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Welcome, participants, to the battlegrounds of intense combat and unparalleled excitement. Here, we offer a unique avenue to immerse yourself in the thrill of skillful gameplay management. Test the limits of your abilities, strategize with precision, and unleash your might upon your adversaries. Join us in this adrenaline-fueled arena, where every move counts and every decision shapes the course of battle. With your prowess and determination, you have the opportunity to emerge as the hero, leading us to glorious victory. Come forth and embark on this epic journey with us. Victory awaits, and together, we shall conquer the battlegrounds!

Battlegrounds Modes

Eight distinct battleground modes await your conquest, each presenting its own unique set of challenges and mechanics to overcome. Within these modes lie individualized quests, tailored to test your prowess and adaptability on the battlefield. Prepare to immerse yourself in a diverse array of strategic encounters as you navigate through these dynamic battlegrounds, each offering a thrilling journey towards victory.

Battleground modes will rotate each 2 minutes as long as no Battleground match is running

  • Team Death Match: First team to have X deaths loses
  • Double Inferno: First team to deliver X skulls (from kills) wins
  • Domination: 3 controllable points which provide winning points, first team to reach X points wins
  • Capture the Flag: Bring enemy flag to your base without losing your flag, first team to do this X times wins
  • Stone Control: Up 6 stones to be brought to your base to gain points, first team to reach X points, wins
  • Rush: Take castle emp and def it for X minutes. Def teams wins on time or other team wins on retaking the emp
  • Conquest: One Team Emp defender, one Team attacker. Def teams wins on time or other team wins on taking the emp
  • Bossnia: Each team got a boss in base. Team which kills flag in the middle makes other teams boss vulnerable. First team to kill enemy boss X times wins

Battleground Happy Hour

While the battleground is accessible at any time, many participants eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Battleground Happy Hour. This special period is favored for its doubled rewards in Hero's Badges (7773) compared to standard hours. It's during this time that enthusiasts flock to seize the heightened benefits. Each gameplay mode offers varying quantities of badges based on the completion of distinct quests, adding an extra layer of strategy to the pursuit of victory.

  • 6x a day there will be happy hour for one hour: double rewards during this time
Happy Hour Times
BG Server Time Notes Reason
1 03:30
2 07:30 Except saturdays
  • WoE SE at Sat 07:00
3 11:30
4 15:30 Except saturdays and sundays
  • WoE TE at Sat 16:00
  • WoE SE at Sun 17:00
5 19:30
6 23:30

Click on this link if you want to see the discord message version with your local timezone listed.


  • Character Level / Class, Equipment, Skills, Items, Pet, Reduction same as in WoE SE
  • ⛔️ you are not allowed to join with more than one account
  • ⛔️ if you are afk in BG, you will be flagged afk after 30 seconds and kicked automatically after 60 seconds
  • ⛔️ if you leave / get kicked from BG before end, you will be blocked for 4 minutes from joining again

Adjusted Skills

Last Updated: Patch Notes #112


  • 2477.png Cart Cannon will deal -50% Damage

Guillotine Cross

  • 2022.png Cross Impact will deal -40% damage and have 0.7sec Cooldown
  • 379.png Soul Destroyer will deal -25% damage


  • 2261.png Arm Cannon will deal -45% damage and have 11-cells Range


  • 2236.png Aimed Bolt will deal -50% damage
  • 382.png Sharp Shooting will deal -30% damage

Rune Knight

  • 2002.png Sonic Wave will deal -33% Damage
  • 2006.png Ignition Break will deal -25% Damage
  • 2008.png Dragon Breath will deal -50% Damage
  • 5004.png Dragon Breath Water will deal -70% Damage

Shadow Chaser

  • 2299.png Manhole releases its target the moment it gets removed by other skill


  • 2453.png Extreme Vacuum releases its target the moment it gets removed by other skill
  • 2447.png Diamond Dust Cooldown can not be reduced below 4 seconds

Star Emperor

  • 435.png Anger of The Sun, 436.png Anger of The Moon and 437.png Anger of The Star's damage boost will be reduced by about 86%
  • 2592.png Solar Burst will now deal -55% damage, the AoE splash damage will be reduced by additional -50%


  • 5033.png Picky Peck will deal +25% damage


  • 401.png Dangerous Soul Collect (Zen) will now have minimum 0.2s fixed casting time (irreducible from any source)
  • 2343.png Gate of Hell will no longer ignore Range Attack Resistance
  • Swapping Weapon will put 2343.png Gate of Hell on 0.5s cooldown
  • 2334.png Cursed Circle can now be dispelled (all targets will be freed instantly)
  • 2330.png Tiger Cannon will deal -50% damage and will deal increased damage to combo target only (other targets will receive base damage)

Wanderer / Minstrel

  • 2413.png Metallic Sound will deal -40% damage
  • 2414.png Reverberation will deal +40% damage


  • 2213.png Comet will deal -70% damage

Magical Intoxication status decreases the resistances against all elemental attacks by 5% for 20 seconds.

