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Hello dear MuhRo Community! Here you can find all information regarding our Cash Shop!

Cash Shop items can be purchased with Cash Points.

Alternatively, you can buy vouchers from other players or convert Muh Coins (Main Office, Cow NPC) / Voting Points (Vote at HP, claim Points at NPC MuhRO Manager, Main Office) into Cash Points .
The items here are mainly costumes.

Ero is an NPC that sells Muh shop exclusive costume eggs that has common, uncommon, and rare category using 1000274.png Costume Coupon (1000274) . She's located a 2F Main Office east end of the hallway (main_office 125, 293).

Every common costume costs 7 1000274.png Costume Coupon (1000274) , while uncommon costume costs 15 1000274.png Costume Coupon (1000274) , and finally for rare costumes, cost 40 1000274.png Costume Coupon (1000274)

Costumes that Ero has to offer:
Be Lucky Egg Boxes
Monthly Rotation of Costume Eggs
Season Eggs
Seri is an NPC that changes costume positions: top, middle, and low. Do note however that changing into slots doesn't have influence on regular enchanting costume.
She's located at upper 2nd room of main office (main_office 69, 309). It costs 20 50000.png Muh Coin (50000) to change slot of the costume and only works if the costume is occupied on one slot only.

Always available Items

Headgear Box
41039.png Headgear Box (41039) 18711.png Electric Sunglass (18711) 18616.png Long Tongue (18616) 18682.png Teardrop (18682) 18679.png Abacus in Mouth (18679) 18754.png Blood Sucker (18754) 18703.png Stem in Mouth (18703) 18505.png Umbala Spirit (18505)

Single Costumes
40083.png Costume MuhRO Mascot (40083) 480131.png Costume Swirling Flame (480131) 480167.png Costume Heart Stick Chocolate (480167) 20607.png Costume Baldur's Wings (20607) 480093.png Costume Scepter (480093) 480086.png Costume Capoo Bag (480086) 40018.png Costume Heavenly Golden Angel Wings (40018) 420071.png Costume Feather Stola (420071)
420072.png Costume Lightly Braided Low Twin (White) (420072) 420011.png Costume Capoo Aura (420011) 18615.png Costume Injured Eyepatch (18615) 410095.png Costume White Cat on Shoulder (410095) 410068.png Costume Fish Marche (410068) 410087.png Costume Robotic Watcher (410087) 31978.png Costume Red Flame Giant (31978) 31979.png Costume Golden Flame Giant (31979)
19928.png Costume Gothic Heart Wing Ribbon (19928) 400126.png Costume Capoo Hat (400126) 19696.png Costume Friend Mochiring Hat (19696) 19729.png Costume Neko Mimi Kafra (19729) 19927.png Costume Brown Drooping Kitty (19927) 19930.png Costume Angel Mini Silk Hat (19930) 19600.png Costume Drooping Kiehl (19600) 19601.png Costume Drooping Aliot (19601)
19836.png Costume Large Majestic Horns (19836) 40132.png Costume Chibi Icecold (40132) 410219.png Costume Jumbo Rabbit (410219) 40135.png Costume Chibi Aida (40135)

New Eggs 2024

Be lucky Egg/Box

41141.png First one 2024 Box (41141)
Common Uncommon Rare
40365.png Costume Dark Orb (40365) 40396.png Costume Succubette Lola (40396) 90173.png Costume Imp Wing (90173)
40366.png Costume Dark Orb (green) (40366) 40397.png Costume Succubette Raven (40397) 90174.png Costume Lotus Wing (90174)
40367.png Costume Dark Orb (red) (40367) 40398.png Costume Succubette Roxy (40398) 90185.png Costume Monarch Wing (90185)
40368.png Costume Demon Orb (40368) 40399.png Costume Succubette Trixie (40399)
41142.png Ichigatsu Egg (41142)
Common Uncommon Rare
60425.png Costume Yummy Popsicle (cyan) (60425) 40175.png Costume Blazing Dragon Helm (black) (40175) 90005.png Costume Heirloom Alchemist (90005)
60698.png Costume Thief Hat (green) (60698) 60828.png Costume Twin Butterflies (blue) (60828) 90006.png Costume Heirloom Assassin (90006)
60699.png Costume Thief Hat (brown) (60699) 60829.png Costume Twin Butterflies (cyan) (60829) 90007.png Costume Heirloom Bard (90007)
40172.png Costume Beholdy (brown) (40172) 60559.png Costume Holiday Fashion (blue) (60559)
41143.png Nigatsu Egg (41143)
Common Uncommon Rare
60554.png Costume Yummy Popsicle (black) (60554) 40176.png Costume Blazing Dragon Helm (blue) (40176) 90008.png Costume Heirloom Blacksmith (90008)
60700.png Costume Thief Hat (purple) (60700) 60830.png Costume Twin Butterflies (black) (60830) 90009.png Costume Heirloom Crusader (90009)
60701.png Costume Thief Hat (red) (60701) 60831.png Costume Twin Butterflies (green) (60831) 90010.png Costume Heirloom Dancer (90010)
40173.png Costume Beholdy (black) (40173) 60574.png Costume Holiday Fashion (brown) (60574)

