Airship Destruction

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Enter the airship to destroy it from the inside.
You can choose the difficulty inside the instance.
Economy (Easy): Monster HP: 2.5m, Boss HP 300m, Boss dmg reduction 10%, Boss Res/Mres 0
Business (Intermediate): Monster HP: 4m, Boss HP 500m, Boss dmg reduction 50%, Boss Res/Mres 200
First Class (Hard): Monster HP: 5m, Boss HP 600m, Boss dmg reduction 80%, Boss Res/Mres 400

  1. Speak with NPC to start the instance
  2. Choose the Send out any message option to start the instance.
    Choose the Change seat class option to change the difficulty.
  3. If you choose Change seat class you will be given this window to change the difficulty.
  4. Walk north and enter portal
  5. Clear all enemies inside the second room, enter portal when done.
  6. Clear enemies in third room
  7. Walk to the upper left and enter the portal
  8. Clear all enemies inside the fourth room
  9. Clear all enemies inside the fifth room
  10. Speak with Aquila NPC in the sixth room
  11. Defeat Aquila.
  12. After defeating Aquila, speak with the device to obtain instance rewards.


Monster HP
Aquila (21531)
10% / 50% / 80% Damage Reduction
299,990,000 HP
500 RES
450 MRES
Shadow 4


Card Description
300382.png [MVP] Aquila Card (300382) ItemID: 300382
Increases Magical Damage with Poison and Undead element by 100%.
Increases damage taken from every element by 30%.
Type: Card
Compound on: Garment
Weight: 1