Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons have no level requirement, we just give you a level recommendation.

Nightmare Glastheim 1 and 2

  • Speak to Hugin's follower (glast_01 196, 273) near the OGH Instance NPCs and the Kafra.
  • Tell her That is interesting. please tell me more followed by I really want to do that!.
Choose between:
Monastery Cemetery 5,000z (Level 100+) Corridor of 2nd Floor 10,000z (Level 140+)
  • Grave Keeper with Hatre (Wraith)
  • Wraith Dead
  • Elusive Wraith Dead
  • Corrupted Priest
  • Cursed Box
  • Dark Lord (MVP)
  • Wandering Man
  • Cursed Book
  • Cursed Box
  • Corrupted Priest
  • Alice
  • Chimera
  • Mysteltainn
  • Nightmare Baphomet (MVP)
Monastery Cemetery Corridor of 2nd Floor
4189.png Wraith Dead Card (4189)

4168.png [MVP] Dark Lord Card (4168)

4253.png Alice Card (4253)

4207.png Mysteltainn Card (4207)
4300.png Chimera Card (4300)
4147.png [MVP] Baphomet Card (4147)


  • Use our Warper, Dungeons and warp to Pyramid.
  • Go to the center of the map and enter the warp.
  • Walk to the south and talk with the Suspicious Cat. (moc_prydb1 103, 54)
  • Inside the dungeon, you can get two hunting quests from the Tomb-Raiding Cat.
  • Talk to the Cat to obtain repeatable quests to kill either 20 Verits or 20 Ancient Mummy.
Floor 1: 5,000z (Level 100+)
  • Nightmare Minorous
  • Nightmare Verit
  • Nightmare Mummy
4655.png Nightmare Minorous Card (4655)

4658.png Nightmare Verit Card (4658)
4656.png Nightmare Mummy Card (4656)

Floor 2: 5,000z (Level 100+)
  • Nightmare Mimic
  • Nightmare Arclouse
  • Nightmare Ancient Mummy
  • Nightmare Amon Ra (MVP)
4654.png Nightmare Mimic Card (4654)

4653.png Nightmare Arclouse Card (4653)
4657.png Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card (4657)
4652.png [MVP] Nightmare Amon Ra Card (4652)


  • Right before 2nd floor portal, Belljamin Button (c_tower1 232, 222) will teleport you to Nightmare Version of Clock Tower.
  • It has a monster range from 155 (Neo Punk) to 170 (Owl Marquess).
  • It has also a unique MVP wandering in 3rd floor of Nightmare area called Time Holder.
10,000z (Level 150+)
Monsters Cards
  • Cursed Box
  • Cursed Book
  • Neo-punk
  • Big Ben
  • Timekeeper (MVP)
  • Arc Elder
  • Owl Viscount
4628.png Neo Punk Card (4628)

4626.png Big Ben Card (4626)
4630.png Time Keeper Card (4630)
4629.png Arc Elder Card (4629)
4631.png Owl Viscount Card (4631)


  • Scaraba Hole normally requires two quests, but we've changed that, you only need one quest.
  • Unless you haven't done the New World Access quest, then you'll have to do two quests instead of three.
  • First of all do the New World Quest.
  • The Second Quest is the Ring of the Wise King Quest.
  • Enhanced golden scaraba's hall, They use a variety of skills and very toughness.
  • Hall's admission requires Scaraba Perfume. Curious Sapha (dic_dun01 266, 113) sell perfume in Kamidal Tunnel.
  • Entrance gatekeeper are Dirty Vigilante (dic_dun0 284, 102), He stay next to gatekeeper of normal scaraba.
(Level 130+)
Monsters Cards
  • Furious Rake Scaraba
  • Gold One-Horn Scaraba
  • Gold Two-Horn Scaraba
  • Gold Antler Scaraba
  • Gold Rake Scaraba
  • Gold Queen Scaraba (MVP)
  • Gold One-Horn Scaraba Egg
  • Gold Two-Horn Scaraba Egg
  • Gold Antler Scaraba Egg
  • Gold Rake Scaraba Egg
4505.png Scaraba Card (4505)

4508.png Gold Scaraba Card (4508)
4509.png [MVP] Gold Queen Scaraba Card (4509)