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What is the Refer a Friend System?

The Refer a Friend System allows you to create your own sharable link that directs people to the account creation page on MuhRO.
Whenever a player signs up using your link, you will both receive rewards as they progress in the game. (Rewards are given to both of you when they reach base level 100, 200, and 260). You will need to relog at each of these thresholds to receive the rewards.
You can refer as many players as you want. (You can receive rewards many times if lots of people sign up with your link).

Where to create a referral link

  1. Go to the MuhRO site and login to your account.

  1. Go to Account, and then Account Info
  2. You will find the link on this page.

Referrer Rewards

(These rewards are currently unknown, and will be filled in with more information).

New Account Rewards