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Side Quests

Surveillance for an Underground Hideout

  1. (icas_in 32, 184)

    Talk to Horr who requests your help for tracking the Rgans making a new entrance to the Snake's Nest. He asks you to meet outside of the castle to discuss plans.
  2. (icecastle 27, 126)

    Talk to Horr, Juncea, and Lazy who are discussing options for surveillance. Lazy says its impractical for having Iwins spread across the area for watch duty 24 hours a day.
    There is simply not enough manpower and it is too cold. Juncea introduces a device she created for Rgan research.
    It detects unique magic energy emanated from Rgans and sends a signal back to the lab. Horr asks if this can be used for monitoring the activity of Rgans. Juncea says it can but there is a downside, the battery only lasts for about a day and will need to be replaced. It is much better than having a personnel on watch duty. She hands you the devices which look likes a clam which creatures will most likely ignore it. Lazy names the device “Super Strong Antennae”.
    Horr asks you to bury the 10 1000842.png Super Strong Antennae (1000842) across Frozen Scale Plains (jor_back2) and Frozen Scale Glaciers (jor_back3).
  3. Bury the 5 Super Strong Antennae marked on your minimap in jor_back2. Each hiding spot has a chance to fail and may require to repeatedly attempt to bury the device.
    (jor_back2 308, 99)
    (jor_back2 222, 123)
    (jor_back2 279, 307)
    (jor_back2 113, 235)
    (jor_back2 49, 175)
  4. Bury the 5 Super Strong Antennae marked on your minimap in jor_back3.
    (jor_back3 328, 277)
    (jor_back3 264, 133)
    (jor_back3 128, 138)
    (jor_back3 46, 324)
    (jor_back3 152, 359)
  5. (icecastle 27, 126)

    Return to Horr who thanks you for your efforts.

Rewarded with 2 1000608.png Flower Petals (1000608) , 5 Ice Castle Reputation, and associated daily quest unlocked.

Purification Saint

  1. (icas_in 162, 224)

    Meet with Voglinde in the Ice Castle. She asks if you have seen Lehar because she has a task for him. Instead of waiting, she asks you to help her out. You accept the request and Voglinde gives you 1 12322.png Chocolate Pie (12322) to eat because you look hungry. She asks if you seen a Cardinal with long hair and a wacky bag. The Cardinal was suppose to arrive in Issgard with Lehar. Voglinde asks you to find the other people who rode the airship and inquire if they have seen a Cardinal in a blue suit with long hair and a veil from Prontera.
  2. (icas_in 130, 201)

    You ask Maram if he has seen any Cardinal on the airship. He does not remember anyone as you described and suggests you to speak with Lehar.
  3. (icas_in 136, 197)

    Talk to Lehar and ask about the Cardinal from Prontera. Lehar says he saw her with Maram on the airship. Maram denies any such person with him. Miriam arrives and Lehar immediately says she is the Cardinal. Maram corrects Lehar and introduces Miriam from Rachel, not Prontera. In a panic, Lehar realizes his mistake and needs to inform Voglinde.
  4. (icas_in 162, 224)

    You and Lehar meet with Voglinde and Lehar explains the situation. Voglinde is outraged and bashes Lehar for forgetting the Cardinal from Prontera. She immediately requests you to secretly go back to Midgard and find the Cardinal. She will asks Hellock to take you back to Aldebaran.
  5. (jor_tail 211, 63)

    Talk to Hellock. He says he can take you back to Midgard. You question how he will do that because there is no Airship around. Hellock says he can use his “Sled” to take you to Aldebaran.
  6. (aldebaran 102 103, )

    After arriving in Aldebaran, talk to Hellock who tells you to go to Prontera. He cannot join you due to various agreements with the others.
  7. (prontera 254 309, )

    Talk to Ellis, the Acolyte Officer. You tell her you are not here to become an acolyte, but instead for Voglinde's errand. Ellis tells you she may be at the dormitory in Prontera Castle.
  8. (prt_cas 20, 32)

    You find only a bag in the dormitory. A Cardinal arrives and asks Ellis which coat is cuter: the white or the pink. Ellis is confused. She asks the Cardinal why is she still here and not with Lehar at Varmundt's Mansion. She responds saying there was no one there so she roamed a bit around in Varmundt until giving up and coming back home. You tell the Cardinal that you are here to pick her up to go to Issgard.
  9. (prt_cas 18, 32)

    Talk to the Cardinal who introduces herself as Friederike. She asks you if it is cold in Issgard and you say it is. She is worried what coat to bring and the matching shoes. Ellis notices that Friederike packed so many bags filled to the maximum. She asks her to take only what is needed. You decide to help her lighten her bags.
  10. (prt_cas 15, 31)

    Check the first bag. You find many winter coats. Ellis agrees winter coats are necessary and to take a few.
  11. (prt_cas 16, 27)

    Check the next bag. Again, you find many winter coats. Ellis says that is way too many coats and to take only the previous bag. Friederike pouts.
  12. (prt_cas 26, 27)

    Check the next bag. You find a teddy bear. Friederike begs to keep it as she cannot sleep without Angelica. Ellis agrees to keep one doll.
  13. (prt_cas 23, 36)

    Check the next bag. You find sweets and candy.
  14. (prt_cas 22, 30)

    Check the final bag. You find a life size doll of Varmundt. Friederike says it was a present from Alpha from the mansion. Ellis says this bag will stay here until you come back from Issgard.
  15. (prt_cas 21, 31)

    Speak to Ellis. She says even though the bags were reduced, there are still too many. She asks Dew and Maggi to accompany you with the bags.
  16. (aldebaran 102, 103)

    Meet back with Hellock who takes you all to Issgard.
  17. (icecastle 23 123, )

    Escort Friederike to Ice Castle. Lehar greets and apologizes for leaving her at Varmundt's Mansion. He takes you to her room.
  18. (icecastle 60, 213) -> (icas_in 35, 121)

    Enter the inn room where Friederike will be staying. Voglinde is waiting. She thanks you for bringing the cardinal to Issgard and asks Maggi and Dew to help out with another tasks.
  19. (icas_in 35, 118)

    Talk to Lehar. He tells Friederike to contact him if she needs anything. An Iwin named Surr appears and urgently requests for Lehar's help for Purified Magic Cores. One of the other Iwins have fell into a pit but couldn't fly out due to water being present. If a purified magic core was used, the stranded Iwin can recover sooner. Rgans normally drop low-grade magic cores, but without purification, they are useless. Surr says that normally Leon and Aurelie would purify them, but do not have energy right now. Lehar asks Friederike to perform purification. She hesitates but Lehar states that it will be much appreciated by Voglinde. Friederike agrees and purifies the magic cores.

Rewarded with 30 1000608.png Flower Petals (1000608) and 50 Ice Castle Reputation.

Quests unlocked:

  • Frozen Sea - Side Quest
  • Friederike's Day - Daily Quest

Frozen Sea

  1. (icas_in 27, 116)

    Talk to Surr who brings an injured Iwin to Lehar and Friederike. Lehar asks her to try to heal the Iwin. Midway, the Iwin wakes up, but it is Tamarin disguised as a Iwin. Lehar asks how did you come to Issgard without a Guardian's Invitation?
  2. (icas_in 27, 122)

    Talk to Tamarin who explains that he was working in Varmundt's Mansion to repair the underground waterways. Illusions appeared and attacked him. Tamarin vaguely remembers being on an airship and suddenly waking up in an rotten cavern. There are others who were also caught by the Illusions. Some managed to escape such as himself. He found Surr on his way and saved him. Tamarin remembers that he was hunting for Limacinas with traps before falling into an unknown cavern. The Limacina managed to break free and attacked him causing him to stumble into the pit. Surr says its not uncommon for traps to break. Tamarin says that there are traces for someone intentionally breaking the traps and would be beneficial to go and investigate with Mark and Alp.
  3. (jor_back1 300 272, )

    Check the first trap. An Icewind Huntsman stops you asking why are you touching their traps. You explain the situation and the Iwin suggests you to check north as the creatures there became more ferocious.
  4. (jor_back2 346, 203)

    Check the trap. You didn't find anything wrong with it and decide to check another trap closer to the pit.
  5. (jor_back2 260, 294)

    Check the trap. You find signs of damage. Alp suspects the liquid on the trap is poison similar to what was on Tamarin. Mark sees the monster that fell into the pit.
  6. (jor_back2 255, 312)

    Talk to the Iwin Diver. He informs you and the team that the poison inside the pit is worse than he expected. He thought his wetsuit could hold for a while, but as soon as he entered the pit, the magic core attached to the wetsuit broke. Mark suggests getting Friederike to help.
  7. (icecastle 60, 213) -> (icas_in 35, 121)

    Meet with Friederike. Mark explains to her the situation with the poisonous pit and the broken magic core. She agrees to help out.
  8. (jor_back2 258, 315)

    Head back to pit entrance. The Iwin Diver says that it is unreasonable to purify the entire pit. For now, we should clean up the entrance and investigate where the poison is coming from. Friederike purifies the water around changing the poison to water. She takes the wetsuit and clothes and says she will attach purified magic cores to them. The Iwin Diver is thankful for Friederike's help and proceeds to enter the pit. He asks you to maintain the outside area as he investigates. Kill 10x monsters in jor_back2 and bring back 3 1000708.png Frozen Meat (1000708) (automatically collected when killing monsters).
  9. (jor_back2 255, 312)

    Report back to Iwin Diver. He explains that there is something terrible going on inside the pit. There was a small passage that was narrow enough for only one person to pass through with a blockage at the end. He managed to remove the rock and entered a huge pit. The Iwin Diver then saw something that looks like a Rgan but it looked too dangerous so he escaped. The team says we should all go inside to research carefully. If anything dangerous was found, we should report back to Voglinde.
  10. (jor_ab01 115, 14)

    Talk with Alp and Iwin Diver inside the pit. This is Alp's first time seeing the Rgan race and the Iwin Diver explains what they are. He asks you not to provoke too many Rgans, but to hunt a few while investigating. Kill 5x monsters in jor_ab01.
    Unlocks: Warper to Abandoned Pit
  11. (jor_ab01 223, 107)

    Investigate the area. Mark thinks this is the poison leaking out of the place. Alp is unsure if this is a natural occurrence or man-made. The Iwin Diver notices that the monsters here look odd as well. You should continue to investigate further. Kill another 5x monsters in jor_ab01.
  12. (jor_ab01 104, 270)

    Investigate the area. Alp sees the same situation as before: poison leaking out. Iwin Diver says this is a bigger issue than initially thought. Mark reports that he found a passage leading to another area. Kill another 5x monsters in jor_ab01and collect 2 1000708.png Frozen Meat (1000708) .
  13. (jor_ab01 8, 238)

    Inspect the passage way. The Iwin Diver says the poison is accumulating the deeper we go and that the magic core will soon deplete. We must quickly investigate the new area then report back to Ice Castle. Kill another 10x monsters in jor_ab02 and collect 2 1000708.png Frozen Meat (1000708) .
  14. (jor_ab02 28, 254)

    Investigate the end of the pit. Mark didn't find any other areas that leads to other places. The Iwin Diver decides that this is the end and we should report back to Lehar and the others.
  15. (icecastle 60, 213) -> (icas_in 35, 121)

    Meet with Friederike and Lehar who are glad that you are okay. Voglinde quickly appears and praises Friederike for cleaning the pit area. Surr informs that the pit is a very large area but seems unconnected to anywhere else. It is full of deformed Rgans and monsters. It would be too dangerous to leave it unchecked. Voglinde ponders if it is a natural occurrence or rather a disposal area for failed Rgans. Surr shows the frozen meat brought back from the area. Friederike purifies the meat and appears to be a good source of food. Voglinde agrees that it can be utilized as a food source. For now, the team decides to rest.

Rewarded with 250 1000608.png Flower Petals (1000608) and 250 Ice Castle Reputation.

Quests unlocked:

  • Abandoned Pit Fl 1 - Daily Quest
  • Abandoned Pit Fl 2 - Daily Quest
  • Dig and Dig - Daily Quest
  • Do We Need a Refrigerator? - Daily Quest
  • Crispy Tools - Daily Quest

Note: this unlocks usage of 1000988.png Episode 19 Clear Ticket (1000988)

Search for the Lost

  1. (icas_in 141, 216)

    Talk to Lehar who mentions that Leon is looking for help.
  2. (icas_in 42, 252)

    Talk to Leon and Miriam. They discussed about the former human prisoners of Rgan's Nest that managed to escape during our adventure. Maram and Lazy have found and rescued many, but there could be more. The Iwins are already scouting around and it would be helpful if you assisted as well. Leon tells you that the barrier between Midgard and Issgard was for the separation of Rgans, not humans. He is worried that the very fact that there are humans here without Guardian's Invitation is a clear indication that the barrier has weakened over the course of hundreds of years. Leon explains that he and Aurelie are guarding Issgard, following the will of Jörmungandr. The god is not an evil spirit. But the reason why people think he is evil is because of the Rgans who formed the Jörmungandr Church and turned the continent into chaos. You ask about the Jörmungandr's Curse and Leon says that it is a blood curse casted by the Head of Jörmungandr Church as a last resort. However, Jörmungandr is a god that saved Midgard by sacrificing himself in order to prevent Rgans leaving Issgard. Miriam questions the legitimacy of this recorded history and story. However, Leon reiterates that whatever the cause, he and Aurelie must maintain the barrier. In the mean time, he asks you to go with Miriam to develop a plan for rescuing the survivors. Dig a 'Pit' hole's.
  3. (icas_in 48, 252)

