Kill Quests and Item Collection Boards

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To accept a kill quest or item collection quest, you must be part of the Eden Group. Talk to Secretary Lime Evenor and join the Eden Group.


  • All Eden Quests have a day cooldown which resets at 4:00 AM server time.
  • Players can take lower level quests past the board's range. Example, a level 60 character can take quests from Lv 1~30 board.
  • All Tables are formatted to their NPC dialogue option order. For example, if you want to take the 10x Ambernite quest from the 1~39 board NPC, then it is Option 2 (Prontera Fields) then Option 3 (10x Ambernite).

Eden Machine

You can spend your Eden Coins on items at the Eden Machine in Eden.


Level 1 ~ 39

Map Level Task
Payon Fields 1 5x Willows

3x 1068.png Barren Trunk (1068)

15 5x Boa
5x Wormtail
10x Spore
Prontera Fields 10 10x Hornet
10x Rocker
10x Ambernite
Payon Dungeon 15 10x Zombie

20x Skeleton

Morroc Fields 20 10x Muka

20x Pecopeco

Comodo Dungeon 30 10x Tharafrog

10x 918.png Sticky Webfoot (918)

10x Hydra

5x 962.png Tentacle (962)

10x Megalodon

Level 40 ~ 69

Map Level Task
Shipwreck 40 20x Pirate Skeleton
10x Kukre
10x Hydra

10x 932.png Skel-Bone (932)

10x 955.png Worm Peeling (955)

5x 962.png Tentacle (962)

10x Whisper

1x Swift Pirate Skeleton

Lighthouse 40 10x Aster

10x Crab

10x Shellfish

5x 966.png Clam Flesh (966)

Orc Village 40 20x Orc Skeleton

20x Orc Zombie

20x Zenorc
15x Orc Warrior

15x Orc Lady

15x Orc Baby

10x Goblin Axe

10x Goblin Chain

10x Goblin Dagger

10x Goblin Hammer

50 10x Goblin Archer

10x Goblin Mace

Izlude Dungeon 40 10x Magnolia

10x Metaller

10x Marina

10x Planktion

10x 1052.png Single Cell (1052)

10x Vadon

5x 960.png Nipper (960)

50 10x Swordfish

10x Marc

20x Marse

10x 1024.png Squid Ink (1024)

10x Obenaue

1x 950.png Heart of Mermaid (950)

10x Strouf

10x Merman

Morroc 40 10x Mummy

1x 934.png Memento (934)

50 10x Verit

10x Minorous

60 20x Isis
15x Zerom

15x Requiem

15x Marduk

15x Pasana

10x 25073.png Old Papyrus (25073)

50 10x Sandman

5x 1056.png Grit (1056)

Payon Dungeon 50 15x Munak

15x Bongun

15x 609.png Amulet (609)

12x Sohee

3x 1049.png Skirt of Virgin (1049)

Geffen Dungeon 55 10x Hunter Fly
10x Ghoul

10x Jakk

Comodo 60 10x Seal

10x Seal-Otter

10x Stalactic Golem

5x Trijoint

5x Megalith

15x Grove

10x Alligator

Level 70 ~ 99

Map Level Task
Yuno 70 15x Harpy

15x Sleeper

10x 7107.png Antelope Skin (7107)

10x 7101.png PecoPeco Feather (7101)

20x Goat

20x Grand Peco

Clock Tower 70 20x Rideword

15x Punk

80 15x Clock
20x Alarm
20x Bathory
Glast Heim 70 15x Wraith

15x Evil Druid

85 10x Zombie Prisoner

10x Skeleton Prisoner

20x Injustice
90 10x Dark Priest

1x Furious Dark Priest

10x Rybio
Geffen 75 10x Sky Petite
10x Ground Petite
80 10x Marionette

10x Deviruchi

10x Nightmare
Einbroch 80 20x Metaling

10x Holden

20x Noxious
20x Venomous
15x Teddy Bear
85 20x Pitman
15x Waste Stove
15x Mineral

5x Obsidian

Lighthalzen 80 20x Rafflesia
20x Stem Worm
20x Breeze
Turtle Island 90 10x Dragon Tail

10x Spring Rabbit

10x Soldier

10x Permeter

10x Freezer

10x Heater

10x Assaulter
Ayothaya 70 20x Tamruan
Brasilis 70 20x Toucan
80 20x Headless Mule
Moscovia 80 20x Uzhas
20x Baba Yaga
Louyang 80 20x Increase Soil
15x Hyegun

15x Jing Guai

Amatsu 80 20x Miyabi
20x Antique Firelock
90 20x Shinobi
Gonryun 90 20x Wicked Nymph
20x Enchanted Peach Tree
20x Evil Cloud Hermit
Other 70 10x Geographer