Eggs 2023

Choose your Costume Box/Egg

41190.png Costume Legion Mask Egg (41190)
40311.png Costume Legion Mask (beige) (40311) 40314.png Costume Legion Mask (green) (40314) 40316.png Costume Legion Mask (white) (40316)
40312.png Costume Legion Mask (black) (40312) 40315.png Costume Legion Mask (red) (40315) 40317.png Costume Legion Mask (yellow) (40317)
40313.png Costume Legion Mask (blue) (40313)
41184.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm Egg (41184)
40216.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm (black) (40216) 40220.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm (orange) (40220) 40223.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm (red) (40223)
40217.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm (blue) (40217) 40221.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm (pink) (40221) 40224.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm (white) (40224)
40218.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm (green) (40218) 40222.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm (purple) (40222) 40225.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm (yellow) (40225)
40219.png Costume Silk Dragon Helm (gray) (40219)
41189.png Costume Legion Casket Egg (41189)
40304.png Costume Legion Casket (beige) (40304) 40307.png Costume Legion Casket (green) (40307) 40309.png Costume Legion Casket (white) (40309)
40305.png Costume Legion Casket (black) (40305) 40308.png Costume Legion Casket (red) (40308) 40310.png Costume Legion Casket (yellow) (40310)
40306.png Costume Legion Casket (blue) (40306)
41183.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm Egg (41183)
40185.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm (black) (40185) 40188.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm (gray) (40188) 40191.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm (purple) (40191)
40186.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm (blue) (40186) 40189.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm (orange) (40189) 40192.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm (red) (40192)
40187.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm (green) (40187) 40190.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm (pink) (40190) 40193.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm (white) (40193)
40194.png Costume Mystic Dragon Helm (yellow) (40194)
41128.png Costume Blazing Aura Box (41128)
60472.png Costume Blazing Aura (black) (60472) 60473.png Costume Blazing Aura (blue) (60473) 60474.png Costume Blazing Aura (green) (60474)
60475.png Costume Blazing Aura (orange) (60475) 60476.png Costume Blazing Aura (pink) (60476) 60477.png Costume Blazing Aura (purple) (60477)
60478.png Costume Blazing Aura (red) (60478) 60479.png Costume Blazing Aura (cyan) (60479) 60480.png Costume Blazing Aura (white) (60480)
60481.png Costume Blazing Aura (yellow) (60481)
41140.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon Box (41140)
60883.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon (black) (60883) 60884.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon (blue) (60884) 60885.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon (cyan) (60885)
60886.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon (green) (60886) 60887.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon (orange) (60887) 60888.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon (pink) (60888)
60889.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon (purple) (60889) 60890.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon (red) (60890) 60891.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon (white) (60891)
60892.png Costume Gothic Skull Ribbon (yellow) (60892)
41122.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura Box (41122)
60432.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura (black) (60432) 60433.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura (blue) (60433) 60434.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura (green) (60434)
60435.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura (gray) (60435) 60436.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura (orange) (60436) 60437.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura (pink) (60437)
60438.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura (purple) (60438) 60439.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura (red) (60439) 60440.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura (white) (60440)
60441.png Costume Atomic Energy Aura (yellow) (60441)
41136.png Costume Bun Twin Tail Box (41136)
400205.png Costume Bun Twin Tail (blue) (400205) 400206.png Costume Bun Twin Tail (red) (400206) 400207.png Costume Bun Twin Tail (yellow) (400207)
400208.png Costume Bun Twin Tail (green) (400208) 400209.png Costume Bun Twin Tail (black) (400209) 400210.png Costume Bun Twin Tail (white) (400210)
400211.png Costume Bun Twin Tail (brown) (400211) 400212.png Costume Bun Twin Tail (purple) (400212)
41119.png Costume Abyss Aura Box (41119)
60442.png Costume Abyss Aura (black) (60442) 60443.png Costume Abyss Aura (blue) (60443) 60444.png Costume Abyss Aura (green) (60444)
60445.png Costume Abyss Aura (orange) (60445) 60446.png Costume Abyss Aura (pink) (60446) 60447.png Costume Abyss Aura (purple) (60447)
60448.png Costume Abyss Aura (red) (60448) 60449.png Costume Abyss Aura (cyan) (60449) 60450.png Costume Abyss Aura (white) (60450)
60451.png Costume Abyss Aura (yellow) (60451)
41088.png Costume Magestic Goat Egg (41088)
19549.png Costume Majestic Goat (19549) 40158.png Costume Gold Magestic Goat (40158) 40163.png Costume Red Magestic Goat (40163)
40154.png Costume Black Magestic Goat (40154) 40159.png Costume Green Magestic Goat (40159) 40164.png Costume Silver Magestic Goat (40164)
40155.png Costume Blue Magestic Goat (40155) 40160.png Costume Orange Magestic Goat (40160) 40165.png Costume White Magestic Goat (40165)
40156.png Costume Brown Magestic Goat (40156) 40161.png Costume Pink Magestic Goat (40161)
40157.png Costume Cyan Magestic Goat (40157) 40162.png Costume Purple Magestic Goat (40162)
41089.png Costume Bell Ribbon Egg (41089)
19678.png Costume Bell Ribbon (19678) 40168.png Costume Gold Bell Ribbon (40168) 40170.png Costume Purple Bell Ribbon (40170)
40166.png Costume Blue Bell Ribbon (40166) 40169.png Costume Green Bell Ribbon (40169) 40171.png Costume White Bell Ribbon (40171)
40167.png Costume Cyan Bell Ribbon (40167)
41063.png Costume Strong Hair Egg (41063)
18740.png Costume Strong Hair (18740) 31613.png Costume Blue Strong Hair (31613) 20248.png Costume Black Strong Hair (20248)
20249.png Costume Red Strong Hair (20249) 20250.png Costume White Strong Hair (20250)
41064.png Costume Pigtails Half Up Egg (41064)
420095.png Costume Pigtails Half Up (White) (420095) 420096.png Costume Pigtails Half Up (Orange) (420096) 420097.png Costume Pigtails Half Up (Purple) (420097)
420098.png Costume Pigtails Half Up (Black) (420098) 420099.png Costume Pigtails Half Up (Blue) (420099) 420100.png Costume Pigtails Half Up (Yellow) (420100)
420101.png Costume Pigtails Half Up (Red) (420101) 420102.png Costume Pigtails Half Up (Green) (420102)
41065.png Costume Wild Long Hair Egg (41065)
420121.png Costume Wild Long Hair(Black) (420121) 420122.png Costume Wild Long Hair(Green) (420122) 420123.png Costume Wild Long Hair(Brown) (420123)
420124.png Costume Wild Long Hair(Pink) (420124) 420125.png Costume Wild Long Hair(Purple) (420125) 420126.png Costume Wild Long Hair(Red) (420126)
420127.png Costume Wild Long Hair(White) (420127) 420128.png Costume Wild Long Hair(Yellow) (420128)
41062.png Costume Korean Meatball Egg (41062)
31755.png Costume Korean Meatball Head (Brown) (31755) 31756.png Costume Korean Meatball Head (White) (31756) 31757.png Costume Korean Meatball Head (Black) (31757)
31758.png Costume Korean Meatball Head (Green) (31758) 31759.png Costume Korean Meatball Head (Yellow) (31759) 31760.png Costume Korean Meatball Head (Red) (31760)
31761.png Costume Korean Meatball Head (Blue) (31761)
41075.png Costume Beginner Backpack Egg (41075)
20595.png Costume Beginner Red Backpack (20595) 20615.png Costume Beginner Blue Backpack (20615) 20616.png Costume Beginner Purple Backpack (20616)
20575.png Costume Beginner Black Backpack (20575)
41061.png Costume Braid Headband Egg (41061)
31866.png Costume Braid Headband (Blue) (31866) 31867.png Costume Braid Headband (Red) (31867) 31868.png Costume Braid Headband (Yellow) (31868)
31869.png Costume Braid Headband (Green) (31869) 31870.png Costume Braid Headband (Black) (31870) 31871.png Costume Braid Headband (White) (31871)
31872.png Costume Braid Headband (Brown) (31872) 31873.png Costume Braid Headband (Purple) (31873)
41060.png Costume Valkyrie Egg (41060)
40118.png Costume Black Valkyrie Helm (40118) 40119.png Costume Blue Valkyrie Helm (40119) 40120.png Costume Brown Valkyrie Helm (40120)
40123.png Costume Green Valkyrie Helm (40123) 40124.png Costume Orange Valkyrie Helm (40124) 40125.png Costume Pink Valkyrie Helm (40125)
40128.png Costume Silver Valkyrie Helm (40128) 40129.png Costume Plain Valkyrie Helm (40129) 40130.png Costume White Valkyrie Helm (40130)
40121.png Costume Cyan Valkyrie Helm (40121) 40122.png Costume Gold Valkyrie Helm (40122) 40126.png Costume Purple Valkyrie Helm (40126)
40127.png Costume Red Valkyrie Helm (40127)
41074.png Costume Mouse Hat Egg (41074)
19999.png Costume Mouse Hat (19999) 20000.png Costume Mouse Hat (20000) 20001.png Costume Mouse Hat (20001)
20002.png Costume Mouse Hat (20002) 20003.png Costume Mouse Hat (20003)
41076.png Costume Drooping Egg (41076)
31484.png Costume Kumameito (Female Priest) (31484) 31485.png Costume Kumameito (Male Priest) (31485) 31780.png Costume Sloth Hat (31780)
31145.png Costume Alice Von Friesinger Hat 69 (31145) 31193.png Costume Drooping Ahat (31193) 31371.png Costume Drooping Sorin Doll Hat (31371)
31888.png Costume Saray White Tiger Doll (31888) 31456.png Costume Baby Leopard Cat (31456)

