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  • We never tolerate harassment in any form. Harassment is making one or more players uncomfortable, contrary to our aim to make players feel safe and peaceful when playing MuhRo.
  • Do not scam.
  • Do not account sharing / account trading. > You are allowed to have only one master account. Create as many game accounts as you want.
  • We never tolerate Real Money Trading (RMT).

  • Selling on NPC

Many players are expected to sell their loots to the Tool Dealer. However, there are times when the player is rushing and has accidentally sold a valuable item from his inventory. Players are encouraged to double-check the items before selling. Or please store valuables in the storage before selling your loots. It’s the player’s responsibility to carefully check the items being sold. MuhRO won’t reverse such selling, and won’t return the items by spawning replacement.

  • Bug Exploiting

Bug exploitation happens when a player finds a loophole and intentionally reproduces it to gain an advantage. It’s a bug when the game behavior is different from what it should be. In the event that you acquire an unexpected amount of zeny, items, and/or experience, you must immediately report it. If the bug is high risk and requires immediate action, kindly contact us. When the bug is confirmed, we’ll do our best to resolve and prevent further damage. However, if players have already abused and benefited from exploiting a bug, proper actions may be required to protect the server. In cases of urgent bugs, we may temporarily or permanently suspend affected accounts.

  • Botting

Botting happens when a player is not controlling the in-game character in real-time, but the character is still actively playing in-game. It’s not only limited to a third-party program or packet editors. It also refers to actions that exhibit performance impossible to accomplish if the operator is not signaling or paying attention to the character.

  • Hacking

Game hacking is equivalent to penetrating our services and performing unauthorized actions with the intention of disrupting the game. We take all hacking activity seriously, and you should not perform or even attempt this. Hackers will be permanently suspended from the game and will be prevented from accessing it.

  • Donation Fraud

Donation fraud happens when a player recharges MuhRo Points through Credit Card or PayPal; and once the rewards are already credited to the account, they immediately issue a chargeback to refund their money and receive the donation rewards at the same time. Violators will be permanently suspended from the game and will be prevented from accessing it. Their IGNs and involved e-mail addresses will be disclosed to the public, for everyone’s safety.