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The Spring Event

General Information

The Spring Event will be divided into 2 Parts:
Part 1 will start on the 22nd of February and end on the 28th of March, just before the Easter Event.
Part 2 will start on the 2nd of May and end on the 20th of June, just after the Easter Event.
Both Parts will feature special time-limited Costume Eggs, each part having their own special eggs.

Baker Contest

Visit our lovely baker maids and enjoy some delicious food!
Be prepared though, their masterpieces will certainly have some effects on you~

Hazel Ima Nellie Netty Rinze

Town Invasion

Oh no! Neustadt is being invaded by weird monsters! Not only are they weird-looking Porings, they also seem really obsessed with punctuality, invading the town every 4 hours!
Naturally, the citizens will hide during the invasion to avoid being hurt, so you better do your best to defend the town and its lovely people from harm!
If you fail to protect them, they will need a while to recover! (If the Town Defense fails, the NPCs will not be available for 30 Minutes afterwards!)
If you successfully defend the town, the NPCs will surely be grateful and you will even receive some additional rewards!

41195.png Spring Event Egg (41195)
ItemID: 41195
A Present for saving Neustadt.
It contains 50 Muh Coins, 10 Event Coins
and items of the following pools at random.
Additional Guaranteed Chance:
- 2x Gym Pass
- 2x Kafra Card
- 2x Level 10 Blessing Scroll
- 2x Level 10 Increase Agillity Scroll
- 2x Level 5 Assumptio Scroll
- 2x Brilliant Protection Scroll
- 2x Southern Style Roast Pork
- 2x Poring Kombucha
- 2x Monster Bread
- 2x Forbidden Monster Bread

Additional Common Chance:
- 1x Bubble Gum
- 1x Battle Manual
Additional Uncommon Chance:
- 2x Blacksmith's Blessing
- 2x Muh Voucher
Additional Rare Chance:
- Costume Psychic Aura
- Costume Meer Hair
- Costume Big Lollipop

Weight: 10

We have also introduced a leaderboard for you!
These NPCs will adopt the style of the player who scored the most hits in the last event (the one on the left) and the other one (the one on the right) who scored the highest number of hits ever during the whole event!

Costume Crafting

Interested in crafting some Spring inspired Costumes? Check out the "Researcher" and "Gardener" NPCs in Neustadt!

Part 1
(neustadt 260, 33)
Part 2
(neustadt 44, 50)
60695.png Costume Farming Hat (60695) 90079.png Costume Blade Wing (black) (90079) 90181.png Costume Mischief Wing (90181) 61139.png Costume Flames of Valhalla (61139) 61158.png Costume Golden Stars Ribbon (61158) 61246.png Costume Twin Souls Aura (61246)
60696.png Costume Farming Hat (white) (60696) 90082.png Costume Blade Wing (orange) (90082) 61142.png Costume Floral Ribbon (61142) 61183.png Costume Music Notes Hat (61183) 61259.png Costume White Flower Ribbon (61259)
60697.png Costume Farming Hat (yellow) (60697) 90085.png Costume Blade Wing (red) (90085) 90182.png Costume Mischief Wing (black) (90182) 61155.png Costume Golden Shiba (61155) 61242.png Costume Ribbon Cape (Teal) (61242) 61260.png Costume White Kitten Hairband (61260)
90078.png Costume Blade Wing (beige) (90078) 90086.png Costume Blade Wing (white) (90086) 90183.png Costume Mischief Wing (red) (90183) 61262.png Costume NAME_white_laces_cloche (61262) 90199.png Costume NAME_wingphoenix_grn (90199)
90087.png Costume Blade Wing (yellow) (90087) 90184.png Costume Mischief Wing (yellow) (90184)

Cash Shop Costumes

The Cash Shop will feature time-limited Costume Eggs during the Spring Event.

Part 1

41165.png Costume Spring Box (41165)
Common Uncommon Rare
41154.png Costume Flower Balloon Hat Box (41154) 41162.png Costume Legion Blessing Box (41162) 41157.png Costume Enchanted Wings Box (41157)
41155.png Costume Frilled Flower Band Box (41155) 41163.png Costume Legionnaire Crown Box (41163) 41158.png Costume Mythical Wings Box (41158)
41156.png Costume Frilled Flower Collar Box (41156) 41164.png Costume Blazing Plate Dragon Helm Box (41164) 41160.png Costume Spirit Aura Box (41160)
41161.png Costume Forest Fairy Box (41161) 41159.png Costume Wing Scarf Box (41159)
Choose color boxes:
41173.png Costume Flame Wings Egg (41173) 41166.png Costume Birds Blessing Egg (41166) 41172.png Costume Falling Rose Petals Egg (41172) 41176.png Costume Flower Wings Egg (41176)
41174.png Costume Floral Ring Egg (41174) 41178.png Costume Petal Dance Egg (41178) 41179.png Costume Soft Petal Wings Egg (41179)

Part 2

41214.png Costume Finally Spring Egg (41214)
Common Uncommon Rare
61143.png Costume Floral Top Hat (61143) 61028.png Costume Amanda Knives (61028) 90218.png Costume Victoria's Trident (90218)
61144.png Costume Flower Veil (61144) 61034.png Costume Dagger Aura (61034) 90248.png Costume Flower Wing (90248)
61154.png Costume Golden Hair Ornament (61154) 61135.png Costume Fairy Cat Ears (61135) 90267.png Costume Romantic Food (90267)
61156.png Costume Golden Ribbon Mitra (61156) 61138.png Costume Fine Jewelries (61138)
Choose color boxes:
41209.png Costume Butterfly Kimono Egg (41209) 41210.png Costume Lotus Flower Coat Egg (41210) 41211.png Costume Ninetailed Fox Egg (41211)
41212.png Costume PomPom Set Egg (41212) 41213.png Costume Klee Set Egg (41213)

Event Coin Costumes

If you want to spend some 25655.png Event Coin (25655) for Costumes, you will be happy to hear that "Rose" in Neustadt at (neustadt 260, 130) will sell the following Costumes for 150 25655.png Event Coin (25655) each:

Part 1 Part 2
400588.png Costume Lucky Purse (400588) 61140.png Costume Flame Fox Ears (61140)
420306.png Costume Kotatsu (420306) 61141.png Costume Flame Dragon Aura (61141)
480407.png Costume Leticia Wing (480407) 61157.png Costume Golden Ruffled Wings (61157)
410296.png Costume One Sho Bottle (410296) 61163.png Costume Happy and Charlie (61163)
410297.png Costume Blink Eyes Dragon (410297) 61186.png Costume One Sided Floral Crown (61186)

Hidden Reward Costumes

60417.png Costume Galaxy Wings (cyan) (60417) 60741.png Costume Galaxy Wings (orange) (60741)
60545.png Costume Galaxy Wings (black) (60545) 60761.png Costume Galaxy Wings (pink) (60761)
60557.png Costume Galaxy Wings (blue) (60557) 60778.png Costume Galaxy Wings (purple) (60778)
60669.png Costume Galaxy Wings (light blue) (60669) 60795.png Costume Galaxy Wings (red) (60795)
60675.png Costume Galaxy Wings (green) (60675) 60867.png Costume Galaxy Wings (yellow) (60867)
60689.png Costume Galaxy Wings (gray) (60689)