GM Wedding

Game Master/Event Manager Weddings

Want your Wedding in MuhRO to be special? Then how about a GM Wedding!

A GM Wedding features the following advantages:

Location: Almost anywhere!
Fashion: The Tuxedo and Wedding Dress will be handmade to guarantee the perfect fit!
Special Effects: Giant Hearts made of Safety Walls, A giant Rainbow, Sunshine Halo's and more!
Server-Wide Announcement: Want the whole server to know about your Wedding? We make it possible!

To give you an example of how your Wedding could look like, here are some Screenshots as examples:

Screenshots of GM Wedding Examples

Interested? Then these are the required steps to a day you will never forget!

1. Prepare the Wedding Fee of 250 50000.png Muh Coin (50000)
2. Contact our Staff (Either Game Master (GM) [GM] Icecold or one of our Event Managers (EM) [EM] Ellione or [EM] Min)
3. Provide your wishes as detailed as possible (Location and Time, which Special Effects, and any other important wishes)