Content Reward Program

MuhRO wants to get better and better #2. And this does include any member of our community who helps with growth, quality, and visibility of our server.
So this is directed at our content creators. We're going to reward Class / Game Guides in the Wiki as well as Videos / Streams on various platforms out there.
All you have to do is to contact Staff on discord and you will get a special discord role. After that, dm any of your creations to Muh on a monthly basis to get rewarded.

Class / Game Guides

Share your knowledge and strategies with the community through informative guides to help fellow adventurers on their journey.
We will reward your initial created guide and future updates, whenever our patches would make parts of your guide outdated.

  • Initial Guide Reward: ~50+ x 50003.png Muh Voucher (50003) (and a costume)
  • Noticible Updates Reward: ~1-5+ x 50003.png Muh Voucher (50003)

These figures are indicative and are worked out individually.
We will check your contributions according to the following criteria:

Accuracy and Relevance

Information provided should be accurate and up-to-date.
Guides should be relevant to the current version of MuhRO.

Clarity and Readability

Guides should be well-organized and easy to follow.
Use of clear language and explanations that are easy to understand, especially for beginners.


Guides should cover all essential aspects of the topic they are addressing.
Include detailed steps, strategies, or tips to help users navigate the game effectively.
Guides should provide an idea what gears to get as well as the status, trait and skills to use as beginner, intermediate, and the endgame players for at least one build.


Avoid duplicating content unless the new guide brings a significantly different perspective or additional valuable information.

Original Work

All wiki guides should primarily consist of your original work and insights.
Avoid directly copying content from other sources without proper attribution.

Videos / Streams

Whether it's recording epic battles, creating tutorials, or streaming live gameplay, your content adds vibrancy to the MuhRO experience.
We want to acknowledge and reward your creativity.
If you are streaming, we will need your VODs being available and if you're creating videos they should be available to public.
Examples for videos:

  • Share your adventures in MuhRO with basic gameplay videos.
  • Create educational content to help other players
  • Compile your most epic in-game moments

Examples for streams:

  • Stream your regular gameplay sessions
  • Lead viewers on an interactive adventure
  • Host special events or challenges for the community

There is a minimum compensation of 1 x 50003.png Muh Voucher (50003) per video per streaming hour, which increases depending on length, editing (e.g. voice-over) and other work you may invest. The more heart and soul you put into it, the greater the rewards will be.
Additionally, if we see that you are creating content regularly, we will add special costume rewards.