Easter Event 2023

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Hello and welcome to our Easter Event!

Talk to our Lunatic in Prontera (prontera 161, 178) to join our Easter Event Map!

Our colorful Lunatics and the MVP drop certain items that you need for costume crafting.

Furthermore, our Lunatics can drop an 22571.png  Easter Egg (22571) , which contains the following items:
* Common: 50000.png  Muh Coin (50000) , 50033.png  Shadow (50033) , 25731.png  Zelunium (25731) , 25729.png  Shadowdecon (25729) , 616.png  Old Card Album (616) , 25655.png  Event Coin (25655) 
* Uncommon: 12210.png  Bubble Gum (12210) , 12208.png  Battle Manual (12208) , 6635.png  Blacksmith's Blessing (6635) , 50001.png  Forgotten Heirloom (50001) , 12246.png  Mystical Card Album (12246) 
* Rare: 480111.png  Costume Flower Wing (480111) , 480071.png  Costume Vial (480071) , 480069.png  Costume Heavenly Angel Wings (480069) , 41055.png  Costume Side Roll Pony Box (41055) 

Whenever King Rabbit is defeated a chest will appear and reward everyone on the map.
You just have to click on the chest. It stays for 2 minutes.

Additionally Happy & Strange Eggs spawn all around the world.
These Eggs also spawn randomly with time.
Each time Eggs spawn, there will be an announcement telling where they spawned.
There will be another announcement whenever the last egg on a map is destroyed.
There's a strange chicken in the Bunny Land that might also help in finding these eggs.
You can use the command @eggradar (@er) to check how many eggs are present on your current map.
They drop a 22571.png Easter Egg (22571) and items you need for costume crafting.

Crafting Headgears

Remi will help you to craft those costumes.

Item Recipe
410029.png Costume Wonder Egg Basket (410029) 1x 20104.png Costume Picky Egg Shell (20104) , 100x 6540.png Golden Leaf (6540) , 50x 7576.png Blue Jewel (7576) , 50x 25084.png Captured Rabbit (25084) , 20x 1069.png Orange Net Mushroom (1069) , 10x 706.png Four Leaf Clover (706)
410063.png Costume Cherry Ribbon (410063) 1x 20182.png Costume Rainbow Eggshell (20182) , 100x 949.png Feather (949) , 5x 25147.png Well Eaten Rabbit Doll (25147) , 50x 7771.png Lotus Leaf (7771) , 20x 1070.png Orange Gooey Mushroom (1070) , 10x 25295.png Happy Three Leaf Clover (25295)
15881.png Costume Rose Crispinette (15881) 1x 31197.png Costume Egg Crispinette (31197) , 100x 7878.png Lusalka's Hair (7878) , 50x 6996.png Rabbit Doll (6996) , 50x 7915.png Bronze Coin (7915) , 10x 25247.png Purple ore (25247) , 10x 25637.png Leaf-like Hair (25637)
400253.png Costume Macaron Bunny Headdress (400253) 1x 31465.png Costume Robin Egg Minihat (31465) , 100x 914.png Fluff (914) , 5x 6903.png King Earthworm (6903) , 50x 25295.png Happy Three Leaf Clover (25295) , 20x 25260.png Purple Ore Fragment (25260) , 10x 25084.png Captured Rabbit (25084)

Last year costumes

The costumes from last year easter event can be now obtained for 150x 25655.png Event Coin (25655) at Mila.
Mila is located in our main office at (main_office 86, 290).

19652.png Costume Rabbit Magic Hat (19652) 31715.png Costume Orange Rabbit (31715)
31817.png Costume Rabbit Two Side Up (31817) 40010.png Costume Giant White Rabbit (40010)