Christmas Event 2023

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Welcome to our Christmas event. You can expect fun and lots of gifts!

First of all we would like to thank you for playing on our server.
It gives us great pleasure when our work is recognized in this server.
Therefore we would like to thank you.
Our Christmas event this year consists of several small activities.
Everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to do everything or just a part:

  • Play a card game with Santa
  • Hunting Presents
  • Create items
  • Craft Costumes

There is something for everybody!
We wish you a lot of fun and a wonderful Christmas time!

Play card game with Santa

Talk to Santa Claus in one of the following cities:

  • Payon: (payon 171, 109)
  • Prontera: (prontera 156, 285)
  • Alberta: (alberta 117, 66)
  • Geffen: (geffen 119, 70)
  • Morroc: (morroc 158, 104)

Card Game
If you ask Santa about Gift Boxes, he will play a game with you where you must guess 3 out of 5 randomly drawn cards correctly to receive a gift.
Can only be done once per hour per character.
Rewards: 1x 25252.png Sprig of Holly (25252) + 3x 25655.png Event Coin (25655) + random:


On the fields you will meet a few christmas mobs:

  • prt_fild00 ~ prt_fild11
  • pay_fild01 ~ pay_fild11
  • gef_fild00 ~ gef_fild14
  • xmas_fild01

Every christmas monster has a high chance to drop 7034.png Red Stocking (7034) and some other stuff, which could be useful.
They also drop 25655.png Event Coin (25655) .

Christmas Jakk (1244)
Christmas Goblin (1245)
Christmas Cookie (1246)
12739.png Snow Flower (12739) 7174.png Wrapping Lace (7174) 7175.png Wrapping Paper (7175) 2502.png Hood [1] (2502)
Christmas Snow Rabbit (2210)
Antonio (1247)
7630.png Clean Beach Broom (7630) and 6433.png Cleaning Brush (6433) 12739.png Snow Flower (12739) , 12132.png Santa's Bag (12132) and 12354.png Buche De Noel (12354)

Angelina and Krampus

There is a 20% probability that these mobs will drop a 100332.png Stolen Present (100332) .
Five of those boxes can be traded for one 41048.png Xmas Present Box (41048) or one 101070.png Evil Box (101070) .
For trade talk to Angelina or Krampus. You can decide, both offers different rewards.

We wish you a lot of fun collecting gifts!

Creation Guide

12132.png Santa's Bag (12132)

Speak to Louise Kim (lutie 89, 92) in Santa's house (xmas 142, 237).

She requires the following items to make a Louise Costume Box:

2784.png Christmas Music Box (2784) and 12354.png Buche De Noel (12354)

  1. Speak with Caroller (prontera 226, 306) in front of Prontera Church and select Carols.
  2. She asks you to bring her 6x 6092.png Piece of Singing Crystal (6092) .
  3. After returning with the Fragments, Carolling then asks you to bring:
  4. Talk to her again after collecting the items to receive a 2784.png Christmas Music Box (2784) and a 12354.png Buche De Noel (12354) .
  5. The 2784.png Christmas Music Box (2784) is an Accessory which enables use of the Christmas Carol skill when equipped.
    The skill plays the first part of the song "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

You can repeat this part of quest, but you will receive only a 12354.png Buche De Noel (12354) for exchange of 6x 6092.png Piece of Singing Crystal (6092) .


Christmas without Costume? Not with us!
Talk to Muh Claus (Lutie) when you have collected all the items to exchange them for your desired costume.

These are all the necessary NPCs you need, more you will learn if you take the time and talk to them a bit.
They also reward you with 3x 25655.png Event Coin (25655) .

31550.png Costume Tone of Gold (Mid) (31550) 31810.png Costume Angel Hairband (blue) (31810) 31939.png Costume Carnation Corolla (31939)
20112.png Costume Aqua Ten Gallon Hat (20112) 20384.png Costume Douce Tiara (20384) 31376.png Costume Ancient Dragon Coronet (Purple) (31376)
31582.png Costume Ancient Dragon Coronet (31582) 31373.png Costume Crown of Ancient king (31373) 31293.png Costume Crown of Ancient King (Purple) (31293)
31765.png Costume Garnet Tiara (31765) 31807.png Costume Cyber Peacock (31807) 19990.png Costume Rabbit Knit Hat (19990)

Last year costumes

The costumes from last year christmas can be now obtained for 150x 25655.png Event Coin (25655) at Luni.
Luni is located in our main office at (main_office 76, 313).

2021 2022
15876.png Xmas Angel (15876) 31923.png Costume Baby Polar Bear (31923) 19681.png Costume Silver Tiara (19681) 31437.png Costume Baby Penguin (31437) 18553.png Christmas Tree Hat (18553)
31798.png Costume Baby Panda (31798) 420067.png Costume Rabbit Ribbon Twintail (420067) 31620.png Costume Magic Successor (31620) 400232.png Costume Crushed Snowman (400232) 31813.png Costume Shouldered Lunatic (31813)
410054.png Costume Long Ribbon (410054) 31055.png Costume Poring Soap Pipe (31055) 31533.png Costume Warm Cat Muffler (31533) 20032.png Costume Firinto Scarf (20032) 31132.png Costume Christmas Wreath (31132)

Cash Shop

41120.png Costume Arch Bishop Wings Box (41120) 41121.png Costume Angel Wing Heart Box (41121) 41123.png Costume Bear Cap Box (41123) 41124.png Costume Frozen Wings Box (41124)
41126.png Costume Sparkly Xmas Cloak Box (41126) 41127.png Costume Neko Santa Hat Box (41127) 41129.png Costume Side Bell Ribbon Box (41129) 41130.png Costume Gentle Snow Box (41130)
41132.png Costume Sweet Balloon Hat Box (41132) 41133.png Costume Wool Scarf Box (41133)