Be lucky Egg/Box

41135.png Alien Box Box (41135)
Common Uncommon Rare
400475.png Costume Bulb Wreath (400475) 410156.png Costume Bouquet Valletta (410156) 420224.png Costume Ocean Color Long (420224)
410251.png Costume Alien Sunglass (blue) (410251) 400431.png Costume Sakrua Witch Hat (400431) 420191.png Costume Snow Rabbit Wig (420191)
410252.png Costume Alien Sunglass (red) (410252) 410236.png Costume Bird Cage Candle Hold (410236) 410268.png Costume Cinnamoroll in the Sky (410268)
410253.png Costume Alien Sunglass (green) (410253) 410267.png Costume Cinnamoroll (410267)
41087.png Frosty Egg (41087)
Common Uncommon Rare
400414.png Costume Strong Copo (400414) 19823.png Costume White Cat Hood (19823) 480123.png Costume Nydhog Rumor (480123)
400415.png Costume Dandy Copo (400415) 31598.png Costume Forest Guide (31598) 480056.png Costume Heavenly Fallen Angel Wings (480056)
31168.png Costume Blue Mouton Life (31168) 410229.png Costume Snake God's Crystal (410229) 410160.png Costume Magic Celestial Globe (410160)
20433.png Costume Louise Red Hat (20433) 420192.png Costume Friendly White Fox (420192)
41083.png Love Egg (41083)
Common Uncommon Rare
420109.png Costume Charm of Flame Heart (420109) 31200.png Costume Wrapping Ribbon (31200) 20577.png Costume Balloon Wings (20577)
31106.png Costume Eyepatch of Peace (31106) 31300.png Costume Warm Cat Muffler (31300) 480296.png Costume Sakura Fubuki (480296)
31107.png Costume Eyepatch of Prosperity (31107) 31624.png Costume Cat Heart (31624) 420209.png Costume Cookie Pink Ribbon (420209)
31694.png Costume Love Letter (31694) 19762.png Costume Happy Peace Proof (19762)
41081.png Poring Egg (41081)
Common Uncommon Rare
31547.png Costume Poporing Mascot (31547) 31585.png Costume Drops Muffler (31585) 480108.png Costume Poring Basket (480108)
31049.png Costume Marin Hat (31049) 31781.png Costume Poporing Hairpin (31781) 480321.png Costume Surfboard (480321)
31050.png Costume Golden Poring Hat (31050) 31051.png Costume Poring Sun Visor (31051) 480335.png Costume Poring Surfboard (480335)
31404.png Costume Poring Traffic Light (31404) 19975.png Costume Beret BOSS Hat (19975)
41070.png Be Stylish Egg (41070)
Common Uncommon Rare
20324.png Costume Pigeon Hat (20324) 20315.png Costume Analyze Eye (20315) 20537.png Costume Falling Red Foliage (20537)
20284.png Costume Cherry Blossom Hat (20284) 31252.png Costume White Cat Ears Hat (31252) 20578.png Costume Raguel's Wings (20578)
31238.png Costume True Love (31238) 31314.png Costume Ghost Holiday (31314) 31091.png Costume Show Me The Zeny (31091)
31251.png Costume Cat's Mouth (31251) 20489.png Costume Pope Crown (20489) 31737.png Costume Lucifer's Wings (31737)
41072.png Be cool Egg (41072)
Common Uncommon Rare
31150.png Costume Shalosh Headdress (31150) 31206.png Costume Rune Hairband (31206) 40002.png Costume Light Darkness Wing (40002)
31160.png Costume Rune Helm (31160) 31381.png Costume Diabolic Lapel (31381) 410006.png Costume Sudden Wealth (410006)
31162.png Costume Shaving Foam (31162) 31125.png Costume Queen Anne's Revenge (31125) 420046.png Costume Royal Mantle (420046)
31165.png Costume Piggyback (31165) 31480.png Costume Gioia Partner (31480) 420201.png Costume White Serpent Wig (420201)
41073.png Be My Friend Egg (41073)
Common Uncommon Rare
31916.png Costume Frill Neckcap (31916) 31928.png Costume Testtube Hairband (31928) 31917.png Costume Glory Flag (Red) (31917)
31918.png Costume Party Member Recruit Hat (31918) 31976.png Costume Concentration Beret (31976) 480110.png Costume Adventure Bag (480110)
31919.png Costume Friend Recruit Hat (31919) 400020.png Costume Beach Ball (400020) 480118.png Costume General Daehyon Falchion (480118)
31924.png Costume Twinkling Blue Eyes (31924) 400254.png Costume Gothic Wing Headband (400254) 480121.png Costume Striking Mikoshi (480121)
41068.png Like a Fairy Egg (41068)
Common Uncommon Rare
19807.png Costume Majestic Helmet (19807) 19985.png Costume Aura Quartz (19985) 40003.png Costume Fairy of Eden (40003)
19815.png Costume Lolita Ten Gallon Hat (19815) 20099.png Costume Ljosalfar (20099) 40004.png Costume Flying Pig Backpack (40004)
19935.png Costume Hunting Cap of Gust (19935) 20113.png Costume Star Reading Hat (20113) 40034.png Costume Happy Butterfly (40034)
19945.png Costume Winner Helmet (Copper) (19945) 20289.png Costume Black Wing Ears (20289) 410131.png Costume Tiger(White) (410131)
41067.png Dubious Egg (41067)
Common Uncommon Rare
19977.png Costume Golden Exclamation Mark (19977) 20011.png Costume Lightning Speed (20011) 31407.png Costume Alice Wig (Peach) (31407)
19978.png Costume Silver Exclamation Mark (19978) 20287.png Costume Man's Medal (Gold) (20287) 20541.png Costume Angel Ribbon Wings (20541)
19979.png Costume Golden Question Mark (19979) 20457.png Costume Fluttering Feather (20457) 20546.png Costume Backside Ribbon Bell (20546)
19980.png Costume Silver Question Mark (19980) 20439.png Costume New Year Shine (20439) 20576.png Costume Nyan Fork (20576)