10x Mantis

80 10x Red Novus

10x Yellow Novus

90 30x Roween
30x Siroma
30x Stapo

Level 100 ~ 110

Map Level Task
Nogg Road 100 30x Nightmare Terror
30x Ground Deleter

30x Sky Deleter

10x 7096.png Lava (7096)
Glast Heim 100 30x Carat
30x Arclouse
30x Anolian
30x Sting
30x Majorous
110 30x Raydric
30x Khalitzburg
30x Wanderer
10x Abysmal Knight
New World 100 30x Pinguicula
30x Luciola Vespa
1x Tendrillion
110 30x Dark Pinguicula
30x Nepenthes
30x Naga
30x Cornus
20x Centipede Larva
20x 6023.png Mystic Horn (6023)
Rachel Veins 100 20x Kobold Axe

20x Kobold Hammer

20x Kobold Mace

30x Hill Wind
30x Desert Wolf
20x 1034.png Blue Hair (1034)
30x Muscipular

30x Drosera

30x Magmaring
20x 7561.png Glacial Heart (7561)
30x Snowier
30x Ice Titan

10x Gazeti

Thanatos Tower 110 30x Ancient Mimic
30x Deathword
20x Owl Baron
10x 7449.png Bloody Page (7449)
30x 7099.png Worn-out Magic Scroll (7099)
30x 7071.png Tattered Clothes (7071)
Juperos 110 20x Orange Venatu

20x Green Venatu

20x Red Venatu

20x Blue Venatu

10x Blue Dimik

10x Orange Dimik

10x Green Dimik

10x Red Dimik

Level 120 ~ 140

Map Level Task
Odin's Temple 120 20x Skogul
20x Frus
5x Skeggiold (blue)

5x Skeggiold (brown)

Abyss Lake 120 30x Green Ferus

30x Red Ferus

30x Yellow Acidus

30x Blue Acidus

1x Hydrolancer
Thanatos 120 30x Baroness of Retribution
30x Lady Solace
30x Mistress of Shelter
30x Dame of Sentinel
New World 120 30x Centipede
30x Tatacho
130 30x Dolomedes
30x Horn Scaraba (spear)
30x Horn Scaraba (dagger)
30x Antler Scaraba
30x Rake Scaraba
140 15x Fire Condor

15x Fire Frilldora

15x Fire Sandman

15x Fire Golem

Nameless Island 120 30x Ragged Zombie

30x Zombie Slaughter

30x Banshee
20x Necromancer
Rachel Sanctuary 120 20x Vanberk

20x Isilla

30x Hodremlin
20x Agav

20x Echio

Biolab 130 30x Egnigem Cenia
30x Armeyer Dinze
30x Wickebine Tres
30x Kavach Icarus
30x Errende Ebecee
30x Laurell Weinder
140 2x Cecil Damon
2x Kathryne Keyron
2x Margaretha Sorin
2x Seyren WIndsor
2x Eremes Guile
2x Howard Alt-Eisen
Dimensional Crack 140 30x Incarnation of Morroc (Valkyrie)
30x Incarnation of Morroc (Mud)
30x Incarnation of Morroc (Excorcist)
30x Incarnation of Morroc (Ghost)
Other 120 5x Incubus

5x Succubus

130 20x Miming
20x Little Fatum

Level 130 ~ 190

Map Level Task
ecl_fild01 130 60x Monsters
ba_bath 60x Monsters
ba_lib 60x Monsters
ba_pw02 60x Monsters
ba_pw01 60x Monsters
lasa_dun02 60x Monsters
ecl_tdun01 140 30x Cenere

30x Antique Book

lasa_dun03 120x Monsters
prt_prison 120x Monsters
prt_q 120x Monsters
rockmi1 120x Monsters
gl_cas02_ 150 30x Wanderer (Nightmare)
un_bunker 30x Smelly Zombie
verus01 20x Repair Robot Turbo

30x Green Cenere

ba_lost 160x Monsters
c_tower3_ 160 50x Big Bell
sp_rudus2 80x Monsters
ver_eju 50x Recon Robot


40x Exploration Rover

40x Exploration Rover Turbo

ba_2whs01 170 160x Monsters
sp_rudus3 160x Monsters
mag_dun03 175 160x Monsters
ba_2whs02 180 160x Monsters
gl_cas01_ 160x Monsters
gw_fild01 80x Monsters
ein_dun03 160x Monsters
odin_past 240x Monsters
abyss_04 190 240x Monsters
ba_pw03 240x Monsters

