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Every full hour (servertime) our automated events will start for you at Neustadt (go 52).

Our automated events are:

  • Poring Catcher
  • Cluckers (You simply walk a few steps up in Neustadt, where cluckers will take place.)
  • Dice and Reverse Dice
  • Find the Cowring(s)
  • Find the Treasure Box
  • Bombring

GM Events

GM events are:

  • Dart (join the city which will be announced and try to teleport into the safty walls around the GM)
  • Bombring (click on the colorful bombring, this event has 3 rounds)
  • Poringsearch (click on the colorful bombring and click on the right spelled poring)
  • Findme (join the city which will be announced and search for the GM, go near him to activate the reward)
  • Disguise
  • Bloody Orc Run
  • Dodgeball
  • Falling Floors
  • Slot Machine

At Neustadt there is also an Stylist at (neustadt 183, 116)


At NPC Caprice you can spend your 50000.png Muh Coin (50000) for costumes.

Category 1:
19569.png Costume Sprout Hat (19569) 19695.png Costume Kettle Hat (19695) 19842.png Costume Puppy Hat (19842) 20135.png Costume 12th Anniversary Crown (20135) 20498.png Costume Elephant Hat (20498)
19574.png Costume Lord of Death Helm (19574) 19716.png Costume Alice Doll (19716) 19875.png Costume Love Rabbit Hood (19875) 20201.png Costume Banshee Master Kiss (20201) 31133.png Costume Gambler Seal (31133)
19627.png Costume Satellite Hairband (19627) 19723.png Costume Sacred Torch Coronet (19723) 19883.png Costume Piamette Hood (19883) 20208.png Costume Necktie (20208) 31147.png Costume Drooping Domovoi (31147)
19653.png Costume Marcher Hat (19653) 19724.png Costume Deprotai Doll (19724) 19934.png Costume Flaming Ten Gallon Hat (19934) 20296.png Costume Yoyo Hat (20296) 31173.png Costume Oyster Parakeet (31173)
19666.png Costume Cookie Hat (19666) 19727.png Costume Deviling Hat (19727) 20009.png Costume Dragon Skull Hat (20009) 20346.png Costume Drooping Permeter (20346) 31309.png Costume Pure White Marching Hat (31309)
19689.png Costume Ati Atihan (19689) 19811.png Costume Beer Cap (19811) 20127.png Costume Helm of Abyss (20127) 20377.png Costume Flight Cap (20377) 31372.png Costume Kafra Maid Doll (31372)
31388.png Costume Garden of Eden (31388) 31392.png Costume Radio Antenna (31392) 31409.png Costume Barrel Helm (31409) 31530.png Costume Great Dracula Horns (31530) 31704.png Costume Sweet Valentine Hat (31704)
Category 2:
31762.png Costume Heart-Shaped Ace (31762) 400124.png Costume Majestic Goat of Dawn (400124) 19865.png Costume Joker Jester (19865) 19501.png Costume Sphinx Hat (19501) 19503.png Costume Munak Hat (19503)
19527.png Costume Spiky Band (19527) 19534.png Costume Despero of Thanatos (19534) 19545.png Costume Boy's Cap (19545) 19546.png Costume Valkyrie Helm (19546) 19547.png Costume Deviruchi Hat (19547)
19550.png Costume Blush (19550) 19552.png Costume Romantic Flower (19552) 19562.png Costume Jaguar Hat (19562) 19576.png Costume Drooping Pope Hat (19576) 19585.png Costume Feather Beret (19585)
19597.png Costume Magic Eyes (19597) 19608.png Costume Chick Hat (19608) 19619.png Costume Corsair (19619) 19629.png Costume Tiara (19629) 19632.png Costume Hat (19632)
19633.png Costume Flower Band (19633) 19636.png Costume Clown Nose (19636) 19662.png Costume Magician Hat (19662) 19690.png Costume Dark Snake Lord Hat J (19690) 19734.png Costume Binoculars (19734)
19735.png Costume Fin Helm (19735) 19743.png Costume Anubis Helm (19743) 19765.png Costume Wing Angels Ears (19765) 19782.png Costume Drooping Cat (19782) 19783.png Costume Grampa Beard (19783)
19795.png Costume Grand Circlet (19795) 19796.png Costume Bone Helm (19796) 19797.png Costume Apple of Archer (19797) 19799.png Costume Golden Gear (19799) 19850.png Costume Bongun Hat (19850)
Category 3:
19889.png Costume Small Ribbon (19889) 19951.png Costume Cardboard Box (19951) 19953.png Costume Parade Cap (19953) 19955.png Costume Mini Tree (19955) 20004.png Costume Big Golden Bell (20004)
20008.png Costume Dragon General Helm (20008) 20020.png Costume Zaha Doll Hat (20020) 20050.png Costume Ph.D Hat (20050) 20057.png Costume Feather Bonnet (20057) 20068.png Costume Black Rabbit Headband (20068)
20090.png Costume Egg Shell (20090) 20157.png Costume Blue Fish (20157) 20161.png Costume Army Cap (20161) 20184.png Costume Party Hat (20184) 20186.png Costume Magni's Cap (20186)
20118.png Costume Cake Hat (20118) 20158.png Costume Circlet (20158) 20189.png Costume Goibne's Helm (20189) 20203.png Costume Bandana (20203) 31290.png Costume Angel's Feather Cap (31290)
20126.png Costume Odium Thanatos Mask (20126) 20216.png Costume Rideword Hat (20216) 20223.png Costume Romantic Leaf (20223) 20348.png Costume Sunday Hat (20348) 31291.png Costume Devil's Feather Cap (31291)
31291.png Costume Devil's Feather Cap (31291) 20388.png Costume Ayam (20388) 20403.png Costume Dolor Thanatos (20403) 20434.png Costume Drooping Gunslinger (20434) 20472.png Costume Helm of Angel (20472)
20512.png Costume Adventurer's Backpack (20512) 31113.png Costume Doctor Headband (31113) 31205.png Costume Orc Hero Headdress (31205) 20375.png Costume Ignis Cap (20375) 31414.png Costume Cancer Diadem (31414)