41066.png Costume Timeless Egg (41066)
Common Uncommon Rare
19521.png Costume Old Timey Derby (19521) 19292.png Costume Wild Cat Knit Cap (19292) 20246.png Costume Decoration of Time (20246)
19631.png Costume Poring Fedora Hat (19631) 19464.png Costume Melon Bread Hat (19464) 20323.png Costume Sparkling Sound (20323)
19675.png Costume Jumping Poring (19675) 19673.png Costume Benevolent Guardian (19673) 420204.png Costume Juncea Wig (420204)
19728.png Costume Drooping Zonda (19728) 19777.png Costume Twinkle Little Star (19777) 480107.png Costume Kings Twin Sword (480107)
41058.png Aladin Box (41058)
Common Uncommon Rare
19288.png Costume Giant's Helm (19288)
20335.png Costume Watery Eyes (20335)
410005.png Costume Magic Heir (410005)
31667.png Costume Poring Beret (31667)
5914.png Costume Fluttering Butterfly (5914)
20727.png Costume Brilliant Golden Wings (20727)
31668.png Costume Majorous Horns (31668)
5915.png Costume Angel Veil (5915)
480247.png Costume Giant Angeling (480247)
19661.png Costume Sweet Bonnet (19661)
19656.png Costume Minstrel Hat (19656)
20614.png Costume Ultimate of Kiel Hyre (20614)
41052.png The First Costume Egg 2023 (41052)
Common Uncommon Rare
400115.png Costume Angeling Bread Hat (400115) 31943.png Costume Tree Frog Hood (31943) 480202.png Costume Guardian Butterfly Wings (480202)
420025.png Costume One Eyed Jack (420025) 420050.png Costume Dumbling Wave (420050) 410048.png Costume Tiger (410048)
21207.png Costume Bull Mask (21207) 420029.png Costume Imperial Glory (420029) 410055.png Costume Floating Parasol (410055)
15843.png Costume Hunter's Dinner (15843) 420048.png Costume White Colonne (420048)
41054.png A Leafbee Box (41054)
Common Uncommon Rare
410126.png Costume Professor's Mini Glass (410126) 400197.png Costume Sweet Chef Hat (400197) 420079.png Costume Long Wig Inner Color (420079)
31973.png Costume Cherry Blossom Glasses (31973) 400188.png Costume Ragfest Commemorative Headband (400188) 410069.png Costume Pet Popcorn Box (410069)
31975.png Costume Sweet Potato in Mouth (31975) 436007.png Costume Irwin Cold Hat (436007) 480096.png Costume Haori Coat (480096)
41057.png Beauty Box (41057)
Common Uncommon Rare
436010.png Costume Spiding (436010) 420163.png Costume Protect Cloth (black) (420163) 420140.png Costume Alpha Long Pony (420140)
410049.png Costume Blinking Golden Eyes (410049) 480200.png Costume Guardian Wings (480200) 420150.png Costume Twinkle Twin(Blue) (420150)
20505.png Costume Blue Cupid Wing (20505) 400148.png Costume Black Dragon Wig (400148) 420151.png Costume Master of Light and Darkness (Low) (420151)
410182.png Costume Traveler's lantern (410182) 410056.png Costume Chick Doll (410056)
41071.png Glamorous Egg (41071)
Common Uncommon Rare
31374.png Costume Explosion Gum (31374) 31764.png Costume Iridescent Veil (Mid) (31764) 31905.png Costume Snow Ice Hair (31905)
31579.png Costume I LOVE GAMES (31579) 31617.png Costume Lady Tanee (31617) 31915.png Costume Sweet Coronet (31915)
31590.png Costume Designer Brush (31590) 31906.png Costume Cat Paw Knitted Hat (31906) 31921.png Costume Fairy Long (Sakura) (31921)
31630.png Costume Baphomet Balloon (31630) 31907.png Costume Cat Paw Knitted Hat (Brown) (31907) 31933.png Costume Miyabi Doll Long Hair (Light Purple) (31933)
41030.png Wings Costume Egg (41030)
Common Uncommon Rare
19596.png Costume Flapping Angel Wings (19596) 20461.png Costume 93 Style Bloody Wings (20461) 19677.png Costume Soulless Wing (19677)
19731.png Costume Evil Wings (19731) 19853.png Costume Filir Wings (19853) 19710.png Costume Wings of Victory (19710)
19573.png Costume Heart Wings Hairband (19573) 31264.png Costume Wings of Protector (Low) (31264) 19742.png Costume Small Golden Wings (19742)
19509.png Costume Yellow Butterfly Wings (19509) 20526.png Costume Brilliant Blue Angel Wings (20526)
19529.png Costume Angel Wings (19529) 20572.png Costume Wing of Heart (20572)
41031.png Great Wing Costume Egg (41031)
Common Uncommon Rare
31379.png Costume Wind-Up Key (31379) 19623.png Costume Bijofnil Wings (19623) 20762.png Costume Great Devil Wings (20762)
20079.png Costume Forgotten Angel Wings (20079) 19928.png Costume Gothic Heart Wing Ribbon (19928)
20101.png Costume Bragi Wing Ears (20101) 20005.png Costume Sigrun's Wings (20005)
19859.png Costume Flapping Angel Wings (19859) 20316.png Costume Seraph Wing Helm (20316) 20764.png Costume Fallen Angel Wings (20764)
31295.png Costume Red Wing Hat (31295) 31170.png Costume Wings of Wind (31170)
41069.png Chaotic Egg (41069)
Common Uncommon Rare
19993.png Costume Onigiri (19993) 20033.png Costume Monk Crown (20033) 20501.png Costume Mechanic Wing (20501)
19995.png Costume Flower Blossom (19995) 20069.png Costume Gryphon Hairband (20069) 20513.png Costume EXE Backpack (20513)
19997.png Costume Bomb Hat (19997) 20283.png Costume Over Protector (20283) 20525.png Costume Crimson Wings (20525)
20192.png Costume Green Foxtail (20192) 31027.png Costume Pretty Bear (31027) 20533.png Costume Pink Butterfly Wings (20533)