  • 2214.png Chain Lightning will deal -40% damage

Casting Chain Lightning on targets which are in white imprison will now fail (Chains still work)

  • 2202.png Soul Expansion will deal -50% damage

⚠️Skill adjustments will be continuously monitored and evaluated based on gameplay dynamics to ensure a balanced and satisfying experience for all participants.

Disabled Skills
26.png Teleport 27.png Warp Portal 87.png Ice Wall 150.png Back Slide
219.png Intimidate (Snatch) 336.png I miss you 361.png Assumptio 462.png Kaizel
395.png Moonlit Water Mill (Sheltering Bliss) 409.png Mom, Dad, I miss you! 410.png Come to me, honey~ 491.png Plant Cultivation
530.png Shadow Slash 2300.png Dimension Door 5063.png We are with You 2537.png Power of Odin
2451.png Striking 2453.png Extreme Vacuum


New commands for everyone:

  • @listenbg added to Settings NPC: command will toggle BG related announcements (0 = on, 1 = off, 2 = on only during Happy Hour)
  • @joinbg
  • @bgrank show player BG ranking (you earn BG fame by fullfilling objectives of BGs)

Commands for BG team leaders:

  • @guildskill / @guildskillinfo - you can also use guild skills via guild menu in BG
  • @order - send message to your team
  • @reportafk to report/kick afk players after the have been flagged afk
  • @leader assign another player as team leader


The top ranked player in Battlegrounds is now displayed in Neustadt (neustadt 182, 141) next to the top ranked player for WoE TE and WoE SE.

The NPCs in Neustadt will wear the same costumes and styles as the players.

To view the leaderboard and your current rank use the @bgrank command. You can earn fame by completing battleground objectives.

Check Stats

Did you know? You can easily view someone's battleground or War of Emperium (WoE) achievements by right-clicking on their character and selecting 'Check Equipment'. A pop-up window will appear with three selection options. Choose 'Battleground Stats', and their achievements will promptly appear in your chat box, providing comprehensive information regarding their performance in these intense battles.


Notes for future patches:

  • ⚠️ Statistics are being collected, display on homepage will be available soon

Gameplay & Preparation

Stats Boost

As you step into this arena, each participant is bestowed with the coveted "BG Powerup," a potent enhancement granting a significant boost of +30 to all stats along with the invaluable Guyak effect.

Additional Buffs

In the vast array of diverse builds, there may arise occasions where a particular buff crucial to your strategy is absent. Fear not, for a solution awaits at the Master of Buffs. Here, amidst the myriad options, you are empowered to select a singular enhancement to complement your battle tactics. Approach the Master and claim the revered Hero's Heirloom, granting you the boon necessary to bolster your arsenal and confront any challenge that dares to stand in your path.

⚠️The availability of buff selection options will vary depending on the gameplay, dynamically adjusting to add or remove buffs as necessary to maintain balance within the battle.


Ensure you're equipped with all the essentials before stepping onto the battlefield. Potions, gems, and other necessary items are vital for your success, so come prepared. Once you're in the arena, there's no turning back to replenish your supplies. Speak with Telma, who offers two options: Battlegrounds supplies or War of Emperium (WoE) supplies. Whichever path you choose, both options require the esteemed War Badge (7773), earned through your valiant efforts in battle.

⚠️Additional consumables may be introduced based on your feedback, ensuring a responsive and enriching gameplay experience.


Participants in the battlegrounds have the opportunity to select their rewards based on the accumulation of Hero's Badges earned through battle. Upon collecting these badges, you'll be presented with two enticing options: acquire Materials essential for your endeavors or opt for relics, granting access to iconic Costumes. The choice is yours, paving the way for personalized rewards tailored to your preferences and aspirations.

⚠️Further materials and costumes could potentially be incorporated based on your valuable feedback, enriching the customization options available to you.

Should you find yourself in need of gear such as weapons, armor, accessories, and other battlefield essentials, seek out Erundek. Utilizing the esteemed currency of Hero's Badges, you'll have the opportunity to handpick your desired provisions to enhance your combat capabilities. Whether it's equipping yourself for the rigors of battle or seeking additional boosts to fortify your strengths, Erundek stands ready to assist you in your quest for victory. In the Main Office Basement, you can open your personal training room with the NPC Gatekeeper.
(main_office:105 188, )

In the training room you can test different builds against different monster settings.
You also have the opportunity to prepare for WoE and make various settings.