Bakonawa Lake

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Entrance Quest

Part 1: Cautious Village

Before you start, make sure you have 6 717.png Blue Gemstone (717) and 6 523.png Holy Water (523) in your inventory!

  1. Talk to Phong in Mumbaki (malaya 185, 358). Choose any of the options.
  2. Talk to Old Man Nardo (malaya 181, 353).
  3. Talk to Talah (malaya 223, 267) and Romel next to her.
  4. Talk to Blacksmith Pandoi (malaya 119, 217).
  5. Talk to Collection Dealer Weapon (malaya 295, 171).
  6. Talk to Pedro the Sailor (malaya 326, 68). Choose Sure and whichever you want.
  7. Return to Phong in Mumbaki (malaya 185, 358). Choose Explain what happened and Holy Water.
  8. Deliver the items to the 6 people you talked with.
  9. Return to Phong in Mumbaki and you are done.

Part 2: Access to Bakonawa Lake (Quest Base Level 120+ / Instance Base Level 140+)

  • 1 day cooldown
  1. In Port Malaya, speak with the Village Chief (malaya 283, 265) at the park and select "I'm on my way".
    • He is undecided whether to fight Bakonawa or to calm it by sacrificing a gift because of it's threat.
    • He heard that the belongings of the missing people are found at Baryo Mahiwaga.
    • He tells the you that Tiyanaks carries those belongings and asks the you to retrieve 2 6520.png Lost Belongings (6520) from Tiyanak and take them to the Missing Person's Father.
    • Each time a Tiyanak is killed, there's a chance of Lost Belongings automatically being added to the player's inventory. They are account bound. It is recommended to hunt them one time. Total Lost Belongings that will be consumed are 17 pcs.
  2. Speak with the Missing Person's Father (malaya 270, 267) and he tells the player that the lost belongings belong to . He then asks the player to get 7 6520.png Lost Belongings (6520) and bring them to the Missing Person's Friend.
  3. Bring them to the Missing Person's Friend (malaya 266, 274) and he tells you that those are the marbles and toys he gave him and asks where is his friend.
    • He asks you to get 3 6520.png Lost Belongings (6520) and deliver them to the Missing Person's Son.
  4. Deliver the lost belongings to the Missing Person's Son (malaya 269, 278) and he tells you that is his father's clothes and shoes.
    • He asks you to bring 5 6520.png Lost Belongings (6520) to the Missing Person's Mother.
  5. Bring them to Missing Person's Mother (malaya 266, 284) and she'll tell you that it's her child's hair comb. Return to the Village Chief.
  6. The Village Chief concludes that all the missing people were killed by the Bakonawa.
    • He tells you to get rid of it by yourselves. However, it seems that it could be no longer possible to handle rituals to calm the Bakonawa.
    • He tells the you that the Young Fortune Teller seeks for their help.
    • He will give you 5 12700.png Inside-out Shirt (12700) .
  7. Speak with the Young Fortune Teller (malaya 289, 364).
    • She tells you that the energy of the moon is growing weaker the past days and that is the reason why evil spirits are increasing in numbers.
    • She tells you that she is holding a ritual to restore the moon's energy.
    • To be able to that, she needs to sacrifice a monster's blood. She asks you to hunt 15 Tikbalang.
  8. After killing Tikbalangs, return to her and she'll give you 7 12699.png Tikbalang Harness (12699) .
  9. Speak with the Village Chief again. He tells the you that he never know when the Bakonawa will attack the village. In preparation, he asks you to help set traps near the village & lake entrance.
    • Just walk near these NPC's and a dialog will pop-out. Set the traps in the following order.
First: Gruffy Worker Second: Grumpy Worker Third: Cowardly Worker Forth: Gloomy Worker Five: Sentimental Worker
(ma_fild01 54, 253) (ma_fild01 236, 119) (ma_scene01 177, 89) (ma_scene01 141, 118) (ma_scene01 175, 170)
  1. After setting all the traps you decide to return to the Village Chief. He thanks and rewards you with 7 6497.png Lesser Agimat (6497) , EXP & Job EXP.

Bakonawa Extermination

Once you enter the instance, do not leave as the NPC will not let you back in.

Now that you've finished setting all the traps. You now have authorization to enter Bakonawa's Lair. A strong party is recommended. To proceed further, speak with Taho inside the cave to book an instance dungeon.

Once inside the instance, speak to Taho once your party is buffed and ready to go. Tell him you are ready and he will summon Bakonawa.

Phase 1:

Bakonawa appears inside the lake. In this phase, Meteor Storms shower down, but other than that very few skills are used and it should be easy to defeat him. There is a 10 minute time limit for this Phase.

Phase 2:

When he is defeated, he will move further into the lake and try to swallow the moon. You must make noise by defeating the 4 Instruments that appear. These are plant type, meaning they take only one damage per hit, and seem to have around 200 HP (forgot to Sense). While you are attacking these, Meteor Storms will continue raining down on your party. There is a 5 minute time limit for this Phase.

Phase 3:

Enraged Bakonawa appears near the lake again and you must defeat him. As before, Meteor Storms rain down, but he now uses other skills such as Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion and Break Weapon. As he grows weaker, waves of minions will be summoned every two minutes, about 15 each wave. These are stronger than the normal monsters around Malaya.

Meteors often continue to rain down until it is broken, so bring a just-in-case 6293.png  Token of Siegfried (6293) . When he dies, a Treasure Box is spawned to the south of the lake that contains following loot:

Note: Do NOT Butterfly Wing out of the Instance! Instead, talk to the NPC near where you spawned in to receive 7 6499.png Ancient Grudge (6499) .

Bakonawa/Bangungot/Buwaya Equipment

Item Description Obtainable by: Required items:
2910.png Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo (2910) ItemID: 2910
Agimat Tattoo with a dragon swallowing the moon pattern. It is told that the one who owns this tattoo will possess extreme power.
Increases Attack Speed by 10%.
Increases physical damage against all classes by 7%
Type: Accessory
Weight: 10
Armor Level: 1
NPC Tattooist

(ma_fild01 172, 223)

2911.png Bangungot Agimat Tattoo (2911) ItemID: 2911
Agimat Tattoo with a plump lady pattern. It is told that the one who owns this tattoo will possess extreme power.
Increases Healing skills effectiveness by 4%.
Increases recovery amount gained from Healing skills and Restorative items by 7%.
Type: Accessory
Weight: 10
Armor Level: 1
2907.png Buwaya Agimat Tattoo (2907) ItemID: 2907
Agimat Tattoo with a huge Alligator pattern. It is told that the one who owns this tattoo will possess extreme power.
MATK +7%
Decreases Fixed Casting Time by 7%.
Type: Accessory
Weight: 10
Armor Level: 1
15052.png Bakonawa Scale Armor (Bayani) [1] (15052) ItemID: 15052
Armor made from Bakonawa Scale. Lets off a mysterious moonlight effect.
All Basic Stats +2
For each 2 Refine Levels:
Decreases damage taken from Boss class by 1%.
Type: Armor
Defense: 55
Weight: 50
Armor Level: 1
NPC Tribe Blacksmith

(ma_fild01 158, 243)

2170.png Kalasag (Bayani) [1] (2170) ItemID: 2170
Sturdy yet light, practical shield made from rattan.
For each 3 Refine Levels:
Decreases damage taken from Boss class by 1%.
Type: Shield
Defense: 40
Weight: 40
Armor Level: 1