin Balloon (31426) 5x 19154.png Arch Angeling Balloon (19154) 5x 2251.png Monk Hat (2251) 300x 6215.png Tear Gas (6215) 150x 7200.png Elastic Band (7200) 3x 2262.png Clown Nose (2262)
31427.png Costume Lady Poring Balloon (31427) 5x 19152.png Angeling Balloon (19152) 5x 2244.png Big Ribbon (2244) 300x 6215.png Tear Gas (6215) 150x 7200.png Elastic Band (7200) 3x 5113.png Angry Snarl (5113)
400471.png Costume Angry Fish (400471) 300x 25894.png Decayed Deep Sea Fish (25894) 1x +7 1249.png Fisherman's Dagger (1249) 1x 6423.png Seagod's Anger (6423) 350x 1023.png Fish Tail (1023) 250x 1053.png Ancient Tooth (1053)
400462.png Costume Sailor Cap (400462) 1x 5016.png Boy's Cap (5016) 15x 982.png White Dyestuffs (982) 1x 18849.png Celine's Ribbon [1] (18849) 250x 1020.png Black Hair (1020) 250x 934.png Memento (934)
19884.png Costume Vanargand Helm (19884) 3x 7510.png Valhala's Flower (7510) 3x 2614.png Eye of Dullahan (2614) 150x 25892.png Deep Sea Shells (25892) 150x 6393.png Round Feather (6393) 100x 25775.png Fluffy Cloth Piece (25775)
40400.png Costume Flower Wreath (40400) 100x 6510.png Elegant Flower (6510) 100x 6509.png Mysterious Flower (6509) 150x 6511.png Beautiful Flower (6511) 150x 7038.png Yarn (7038) 250x 25775.png Fluffy Cloth Piece (25775)

Cash Shop

41194.png Valentino's Egg (41194)
Common Uncommon Rare
400224.png Costume Navy Beret (400224) 410217.png Costume Mystic Arts (410217) 480280.png Costume Big Milky Ribbon Cloak (480280)
400292.png Costume Proba Angel Blessing (400292) 420242.png Costume Fluttering Haze (420242) 480311.png Costume Key to Happiness (480311)
410239.png Costume Flying Tilby (410239) 410220.png Costume Twinkling Frozen Eyes (410220) 480320.png Costume Aqua Fin Decoration (480320)
400313.png Costume Galaxy Circlet (400313) 410051.png Costume Falling Snow (410051)

41177.png Costume Love Bombs Egg (41177)
60911.png Costume Love Bombs (black) (60911) 60975.png Costume Love Bombs (orange) (60975) 60992.png Costume Love Bombs (purple) (60992)
60922.png Costume Love Bombs (blue) (60922) 60973.png Costume Love Bombs (red) (60973) 61015.png Costume Love Bombs (white) (61015)
60896.png Costume Love Bombs (cyan) (60896) 60985.png Costume Love Bombs (pink) (60985) 61022.png Costume Love Bombs (yellow) (61022)
60971.png Costume Love Bombs (green) (60971)

41180.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons Egg (41180)
60912.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons (black) (60912) 60976.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons (orange) (60976) 61003.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons (red) (61003)
60923.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons (blue) (60923) 60986.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons (pink) (60986) 61016.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons (white) (61016)
60897.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons (cyan) (60897) 60993.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons (purple) (60993) 61023.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons (yellow) (61023)
60972.png Costume Sweet Heart Balloons (green) (60972)

41170.png Costume Crazy in love Aura Egg (41170)
60908.png Costume Crazy in love Aura (black) (60908) 60974.png Costume Crazy in love Aura (orange) (60974) 60931.png Costume Crazy in love Aura (red) (60931)
60918.png Costume Crazy in love Aura (blue) (60918) 60984.png Costume Crazy in love Aura (pink) (60984) 61011.png Costume Crazy in love Aura (white) (61011)
60895.png Costume Crazy in love Aura (cyan) (60895) 60988.png Costume Crazy in love Aura (purple) (60988) 61018.png Costume Crazy in love Aura (yellow) (61018)
60967.png Costume Crazy in love Aura (green) (60967)

41171.png Costume Diamond Heart Egg (41171)
60934.png Costume Diamond Heart (black) (60934) 60937.png Costume Diamond Heart (orange) (60937) 60932.png Costume Diamond Heart (red) (60932)
60935.png Costume Diamond Heart (blue) (60935) 60938.png Costume Diamond Heart (pink) (60938) 60940.png Costume Diamond Heart (white) (60940)
60933.png Costume Diamond Heart (cyan) (60933) 60939.png Costume Diamond Heart (purple) (60939) 60941.png Costume Diamond Heart (yellow) (60941)
60936.png Costume Diamond Heart (green) (60936)

41182.png Costume Fairy Love Egg (41182)
60919.png Costume Fairy Love (blue) (60919) 60996.png Costume Fairy Love (red) (60996) 61012.png Costume Fairy Love (white) (61012)
60968.png Costume Fairy Love (green) (60968) 60943.png Costume Fairy Love (various) (60943) 61019.png Costume Fairy Love (yellow) (61019)
60989.png Costume Fairy Love (purple) (60989)