    Talk to Miriam. She asks you to go into the Frozen Scale fields to find any survivors and bring them back to Ice Castle.

Quests unlocked:

  • Searching for Survivors - Daily Quest

Special Way to Survive

  1. (jor_nest 34, 79)

    While transformed, talk to Mimigand and question how Rgans came to be. He explains that ancient Rgans used to rule the Midgard continent through Jörmungandr's magical power. However, Jörmungandr was sealed due to evil human beings. All new Rgans are rooted in the blood of Rasgand, the last Rgan protected by Jörmungandr. He mentions that the magic inside our bodies left by Jörmungandr is what makes Rgan survive. But, not all Rgans are blessed with such magical power. The lower class Rgans are sinners who covet magical powers from higher ranking ones. Mimigand reminds you that magical power is limited and should not be wasted on Rgans that do not work towards Jörmungandr's and Rasgand's will. He asks you to kill the sinners, the lower class of Rgans, as sacrifice for surviving.
  2. Kill 10x Primitive Rgan and 10x Lowest Rgan and recover 10 1000707.png Rgan's Low Grade Magic Core (1000707) .
  3. (jor_nest 34, 79)

    Return to Mimigand who thanks you for your efforts. Some of the Magic Cores will be used as resource to other High Class Rgans while the rest will go towards Rasgand's research.

Rewarded with 10 1000608.png Flower Petals (1000608) .

Quests unlocked:

  • Our Precious Food - Daily Quest
  • Elegant Hobbies - Daily Quest

Preaching Doctrine

  1. (jor_nest 17, 97)

    While transformed, listen to the sermon given by Bernagand. He talks about Rasgand reviving the Jörmungandr Church by using his own blood to bring new Rgans to life. However, some of the Rgans born didn't go as planned. Bernagand explains that Rasgand had to sorrowfully turn the primitive Rgans into Magic cores one by one. Nonetheless, all Rgans, regardless of rank, are descendants of Rasgand. He has became immortal due to the curse entangled with humans. If Rasgand were to die before ending his revenge against humans, then the Rgan race would be ruined. One of the other high class Rgans whispers to you for your attention.
  2. (jor_nest 18, 92)

    Talk to Yuramigand who says you do not have to listen to the sermon. He doesn't know what Bernagand's plans are. Though he seems very loyal to Rasgand. He questions how all Rgans born from Rasgand's blood can be so different from each other. Yuramigand advises you not to be friendly with Bernagand.

Rewarded with 10 1000608.png Flower Petals (1000608) .

Curious Things

  1. (jor_nest 239, 239)

    While transformed, talk to Delfanagand. He explains the ranking system of Rgans where Jörmungandr is the great serpent and Rasgand is the last survivor. All other Rgans are descended from Rasgand's blood. Delfanagand goes on saying that Bishops, like himself, are the next top class of Rgans followed by Priests such as yourself. Those who take cares of the eggs are simply laymen. Furthermore, language is inherited from Rgans. The higher class of Rgans, the better their speech and thoughts. Delfanagand wants you to exhibit this phenomena by talking to the simple Rgans at the hatchery.
  2. (jor_nest 274, 199)

    Talk to the Rgan at the first egg hatchery. You ask him if he has any complaints while working, but he doesn't know what the word means.
  3. (jor_nest 277, 257)

    Talk to the Rgan at the second egg hatchery. You ask him what is his favorite thing. He says it is being warm and hates going outside.
  4. (jor_nest 220, 279)

    Talk to the Rgan at the third egg hatchery. You ask him what he wants to do. He wants to lay on the floor where magic flows and sleep but he can't because he needs to work for Jörmungandr.
  5. (jor_nest 239, 239)

    Return to Delfanagand. He hopes this experience satisfied your curiosity regarding Rgans.

Rewarded with 10 1000608.png Flower Petals (1000608) .