Bug Reward Program

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MuhRO wants to get better and better. As in any software, there can be bugs, which we are not always aware of ourselves. Everyone can help and contribute to make MuhRO better and to increase motivation and to honor everyone's work, we have introduced a Bug Reward Program!

Please be aware that only bugs reported via the Forum will be considered for rewards!
Make sure to have a valid Character Name in your Forum profile to be able to receive your rewards!
Rewards will usually be send out with the next coming Patch Day!

Small Bugs Medium Bugs Critical Bugs
  • Spelling error(s) in a description
  • Wrong description: Skill Effect, Item Effect, (Un-)Tradable, (Un-)Storageable
  • Discrepancies between Wiki and Ingame texts (For example: Ingame Text mentions 2 Items "A", Wiki mentions 5 Items "A" and is incorrect)
  • Game crashing because of Costume or Color Palette
  • Item or Skill gives more/less bonus
  • Timer does not expire like it should
  • Quest is stuck / NPC dialog is stuck
  • Botter (AFK farming)
  • Bugs that cause server crashes
  • Bugs that give infinite or more than intended Items/Zeny/EXP

Reward: 5-50 50000.png Muh Coin (50000)

Reward: 100-250 50000.png Muh Coin (50000)

Reward: 500 50000.png Muh Coin (50000)