Item Collection

Board Level Task
Lv 1 ~ 30 1 30x 914.png Fluff (914)
10 30x 918.png Sticky Webfoot (918)
15 30x 940.png Grasshopper's Leg (940)
20 30x 946.png Snail's Shell (946)
25 30x 925.png Bill of Birds (925)
30 30x 948.png Bear's Footskin (948)
Lv 35 ~ 55 35 30x 604.png Dead Branch (604)
40 30x 942.png Yoyo Tail (942)
45 30x 1041.png Lantern (1041)
50 30x 961.png Conch (961)
55 30x 950.png Heart of Mermaid (950)
Lv 60 ~ 80 60 30x 1028.png Mane (1028)
65 30x 1020.png Black Hair (1020)
70 30x 944.png Horseshoe (944)
75 30x 1042.png Bug Leg (1042)
80 30x 7124.png Sand Clump (7124)
Lv 85 ~ 100 85 30x 7264.png Dry Sand (7264)
90 30x 967.png Turtle Shell (967)
95 30x 1038.png Little Evil Horn (1038)
100 30x 7561.png Glacial Heart (7561)

Champion Mob Hunting

Area Level Champion Map
Rune Midgard


10 Elusive Hornet prt_fild05
10 Elusive Rocker prt_fild07
20 Elusive Ambernite prt_fild04
20 Ring Leader Muka moc_fild01
20 Ring Leader Bigfoot pay_fild07
30 Solid Horn pay_fild09
30 Swift Elder Willow pay_fild10
30 Solid Coco gef_fild02
30 Swift Yoyo prt_fild03
40 Elusive Magnolia prt_fild09
Rune Midgard Central 40 Furious Orc Warrior gef_fild10
40 Swift Goblin (Knife) gef_fild11
40 Elusive Goblin (Knife) prt_fild11
75 Swift Ground Petite gef_fild08
75 Solid Ground Petite gef_fild06
100 Elusive Carat gl_cas01
100 Furious Majorous gl_dun02
110 Solid Raydric gl_knt01
110 Swift Raydric gl_knt02
110 Furious Wanderer gl_cas02
Rune Midgard West 50 Furious Sandman moc_fild16
60 Swift Seal cmd_fild02
60 Elusive Grove cmd_fild01
60 Solid Alligator cmd_fild03
60 Furious Wootan Fighter um_fild02
60 Swift Dryad um_fild01
120 Swift Zombie Slaughter abbey02
120 Swift Banshee abbey01
120 Ring Leader Necromancer abbey03
Schwarzwald Fields 40 Swift Shellfish hu_fild06
70 Solid Geographer yuno_fild01
70 Ring Leader Grand Peco yuno_fild08
70 Ring Leader Goat yuno_fild07
70 Swift Sleeper yuno_fild02
60 Swift Stem Worm lhz_fild02
80 Solid Holden ein_fild06
80 Swift Rafflesia lhz_fild01
80 Ring Leader Venomous ein_fild04
80 Furious Noxious ein_fild05
80 Red Novus hu_fild05
Schwarzwald Dungeons 100 Furious Nightmare Terror mag_dun01
110 Ring Leader Ancient Mimic tha_t02
110 Solid Deathword tha_t04
110 Furious Venatu juperos_01
110 Swift Dimik jupe_core
120 Furious Ferus (Green) abyss_01
120 Solid Acidus (Blue) abyss_03
120 Elusive Solace tha_t09
120 Ring Leader Dame of Sentinel tha_t12
130 Ring Leader Laurell Weinder lhz_dun02
140 Solid Cecil Damon lhz_dun03
Arunafeltz Region 90 Solid Roween ra_fild12
90 Ring Leader Stapo ve_fild07
100 Swift Hill Wind ra_fild03
100 Solid Kobold (Axe) ra_fild05
100 Swift Kobold Archer ra_fild06
100 Solid Snowier ice_dun02
100 Swift Ice Titan ice_dun03
120 Ring Leader Isilla ra_san02
120 Ring Leader Echio ra_san04
120 Swift Agav ra_san05
Global Region 20 Furious Smokie ayo_fild01
50 Ring Leader Dumpling Child gon_fild01
70 Furious Toucan bra_fild01
70 Solid Side Winder mosk_fild02
70 Swift Karakasa ama_fild01
80 Elusive Increased Soil lou_fild01
100 Elusive Luciola Vespa spl_fild03
110 Solid Dark Pinguicula spl_fild01
120 Swift Centipede dic_fild01
130 Ring Leader Dolomedes dic_fild02
130 Elusive Antler Scaraba dic_dun02
130 Ring Leader Miming bif_fild01
130 Furious Little Fatum bif_fild02