Random Egg/Box

41056.png Costume Minimi Box (41056)
410145.png Costume Agnes Minimi (410145) 410146.png Costume De Vries Minimi (410146) 410147.png Costume Elena Volkova Minimi (410147)
410148.png Costume Elumina Minimi (410148) 410149.png Costume Eisen Werner Minimi (410149) 410188.png Costume King Minimi (410188)
410189.png Costume Angeling Minimi (410189) 410190.png Costume Seyren Minimi (410190) 410191.png Costume: Spica Nerius Minimi (410191)
410192.png Costume: Evil Minimi (410192) 410206.png Costume Lehar Mini (410206) 410205.png Costume Marlbron Minimi (410205)
410193.png Costume Gullaring Minimi (410193)
41059.png Cutie Box (41059)
31783.png Costume Doram Ballon (31783) 31842.png Costume Striking Hat (31842) 31843.png Costume Heavenly Order (31843)
31851.png Costume Floating Shield (31851) 31857.png Costume Airy Two Side Up (Silver) (31857) 31626.png Costume Floating Feather (31626)
31847.png Costume Blinking Blue Eyes (31847) 31849.png Costume Runaway Accelerator (31849) 31383.png Costume Volume Low Twin (31383)
31396.png Costume Sorcerer Hood (31396)
41077.png Costume Deluxe Egg (41077)
20618.png Costume Big Brown Rabbit (20618) 480127.png Costume Straw Hat (480127) 480130.png Costume Beer Server (480130)
480223.png Costume Muranyasa (480223) 480246.png Costume Valkyrie Spear (480246) 480176.png Costume Blue Rose Garden (480176)
480152.png Costume Delicious Strawberry (480152) 480236.png Costume Big Book of Soyga (480236) 480187.png Costume Wedding Ribbon (480187)
41049.png Costume Forcefield Box (41049)
40026.png Costume Blue Forcefield (40026) 40027.png Costume Green Forcefield (40027) 40028.png Costume Orange Forcefield (40028)
40029.png Costume Pink Forcefield (40029) 40032.png Costume Red Forcefield (40032) 40031.png Costume Purple Forcefield (40031)
41019.png Costume In Mouth Box (41019)
31418.png Costume Green Onion in Mouth (31418) 20029.png Costume Donut in Mouth (20029) 31594.png Costume Red Pencil in Mouth (31594)
31676.png Costume Orange in Mouth (31676) 20043.png Costume Cherryblossom in Mouth (20043) 31927.png Costume Pencil in Mouth (Blue) (31927)
20313.png Costume CD in Mouth (20313) 20107.png Costume Fish in mouth (20107) 20438.png Costume Abacus in Mouth (20438)
31261.png Costume Soda in Mouth (31261) 20156.png Costume Fan in Mouth (20156) 31296.png Costume Strawberry in Mouth (31296)
20143.png Costume Candy Cane in Mouth (20143) 20071.png Costume Worg in Mouth (20071) 20030.png Costume Choco Donut in Mouth (20030)
41020.png Costume Mask Box (41020)
19531.png Costume Cube Mask (19531) 19553.png Costume Assassin Mask (19553) 19583.png Costume Zorro Mask (19583)
19615.png Costume Loki Mask (19615) 19634.png Costume Flu Mask (19634) 19732.png Costume Goblin Leader Mask (19732)
19736.png Costume Gas Mask (19736) 20481.png Costume Mask of Ifrit (20481) 19747.png Costume Tha Despero Mask (19747)
20061.png Costume Demo Mask (20061) 19566.png Costume Samurai Mask (19566)
41041.png Costume Top Box (41041)
19641.png Costume Helm of Darkness (19641) 18741.png Costume Will O Wisp (18741) 19642.png Costume Moonlight Flower Hat (19642)
19753.png Costume Celestial Hat (19753) 19294.png Costume Cyber Cat Ear Headphone (Red) (19294) 19707.png Costume Polar Bear Cap (19707)
19768.png Costume Sakura Coronet (19768) 19622.png Costume Crescent Hairpin (19622) 19851.png Costume Teddybear Hat (19851)
18743.png Costume Spirit of Chung E (18743) 19613.png Costume Valkyrie Feather Band (19613)
41043.png Costume Small Ribbon Box (41043)
31043.png Costume Ribbon (White) (31043) 20024.png Costume Orange Ribbon (20024) 19523.png Costume Green Ribbon (19523)
31800.png Costume Brazil Twin Ribbon (31800) 20095.png Costume Red Ribbon (20095) 31451.png Costume Blue Frill Ribbon (31451)
31400.png Costume Ribbon (31400) 20097.png Costume White Ribbon (20097) 20466.png Costume Crimson Ribbon (20466)
19717.png Costume Pink Ribbon (19717) 20094.png Costume Green Ribbon (20094) 20096.png Costume Blue Ribbon (20096)
19709.png Costume Yellow Ribbon (19709)
41044.png Costume Ribbon Box (41044)
31048.png Costume White Lily (Black Ribbon) (31048) 19744.png Costume Black Tail Ribbon (19744) 31045.png Costume Blue Rear Ribbon (31045)
20464.png Costume Monochrome Ribbon Hat (20464) 19929.png Costume Classical Ribbon (19929) 31302.png Costume Black Magenta Ribbons (31302)
20269.png Costume White Fox Ear Ribbon (20269) 31124.png Costume Ribbon Chief Hat (31124) 31092.png Costume Rabbit Ribbon (31092)
19750.png Costume Saint Frill Ribbon (19750) 20046.png Costume Blue Ribbon Band (20046)
41022.png Costume Maskerade Box (41022)
19610.png Costume Whisper Mask (19610) 19919.png Costume Quve Mask (19919) 19618.png Costume Kitsune Mask (19618)
20230.png Costume Bankruptcy Mask (20230) 20124.png Costume Butterfly Mask (20124) 31712.png Costume Oxygen Mask (31712)
31129.png Costume Scratch Mask (31129) 20166.png Costume Hockey Mask (20166) 20176.png Costume Happy Pierrot Mask (20176)
20059.png Costume Welding Mask (20059) 20244.png Costume Zealotus Mask (20244)
41023.png Costume Masks Box (41023)
21300.png Costume Lion Mask (21300) 31243.png Costume Tongue Mask (Mid) (31243) 31033.png Costume Believer's Mask (31033)
31128.png Costume Bride Mask (31128) 31442.png Costume Smile Mask (Mid) (31442) 31161.png Costume Tiger Mask (31161)
31240.png Costume Whisper Mask (Top) (31240) 31609.png Costume Noble Mask (31609) 31669.png Costume Enhanced Whisper Mask (31669)
31311.png Costume Dolor Thanatos Mask (31311) 31505.png Costume Falcon Mask (31505)
41024.png Costume Glasses Box (41024)
19887.png Costume Monocle (19887) 19504.png Costume Sunglasses (19504) 19888.png Costume Glasses (19888)
20077.png Costume Wing Frame Sunglasses (20077) 19722.png Costume Black Glasses (19722) 20108.png Costume Blind Glasses (20108)
20115.png Costume Under Rim Glasses (20115) 19830.png Costume Sunglasses (19830) 19886.png Costume Purple Glasses (19886)
19609.png Costume Red Glasses (19609) 20185.png Costume Fashionable Glasses (20185)
41025.png Costume New Glasses Box (41025)
31497.png Costume Flower Glasses (31497) 20125.png Costume Mini Glasses (20125) 20465.png Costume Glasses Without Lens (20465)
31601.png Costume Under Glasses (Blue) (31601) 20149.png Costume Hexagon Glasses (20149) 31931.png Costume Half Rim Glasses (31931)
19954.png Costume 3D Glasses (19954) 20295.png Costume Poring Sunglasses (20295) 31262.png Costume Disposable 3D Glasses (31262)
20142.png Costume Machoman Glasses (20142) 20286.png Costume Under Rim Glasses (Red) (20286) 20314.png Costume New Wave Sunglasses (20314)
Costume Fluffy Ears Box (41027)
31310.png Costume 666 Black Elven Ears (31310) 20270.png Costume Gryphon Wing Ears (20270) 31151.png Costume Cheshire's Cat Ears (31151)
19854.png Costume Ears of Black Cat (19854) 31511.png Costume Cat Ears Long (31511) 31191.png Golden Cat Ears (31191)
31192.png Blue Cat Ears (31192) 19649.png Costume White Kitten Ears (19649) 31146.png Costume Kardui Ears (31146)
31510.png Costume Cat Ears Short (31510) 19643.png Costume Wickebine Ears (19643) 31096.png Costume Bau Alma's Dog Ears (31096)
41028.png Costume Special Ears Box (41028)
20262.png Costume Fox Ears Drop Ribbon (20262) 20018.png Costume Long Wolf Ears (20018) 19616.png Costume Wickebine's Black Cat Ears (19616)
31509.png Costume Fawn Ears (31509) 31313.png Costume Fallen Angel Wing Ears (31313) 20076.png Costume Idun Feather Ears (20076)
31573.png Costume Mecha Cat Ears (31573) 31527.png Costume Blue Ears Accessory (31527) 31799.png Costume Pretty White Bear Ears (31799)
31508.png Costume Isabella Blue Ears (31508) 31384.png Costume Fake Ears (31384) 31289.png Costume Black Wing Ears (Low) (31289)
41029.png Costume Rose Box (41029)
19687.png Costume Lush Rose (19687) 19726.png Costume Scarlet Rose (19726) 31046.png Costume White Rose Princess (31046)
31137.png Costume Blue Rose Ornament (31137) 20235.png Costume Frozen Rose (20235) 31389.png Costume White Bird Rose (31389)
20041.png Costume Rose Headband (20041) 19530.png Costume Wild Rose (19530) 31848.png Costume Rose Gothic Bonnet (31848)
31449.png Costume Blue Rose Eyepatch (31449) 20251.png Costume Rose Cascade (20251) 20035.png Costume Miracle Blue Rose (20035)
20181.png Costume Mystic Rose (20181) 19536.png Costume Rose Corsage (19536)
41045.png Costume Sweet Animals Box (41045)
19588.png Costume Nekomimi Hat (19588) 20147.png Costume Pigeon on Shoulder (20147) 31437.png Costume Baby Penguin (31437)
31614.png Costume Fox Doll (31614) 20298.png Costume Happy Lunatic Hanging Ear (20298) 31795.png Costume Elephant Fairy (31795)
19941.png Costume Ear Muffs (19941) 19986.png Costume Lunatic Hat (19986) 20228.png Costume Piggie Bank (20228)
20241.png Costume Eclipse Hat (20241) 20301.png Costume Golden Savage Hat (20301) 31787.png Costume Savage Baby on Shoulders (31787)
31693.png Costume Lunatic Shawl (31693) 20294.png Costume Savage Babe Hat (20294)

