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Game Commands

This is a list of commands players can use in-game for their convenience. Some commands can be enabled at NPCs Settings in our main office for automatic activation each time you log in.

General Information

Command Description
@commands Displays all avaliable text commands.
@rates Display the server's EXP/Job/Drop rates
@cooldown Displays the user's Instance cooldown timers
@time Displays the current server time
@uptime Displays how long the server has been active for
@rates Display the server's EXP/Job/Drop rates
@showdelay Displays Cast Delay or Cooldown for skills, requires Skill Failure Display option to be on
@ltp Marks your last point after porting on the mini-map.
@utc @utc to set your timezone (this will be displayed on MVP Tombs and @time command for now)

Database Commands

Command Example Description
@iteminfo @ii @ii 573 Displays information about an item (Name, ID and sell price)
@whobuy @wb @wb 573 Displays Buying Stores containing that item
@whosell @ws @ws 573 Displays Vending stores containing that item
@whichnpcsell @wn @wn 573 Displays NPC shop locations for an item
@whodrops @wd @wd 573 Displays which mobs drop an item at which rate
@mobinfo @mi @mi 573 Displays a mob's stats and item drop rates
@whereis @wi @wi 573 Displays where a mob spawns (regular spawn only)

General Commands

Command Example Description
@go @go 0 Teleports you to the specified town (Use alone for town list)
@return @load - Teleports you back to your save location
@die - You die
@lastwarp @lw - Teleports you to the last location you visited via Warper NPC
@refresh - Reloads displayed positions (Removes Position Lag errors)
@noks - Prevents players from damaging mobs who hit you or were hit by you
@noask - Prevents party invitations
@battlestats @bs - Displays in-depth character stats
@navi @navi prontera 55 55 Enables navigation to lead you to set coordinates on the set map
@navi2 @navi2 prontera 55 55 Enables navigation to lead you to set coordinates on the set map and opens the navigation window.
@shop @shop ID/Type Opens a player shop directly. You will find this command on the homepage market pages.
@showexp - Displays gained EXP per kill
@shopjump @sj 55 55 Teleports you to the shop located in those coordinates
@showzeny - Displays gained zeny.
@killcounter mobid killcounterlist @kc 1973 1 You can count 5 different mobs at the same time. So you type @kc >mobid< >1 (first position of 5)<
@killcounter reset @kc reset 1 Reset of killcounterlist 1, if you type just "@kc reset" it will reset all 5 killcounterlists!
@killcounter status @kc status Shows the currently kill status of your whole list.
@hidepet @hidepets - Pets will no longer be shown.
@silentpet @silentpets - Pets will no longer talk or have emotions.
@ping - Displays your ingame ping.
@activity - Shows your currently amount of Fashion Points.
@help @h @h showdelay Shows information about any command, if it's avaliable.
@hideconfig - Hides Login settings.
@hidewarg - Hides Windhawk warg.
@hidemount - Swordsman Classes only. Hides your mount. Known issue: Take off mount button goes away (use @unmount)
@unmount - Swordsman Classes only. Helps you dismount if your mount is hidden with @hidemount
@hideabr - Hides Meister's ABR machine summons.
@hidebionic - Hides Biolo's Bionic summons.
@hidehom - Hides Alchemist's Homunculus.
@hideelem - Hides Elemental Master's elemental summons.
@kickmyvendors - Kicks all active vendors of the corresponding master account.
@autotrade @at - Using @autotrade allows a character that has an active vending stall to keep that stall active while logged off. Upon use, the client logs off and closes. Logging on again will deactivate the automatic vendor.
@unequipall - Takes off the gear you wearing.
@lockjob - Will toggle the Job Changer to not offer Job Changes for your character

Loot-related Commands

Command Example Description
@autoloot @al @al 5 Automatically loots drop rate below the rate selected
@nodrop - Ignore floor item
@aloottype @aloottype +4 + Specifies an item type to always autoloot. - Blacklists an item type from autolooting

Types: 0 = Healing, 2 = Usable, 3 = Etc, 4 = Armor, 5 = Weapon, 6 = Card, 7 = Pet Eggs, 8 = Pet Accessories, 10 = Ammo

@alootid @alootid +573 Adds item to your autolootid list. You can chain multiple commands at once with pipe symbol "|". E.g.: @alootid reset|+573|+574
@alootid -573 Removes item from your alootid list.
@alootid reset - Will clear your autolootitem list.
@nolootid @nolootid +573 Removes an item from your autoloot. You can chain multiple commands at once E.g.: @nolootid +573|+574
@nolootid reset - Will clear your nolootitem list.

@Restock +/-<ItemID> <Ammount> <Type>: Adds or Removes the item from your Restock list

@Restock List: Lists the items currently registered

@Restock Reset: Erases your current restock list

Restock allows you to automatically draw a set of registered items from Storage I.

This command must be used with the storage closed.

@restock bg - Restocks bg-items
@restock woe - Restocks woe-items
@storeall - Stores all Items into an opened storage.
@alootconfig @alc - Calls the dialog to save current loot settings (@autoloot, @alootid and @nolootid) into a game account wide autoloot set
@alootset @als @als 1 Loads the saved autoloot set

Party Commands

Command Example Description
@party - Creates a party
@invite @invite Icecold Invites a character to your party (Party Leader Only)

Guild Commands

Command Example Description
@guild @guild MuhRO Creates a guild (Requires 1 Emperium)
@guildinvite @guildinvite Icecold Invites a character to a guild
@changegm @changegm Icecold Transfers guild ownership
@breakguild - Disbands a guild (Guild leader only, all members must be expelled beforehand)


Command Example Description
@duel @duel Icecold Invites a character to a duel
@accept - Accepts a duel invitation
@reject - Rejects a duel invitation
@leave - Leaves duel status
@joinbg - Joins the Battlegrounds queue

Client featuring commands

Command Example Description
!ping anylize latency
!vsync - unlocks fps if playing with directx7
@lgp - Enables/Disables LGP
@square <on/off/1-14> - Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size.
@circle - Displays circle around the character.
@aoes - Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm.