Happy Hour

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Happy Hour is an event where all mobs gets a EXP/item drop rate boost of 50% as well as dropping cash shop items. These boosts are stackable with Battle Manuals and Bubble Gum.

Every hour, 5 random fields or dungeons will occur during these hour. To find out which ones in case you missed it. You can check at Happy Maid (neustadt 113, 133) and she'll give you the navi to those fields and dungeons.

If you found any field that has no mobs on the field or unfarmable. File a report.

The following times happy hour occurs at these hours in server time:
The following items can be dropped during Happy Hour. NOTE: They are autolooted in your inventory whenever they're dropped.

Additionally Treasure Chests may spawn randomly on the map whenever monsters on these maps are defeated.
Note: Chance for extra items and Treasure Chests depend on the map's monster density (less density = higher chance)