Monthly rotation of Costume Eggs

22850.png January Costume Egg (22850)
Common Uncommon Rare
31564.png Costume Variant Veil (31564) 31278.png Costume Cowlick (White) (Mid) (31278) 31625.png Costume Protect Cloth (31625) 31616.png Costume Sleeping Sheep (31616) 20589.png Costume Mechanical Single Wing (20589)
31562.png Costume Zealotus Doll (31562) 31561.png Costume Eight Purgatory Wings (31561) 31566.png Costume Golden Angel Stall (31566) 20763.png Costume Amistr Bag (20763) 20765.png Costume Archangel's Wings (20765)
19568.png Costume Ancient Horns (19568) 31563.png Costume Blue Eyes Makeup (31563) 31565.png Costume Princess Ribbon Crown (31565)
22851.png February Costume Egg (22851)
Common Uncommon Rare
20255.png Costume Love Cheeks (20255) 31594.png Costume Red Pencil in Mouth (31594) 31538.png Costume Love Feeling (31538) 31178.png Costume Fire Muffler (31178) 20613.png Costume Spider Wings (20613)
31329.png Costume Alice Wig (31329) 31330.png Costume Fallen Angel Valletta (31330) 20504.png Costume Pink Cupid Wings (20504) 31600.png Costume White Dog Doll (31600) 20594.png Costume Large Ribbon Cloak (20594)
31326.png Costume Rolf Von Ziege 666 II (31326) 31599.png Costume Medium Wave (31599) 31846.png Costume Lovely Ribbon Hair (31846) 20517.png Costume Giant Cat Bag (20517)
31318.png Costume Gerhard Von Deviruchi 83 II (31318) 31327.png Costume Wood Goblin's Nose (31327)
22852.png March Costume Egg (22852)
Common Uncommon Rare
31611.png Costume Black King's Stall (31611) 19551.png Costume Elven Ears (19551) 20010.png Costume Rainbow Feather Ears (20010) 31386.png Costume Orbs of Survival (31386) 20515.png Costume Magic Circle (20515)
19584.png Costume Dagger in Mouth (19584) 19554.png Costume Hahoe Mask (19554) 19291.png Costume Shiba Inu (19291) 20018.png Costume Long Wolf Ears (20018) 20570.png Costume Heart Chocolate Bag (20570)
19672.png Costume Poring Letter (19672) 31610.png Costume Yellow Wizard Hat (31610) 31608.png Costume Veil of Sacred Gems (31608) 20584.png Costume Large Foxtail (20584)
31609.png Costume Noble Mask (31609) 31612.png Costume Great Magician's Ceremonial Crown (31612)
22853.png April Costume Egg (22853)
Common Uncommon Rare
20499.png Costume Cat Ears Hat (20499) 31029.png Costume Pig Nose (31029) 31670.png Costume Miyabi Doll Long Hair (31670) 31614.png Costume Fox Doll (31614) 410144.png Costume Omega Golf Bag (410144)
31028.png Costume Black Cat Hood (31028) 31482.png Costume Lunatic Muffler (31482) 20215.png Costume Black Devil Mask (20215) 20449.png Costume White and Black Temptation (20449) 20737.png Costume Kirin Wings (20737)
31664.png Costume Drooping Ernst Von Wolf 11th (31664) 20497.png Costume Umbala Spirit (20497) 20988.png Costume Mechanical Butterfly (20988)
20496.png Costume Black Shiba Inu Hat (20496)
22854.png May Costume Egg (22854)
Common Uncommon Rare
31682.png Costume Drooping Elven Ears (31682) 31438.png Costume Fluffy Angel Cape (31438) 31433.png Costume Celestial Circle (31433) 31439.png Costume Fluffy Heart Earmuffs (31439) 20761.png Costume Wings of Happiness (20761)
31436.png Costume Lazy Cat (31436) 31685.png Costume Fluffy Semi-Long (31685) 31687.png Costume Alchemist's Square Bag (31687)
31441.png Costume Penguin Cap (Blue) (31441) 31688.png Costume Poring on Shoulder (31688) 31544.png Costume Piamette Roll Hair (31544) 31542.png Costume Clay Poring Jar (31542) 20510.png Costume Wings of Sword (20510)
31541.png Costume Drosera Hairpin (31541) 31686.png Costume Desert Wolf Baby (31686)
22855.png June Costume Egg (22855)
Common Uncommon Rare
31696.png Costume Shark Hat (31696) 31698.png Costume Pigtail Red Hood (31698) 31699.png Costume Smiling Eyes (31699) 31731.png Costume Sweets Party (31731) 20599.png Costume Cherry Blossom Wings (20599)
31697.png Costume Bird Nest (31697) 19781.png Costume Angel Wing Ears (19781) 19810.png Costume Ears of Ifrit (19810) 20571.png Costume Valkyries Wings (20571) 20548.png Costume Poring Aura (20548)
20029.png Costume Donut in Mouth (20029) 19776.png Costume Tomboy Fairy (19776)
22856.png July Costume Egg (22856)
Common Uncommon Rare
31470.png Costume Scroll of Tengu (31470) 31586.png Costume Poporing Muffler (31586) 31475.png Costume Black Fox Ears Ribbon (31475) 31718.png Costume Sky Lantern (31718) 20746.png Costume Rudra Wings (20746)
19535.png Costume Sinsuncho Hat (19535) 31473.png Costume Tipsy (31473) 31476.png Costume Yellow Cherry Blossom Hat (31476)
31471.png Costume Celestial Flower (31471) 31474.png Costume Straight Long (Black) (31474) 31472.png Costume Fairy Feathers (31472) 20519.png Costume Full Bloom Cherry Tree (20519) 20603.png Costume Ulysses Butterfly Wings (20603)
31710.png Costume Lace Flower Crown (31710)
22857.png August Costume Egg (22857)
Common Uncommon Rare
31540.png Costume Gemini Eyes (Red) (31540) 31490.png Costume Poring Muffler (31490) 31493.png Costume Volume Low Twin (White) (31493) 31595.png Costume Book of Soyga (31595) 20522.png Costume Spiritual Blessings (20522)
31487.png Costume Eye Bandage (31487) 20405.png Costume Eremes Scarf (20405) 31488.png Costume MVP (31488) 31489.png Costume Bouquet Hat (31489) 20528.png Costume Golden Butterfly Wings (20528)
20227.png Costume Husky Hat (20227) 20509.png Costume Wings of Uriel (20509)
22858.png September Costume Egg (22858)
Common Uncommon Rare
31434.png Costume Cloud Burst (31434) 31199.png Costume Weird Beard (31199) 31788.png Costume Piamette Doll Hair (Silver) (31788) 19755.png Costume YinYang Earring (19755) 20344.png Costume Happy Balloon (20344)
31786.png Costume Red Baby Dragon (31786) 31207.png Costume Dokkebi Mask (31207) 20154.png Costume Falling Maple Leafs (20154) 31202.png Costume Dog Officer (31202) 20538.png Costume Magic Circle Rainbow (20538)
31198.png Costume Octopus Hat (31198) 31203.png Costume Charcoal Stove (31203) 31717.png Costume Medium Wave (Yellow) (31717) 20535.png Costume Digital Space (20535)
31201.png Costume Royal Rabbit Crown (31201) 31234.png Costume Persica (31234) 20582.png Costume Bear Doll (20582)
22859.png October Costume Egg (22859)
Common Uncommon Rare
31167.png Costume Hanging Black Lunatic Ears (31167) 31181.png Costume Necklace Rosary (31181) 31188.png Costume Mono Gothic Bonnet (31188) 20451.png Costume Sky of Memory (20451) 20543.png Costume Pumpkin Poring Bag (20543)
31117.png Costume Hoplite Helmet (31117) 31118.png Costume Assassin's Mask (31118) 31187.png Costume War Princess Ribbon (31187) 31119.png Costume Blue Magician Hat (31119) 20530.png Costume Wings of Gabriel (20530)
19915.png Costume Little Devil's Horn (19915) 31122.png Costume Bloody Stop Bandage (31122) 31190.png Costume Black Angel Mini Silk Hat (31190) 20502.png Costume Little Devil Wings (20502)
22860.png November Costume Egg (22860)
Common Uncommon Rare
31247.png Costume Hippo Hat (31247) 19764.png Costume Spare Card (19764) 31250.png Costume Wonderful Beast Ears (31250) 31158.png Costume Squirrel Ear Hat (31158) 20511.png Costume Blue Wings of Fairy (20511)
31256.png Costume Jaguar Mask (31256) 19952.png Costume Bubble Gum in Mouth (19952) 31416.png Costume Seraphim Coronet (31416) 31179.png Costume Wolf Masquerade (31179) 20516.png Costume Wings of Michael (20516)
31452.png Costume White Cat (31452) 20524.png Costume Shining Angel Wings (20524)
22861.png December Costume Egg (22861)
Common Uncommon Rare
31435.png Costume Ghost Magician's Knit Hat (31435) 31463.png Costume Flying Drone (31463) 31569.png Costume Open Air Headset (31569) 31440.png Costume Snow Bear Hood (31440) 20448.png Costume Water Spellcaster (20448)
31545.png Costume Eremes Scarf (Blue) (31545) 31784.png Costume Experimental Goat Cap (31784) 31189.png Costume Red Cat Ears Cape (31189) 31492.png Costume Brown Cat Ears Cape (31492) 31432.png Costume Floating Ice (31432)
31575.png Costume Electro Two Side Up (31575) 31259.png Costume Bubble Arc Angeling Headband (31259) 20593.png Costume Ice Wings (20593)

