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{{#icon:502}} 502.png
{{#illust:502}} 502.png
{{#item:502}} 502.png Orange Potion (502)
{{#linkitem:502|Name}} Name
{{#itemDesc:502}} ItemID: 502
A bottle of potion made from grinded Red and Yellow Herbs.
Type: Restorative
Heal: 105 ~ 145 HP
Weight: 10
{{#navi:prontera|150|160}} (prontera 150, 160)
{{#skill:502}} 502.png Triple Action
{{#skillDesc:502}} 502.png Triple Action
Max Level: 1
Requirement: Coin Flip 1
Skill Form: Active
Type: Physical Ranged
Target: 1 Character
Cast Time: None
After Cast Delay: 1s
Cool Down: None
Description: Shoots an enemy 3 times in
one attack.
Consumes 1
{{#mob:1062}} 1062.gif
Santa Poring (1062)