Season Eggs

41034.png Spring Costume Egg (41034)
Common Uncommon Rare
20047.png Costume Prayer Cherry Blossom (20047) 19713.png Costume Lucky Clover (19713) 20155.png Costume Lady Feather Hat (20155) 19806.png Costume Full Bloom Hairpin (19806) 20487.png Costume Waltz of Flowers (20487)
31245.png Costume Cherry (31245) 20305.png Costume Nettie Heart Bubble Gum (20305) 31816.png Costume Moon Lion's Wings (31816)
31141.png Costume Cactus Flower Corsage (31141) 19804.png Costume Red Vane Hairpin (19804) 20490.png Costume Full Blossom Sakura Hairpin (Blue) (20490) 20285.png Costume Blowing Scattered Sakura (20285)
20605.png Costume Leaf Umbrella (20605)
41035.png Summer Costume Egg (41035)
Common Uncommon Rare
19699.png Costume Gf Recruiter Hat (19699) 20122.png Costume Happy Summer Ribbon (20122) 31618.png Costume Butterfly Charm (31618) 19538.png Costume Full Moon (19538) 31460.png Costume Blessing Sky Lantern (31460)
20121.png Costume Water Lily Hat (20121) 19507.png Costume Shining Sun (19507) 31304.png Costume Summer Fan (31304) 19539.png Costume Reginleif Hairband (19539) 20404.png Costume Blessing of Angel (20404)
19698.png Costume Bf Recruiter Hat (19698) 20468.png You in ONE (20468) 31177.png Costume Tail Hat (31177) 31395.png Costume Book of Magic (31395)
41033.png Autumn Costume Egg (41033)
Common Uncommon Rare
19518.png Costume Rainbow (19518) 31399.png Costume Darkness Veil (31399) 20183.png Costume There is...Something... (20183) 19542.png Costume Devil's Whisper (19542) 31123.png Costume Ghostring Tall Hat (31123)
31120.png Costume Vampire's Familiar (31120) 19519.png Costume Lightning Cloud (19519) 31803.png Costume Wind Master (31803)
31121.png Costume Bat Stole (31121) 19520.png Costume Rain Cloud (19520) 20132.png Costume Vicious Mind Aura (20132) 20407.png Costume Vicious Mind Aura (Crimson) (20407) 20547.png Costume Whisper's Blessing (20547)
31186.png Costume Black Cat (31186)
41032.png Winter Costume Egg (41032)
Common Uncommon Rare
20222.png Costume Blue Santa Hat (20222) 31390.png Costume Let It Snow (31390) 19984.png Costume Winter Hat (19984) 31588.png Costume Snowflake on Head (31588) 20240.png Costume Gift of Snow (20240)
19702.png Costume Twin Pom Santa (19702) 19697.png Costume Rudolph Santa Hat (19697) 20231.png Costume Snowman Hat (20231) 18744.png Costume Twilight (18744) 31479.png Costume Numerous Stars (31479)
19982.png Costume Santa Hat (19982) 19856.png Costume Snow Cone Hat (19856) 20242.png Costume Snownow Hat (20242) 18742.png Costume Moon and Stars (18742) 20545.png Costume Christmas Guardian Wings (20545)

Event Eggs

41037.png Valentine Costume Egg (41037)
Name Uncommon Rare
20224.png Costume Red Tailed Ribbon (20224) 20021.png Costume Heart Ribbon Hairband (20021) 20467.png Costume Elemental Crown (20467) 31398.png Costume Blinking Thin Eyes (31398) 31673.png Costume Picnic Basket (31673)
20441.png Costume Large Ribbon Muffler (Red) (20441) 20178.png Costume Puppy Love (20178) 31047.png Costume First Love Cheek (31047) 31716.png Costume Blinking Red Eyes (31716) 40007.png Costume Angel Ribbon Wing (40007)
19590.png Costume Twin Red Ribbon (19590) 31301.png Costume Blinking Eyes (31301) 31934.png Costume Blinking Purple Eyes (31934) 31930.png Costume Standing Mic (31930)
41036.png Easter Costume Egg (41036)
Common Uncommon Rare
31239.png Costume Love Rabbit Hood (Top) (31239) 20067.png Costume White Rabbit Headband (20067) 20200.png Costume Rabbit Headdress (20200) 31249.png Costume Hopping Rabbit (31249) 31299.png Costume White Rabbit (31299)
31815.png Costume Angora Rabbit Hat (31815) 19540.png Costume Rabbit Earplug (19540) 20257.png Costume Black Rabbit Bonnet (20257) 31513.png Costume Rabbit Hopping Black (31513) 31512.png Costume Panda Rabbit (31512)
440003.png Costume Beginner Rabbit Hood (440003) 31092.png Costume Rabbit Ribbon (31092) 31529.png Costume Happy Rabbit Ribbon (31529)
41017.png Halloween Costume Egg (41017)
Common Uncommon Rare
31387.png Costume Jjakk (31387) 20173.png Costume Lude Hood (20173) 31833.png Costume Halloween Short Cat Ears (31833) 19910.png Costume Halloween Hat (19910) 20597.png Costume Evil Scythe (20597)
20172.png Costume Pumpkin Hat (20172) 20174.png Costume Orange Halloween Hat (20174) 31834.png Costume Halloween Long Cat Ears (31834) 20034.png Costume Jack Castle Bat (20034) 20586.png Costume Crescent Moon (20586)
31121.png Costume Bat Stole (31121) 20167.png Costume Deviruchi Headphone (20167)
41018.png Nightmare Costume Egg (41018)
Common Uncommon Rare
20399.png Costume Crow Tengu Mask (20399) 31380.png Costume Crow (31380) 20408.png Costume Requiem Crown of Light and Dark (20408) 19751.png Costume Light Darkness Crown (19751) 20588.png Costume Witch's Broom (20588)
19920.png Costume Evolved Whisper Mask (19920) 20225.png Costume Pumpkin Head (20225)
31382.png Costume Punkish Cat Ears (31382) 19917.png Costume Dark Pumpkin Hat (19917) 19916.png Costume Black Cat Hat (19916) 19558.png Costume Crow Hat (19558) 20590.png Costume Evil Druid's Cross (20590)
31385.png Costume Gothic Pumpkin Head (31385)

41042.png Costume Xmas Ribbon Box (41042)
19847.png Costume Big Ribbon (19847) 19640.png Costume Charming Ribbon (19640) 31448.png Costume Sting's Silk Ribbon (31448)
31453.png Costume Large Ribbon Muffler (Black) (31453) 20239.png Costume Large Ribbon Muffler (20239) 20488.png Costume Pale Yellow Ribbon (20488)

41134.png Xmas 2023 Box Box (41134)
60603.png Costume Christams Bell Ribbon (60603) 60604.png Costume Christmas Wings (60604) 60605.png Costume Cold Blade Wings (60605)
60628.png Costume Dread Lord Aura (60628) 60706.png Costume Holiday Hat (60706) 60707.png Costume Ice Wings (60707)
60710.png Costume Light Up Christmas Tree (60710) 60790.png Costume Rainbow Lollipop (60790) 60800.png Costume Reindeer Hat (60800)
60733.png Costume Merry Xmas Rudolph (60733)

Wig Eggs/Boxes

Special: With the wig eggs/boxes you have the option that you can choose the color, you do not get a random wig.

41053.png Costume Firm Wave Hair Box (41053)
31959.png Costume Firm Wave Hair (Black) (31959) 31960.png Costume Firm Wave Hair (Blue) (31960) 31961.png Costume Firm Wave Hair (Green) (31961) 31962.png Costume Firm Wave Hair (Brown) (31962)
31963.png Costume Firm Wave Hair (Pink) (31963) 31964.png Costume Firm Wave Hair (Purple) (31964) 31965.png Costume Firm Wave Hair (Red) (31965) 31966.png Costume Firm Wave Hair (White) (31966)
31967.png Costume Firm Wave Hair (Yellow) (31967)
100717.png Costume Fluffy Semi-Long Box (100717)
420036.png Costume Fluffy Semi-Long Hair (Light Blue) (420036) 420037.png Costume Fluffy Semi-Long Hair (Cherry Blossom) (420037) 420038.png Costume Fluffy Semi-Long Hair (Yellow) (420038) 420039.png Costume Fluffy Semi-Long Hair (Turquoise) (420039)
420040.png Costume Fluffy Semi-Long Hair (Jet Black) (420040) 420041.png Costume Fluffy Semi-Long Hair (White) (420041) 420042.png Costume Fluffy Semi-Long Hair (Orange) (420042) 420043.png Costume Fluffy Semi-Long Hair (Light Purple) (420043)
41050.png Costume Ponytail Hair Box (41050)
31969.png Costume Ponytail Hair (Light Purple) (31969) 31970.png Costume Ponytail Hair (Brown) (31970) 420060.png Costume Ponytail Hair (Green) (420060) 31968.png Costume Ponytail Hair (Black) (31968)
420059.png Costume Ponytail Hair (Blue) (420059) 420058.png Costume Ponytail Hair (Yellow) (420058) 420061.png Costume Ponytail Hair (Pink) (420061) 420062.png Costume Ponytail Hair (Purple) (420062)
420057.png Costume Ponytail Hair (Red) (420057) 31971.png Costume Ponytail Hair (White) (31971)
41011.png Costume Long Twin Box (41011)
31226.png Costume Long Twin (Blue) (31226) 31230.png Costume Long Twin (Black) (31230) 31227.png Costume Long Twin (Red) (31227) 31231.png Costume Long Twin (White) (31231)
31228.png Costume Long Twin (Yellow) (31228) 31232.png Costume Long Twin (Brown) (31232) 31229.png Costume Long Twin (Green) (31229) 31233.png Costume Long Twin (Purple) (31233)
41012.png Costume Side Pony Box (41012)
31649.png Costume Side Pony (Black) (31649) 31647.png Costume Side Pony (Blonde) (31647) 31645.png Costume Side Pony (Red) (31645) 31651.png Costume Side Pony (Brown) (31651)
31648.png Costume Side Pony (Green) (31648) 31652.png Costume Side Pony (Purple) (31652) 31646.png Costume Side Pony (Red) (31646) 31650.png Costume Side Pony (White) (31650)
41013.png Costume Back Signon Box (41013)
31653.png Costume Back Signon (Blue) (31653) 31657.png Costume Back Signon (Black) (31657) 31654.png Costume Back Signon (Red) (31654) 31658.png Costume Back Signon (White) (31658)
31655.png Costume Back Signon (Yellow) (31655) 31659.png Costume Back Signon (Brown) (31659) 31656.png Costume Back Signon (Green) (31656) 31660.png Costume Back Signon (Purple) (31660)
41014.png Costume Signon Princess Wave Box (41014)
31858.png Costume Signon Princess Wave (Blue) (31858) 31862.png Costume Signon Princess Wave (Black) (31862) 31859.png Costume Signon Princess Wave (Red) (31859) 31863.png Costume Signon Princess Wave (White) (31863)
31860.png Costume Signon Princess Wave (Yellow) (31860) 31864.png Costume Signon Princess Wave (Brown) (31864) 31861.png Costume Signon Princess Wave (Green) (31861) 31865.png Costume Signon Princess Wave (Purple) (31865)
41015.png Costume Himmelmez's Wig Box (41015)
31874.png Costume Himmelmez's Wig (Blue) (31874) 31878.png Costume Himmelmez's Wig (Pink) (31878) 31875.png Costume Himmelmez's Wig (Yellow) (31875) 31879.png Costume Himmelmez's Wig (Blue Green) (31879)
31876.png Costume Himmelmez's Wig (White) (31876) 31880.png Costume Himmelmez's Wig (Black) (31880) 31877.png Costume Himmelmez's Wig (Light Purple) (31877) 31881.png Costume Himmelmez's Wig (Brown) (31881)
41007.png Costume Cowlick (Mid) Box (41007)
31273.png Costume Cowlick (Blue) (Mid) (31273) 31277.png Costume Cowlick (Black) (Mid) (31277) 31274.png Costume Cowlick (Red) (Mid) (31274) 31279.png Costume Cowlick (Crimson) (Mid) (31279)
31275.png Costume Cowlick (Yellow) (Mid) (31275) 31280.png Costume Cowlick (Purple) (Mid) (31280) 31276.png Costume Cowlick (Green) (Mid) (31276) 31278.png Costume Cowlick (White) (Mid) (31278)
41000.png Costume Loose Wave Twin Box (41000)
20364.png Costume Loose Wave Twin (Yellow) (20364) 20368.png Costume Loose Wave Twin (Crimson) (20368) 20365.png Costume Loose Wave Twin (Green) (20365) 20369.png Costume Loose Wave Twin (Blue) (20369)
20366.png Costume Loose Wave Twin (Purple) (20366) 20370.png Costume Loose Wave Twin (White) (20370) 20367.png Costume Loose Wave Twin (Red) (20367) 20342.png Costume Loose Wave Twin (Black) (20342)
41001.png Costume Straight Pony Box (41001)
20357.png Costume Straight Pony (Yellow) (20357) 20361.png Costume Straight Pony (Crimson) (20361) 20358.png Costume Straight Pony (Green) (20358) 20363.png Costume Straight Pony (White) (20363)
20359.png Costume Straight Pony (Purple) (20359) 20340.png Costume Straight Pony (Black) (20340) 20360.png Costume Straight Pony (Red) (20360)
41003.png Costume Bouncing Hair Box (41003)
20353.png Costume Bouncing Hair (Red) (20353) 20350.png Costume Bouncing Hair (Yellow) (20350) 20354.png Costume Bouncing Hair (Crimson) (20354) 20351.png Costume Bouncing Hair (Green) (20351)
20355.png Costume Bouncing Hair (Blue) (20355) 20352.png Costume Bouncing Hair (Purple) (20352) 20341.png Costume Bouncing Hair (Black) (20341)
41004.png Costume Hair Bun Box (41004)
31063.png Costume Hair Bun (Blue) (31063) 31067.png Costume Hair Bun (Black) (31067) 31064.png Costume Hair Bun (Red) (31064) 31068.png Costume Hair Bun (White) (31068)
31065.png Costume Hair Bun (Yellow) (31065) 31069.png Costume Hair Bun (Crimson) (31069) 31066.png Costume Hair Bun (Green) (31066) 31070.png Costume Hair Bun (Purple) (31070)
41005.png Costume Roll Twin Box (41005)
31071.png Costume Roll Twin (Blue) (31071) 31075.png Costume Roll Twin (Black) (31075) 31072.png Costume Roll Twin (Red) (31072) 31076.png Costume Roll Twin (White) (31076)
31073.png Costume Roll Twin (Yellow) (31073) 31077.png Costume Roll Twin (Crimson) (31077) 31074.png Costume Roll Twin (Green) (31074) 31078.png Costume Roll Twin (Purple) (31078)
41006.png Costume Long Pony Box (41006)
31079.png Costume Long Pony (Blue) (31079) 31083.png Costume Long Pony (Black) (31083) 31080.png Costume Long Pony (Red) (31080) 31084.png Costume Long Pony (White) (31084)
31081.png Costume Long Pony (Yellow) (31081) 31085.png Costume Long Pony (Crimson) (31085) 31082.png Costume Long Pony (Green) (31082) 31086.png Costume Long Pony (Purple) (31086)
41001.png Costume Straight Pony Box (41001)
31265.png Costume Straight Pony (Blue) (Mid) (31265) 31269.png Costume Straight Pony (Black) (Mid) (31269) 31266.png Costume Straight Pony (Red) (Mid) (31266) 31270.png Costume Straight Pony (White) (Mid) (31270)
31267.png Costume Straight Pony (Yellow) (Mid) (31267) 31271.png Costume Straight Pony (Crimson) (Mid) (31271) 31268.png Costume Straight Pony (Green) (Mid) (31268) 31272.png Costume Straight Pony (Purple) (Mid) (31272)
41008.png Costume Side Pigtail Box (41008)
31210.png Costume Side Pigtail (Blue) (31210) 31214.png Costume Side Pigtail (Black) (31214) 31211.png Costume Side Pigtail (Red) (31211) 31215.png Costume Side Pigtail (White) (31215)
31212.png Costume Side Pigtail (Yellow) (31212) 31216.png Costume Side Pigtail (Brown) (31216) 31213.png Costume Side Pigtail (Green) (31213) 31217.png Costume Side Pigtail (Purple) (31217)
41009.png Costume Straight Long Box (41009)
31640.png Costume Straight Long (Green) (31640) 31369.png Costume Straight Long (White) (31369) 31641.png Costume Straight Long (Jet Black) (31641) 31638.png Costume Straight Long (Red) (31638)
31370.png Costume Straight Long (Yellow) (31370) 31642.png Costume Straight Long (Light Purple) (31642) 31637.png Costume Straight Long (Blue) (31637) 31643.png Costume Straight Long (Brown) (31643)
31644.png Costume Straight Long (Purple) (31644) 31639.png Costume Straight Long (Blonde) (31639) 31474.png Costume Straight Long (Black) (31474)
41010.png Costume Low Pony Box (41010)
31218.png Costume Low Pony (Blue) (31218) 31222.png Costume Low Pony (Black) (31222) 31219.png Costume Low Pony (Red) (31219) 31223.png Costume Low Pony (White) (31223)
31220.png Costume Low Pony (Yellow) (31220) 31224.png Costume Low Pony (Brown) (31224) 31221.png Costume Low Pony (Green) (31221) 31225.png Costume Low Pony (Purple) (31225)